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Transcript: 1. 839 SPRING ST, ARCATA-SUE 2. 611 ELIZABETH RD,- MAYA 3. 2586 SUSAN RD, FIELDBROOK-PATTY 4. 4119 WILLIAMS ST, EUREKA- JASON Business planning! Changes... 2586 SUSAN RD, MCK- PATTY $999,000 4119 WILLIAMS, EUREKA- JASON $195,000 CLOSED ESCROWS!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! 4355 BAY MEADOW CT.- ARCATA-BOTH SANDI- $15,500 453 F ST.- ARCATA-BUYER-MM- $320,000 2125 Ridgewood, Eureka, BUYER- MM-$140,000 Next week: 11/17 4119 Williams ????? zipLogix Digital Ink® Digital Signatures Webinar Join us on Friday, Nov 22, 2013 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PST LAST WEEK:WEDNESDAY: NOV 6TH CLOSING SKILLS FOR BUYERS- DAVID KNOX 9:30- 10:30 NEXT WEEK: WEDNESDAY: NOV 13 9:30-10:30 NINJA SELLING/BUSINESS PLANNING You wouldn’t think that reinventing the to-do list would qualify as cool. Well, you’d be wrong. Tick organizes your tasks into beautiful tiles that you can pull up to tackle based on your time of day or need to address. Managing your tasks with a visual style like the Tick app turns a dreary day of list-tackling into something you’ll enjoy working through. PENDING CONTRACTS: CB SELLERS ANNUAL CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE: WHEN- FRIDAY- DEC 13TH 5-8PM WHO- INVITE YOUR CLIENTS, FRIENDS, FAMILY WHAT- BRING YOUR FAVORITE DISH TO SHARE- CLEAR AND DECORATE YOUR DESK AND CHRISTMAS STOCKING! WHY....BECAUSE WE LOVE OUR CLIENTS C.A.R. INFO.... BUYER'S NEEDS? 12 FREE Hours of Online CE Courses from C.A.R.! Great news! With your 2014 C.A.R. Membership dues, you will receive another 12 FREE hours of online CE courses that must be selected in 2014. C.A.R. Members you have until December 31, 2013 to select your 12 FREE hours of online CE courses for your 2013 Member Benefit. Access your 12 FREE hours of online CE courses here >>> You will have one year to complete the courses you select in 2013, as long as you remain a member in good standing with C.A.R. TO ACCESS YOUR 12 FREE HOURS CLICK ON THE ICON TO THE LEFT. Please note: Your FREE course credit will be taken when you checkout. DRE Sponsor No. 4883 For answers to your questions about this free C.A.R. Member Benefit and more >>> HAR: Free!!- Tax Class and Obamacare Ins. Class- Thurs. Nov 14th- HLT Eureka 1PM -Tax and 2PM-Affordable Care Act Call to reserve your space. Houses to Tour Today 3055 Alice - Arcata- Arlene 1721 Stewart- Arcata- Maya 1734 OLD ARCATA RD, BAYSIDE- SANDI 1740 STROMBERG, ARCATA- SANDI 1725 FELIX AVE, ARCATA- GREG LET'S DO OUR PART... A TOY OR CLOTING...DONATE TO THE HAR Sign up for HAR is the time! 1721 STEWART, ARCATA- B.O.M. 3586 SUSAN RD. McKINLEYVILLE- $999,000 THANK YOU!! CB SELLERS Real Estate Resource Booklet LET'S FILL THIS CAN!!! CB SELLERS! OPEN HOUSES: SUNDAY- Nov 10th EDUCATION: SHARE HOW YOU OR SOMEONE YOU INTERACTED WITH HAS DELIGHTED A CUSTOMER/CLIENT.................. NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER EDUCATION TOPICS: NOVEMBER 13TH 9:30-10:30 COLDWELL BANKER SELLERS MONDAY SALES MEETING Nov 11,2013

Coldwell Banker

Transcript: If there are counter offers, does a party need to 'confirm acceptance' on the RPA & counters prior to last counter - or just the final counter? What does it mean to 'confirm acceptance'? Another Benjamin Beaver moment... Does the listing agent have to disclose that there are multiple offers? Converting Leads Closed 2918 Woodland Ct, Arc - Both - Arlene, $545,000 (S-Friend, B-Open House) Pending Insert your card (after a few seconds) a New window will open Enter your pin # Another window will open Click "renew card" at upper left City of Arcata Draft Sewer & Septic Inspection at Time of Sale What is the difference between the Local Option and our own CBSR Local Area Disclosures? There is a new lockbox card reader interface... 1836 Maplewood Ct, McK - Buyer - Barbara Yay Barbara ! Sandi and Maya What to say when someone leaves CBSR? "Terry (Insert name) is no longer active in real estate. Is there something I/we can help you with?" Changes Homes to Tour ? 4th of July Booth time.... $329,900 - 74 Beverly Dr, Arc - Jay $222,000 - 1130 John Hill Rd, Eka - Maya $349,000 - 691 Pony Express, Burnt Ranch - Maya Thomas- 2093 Tina Ct Barbara- 1130 John Hill Rd Patty- 584 Ocean Contract Trivia ! If possible, contact lead by phone within 5 min Text leads ! Handwrite a card (with info from lead) Leads that don't respond- add to your drip email or call campaigns Regular, personal contact Discover what method of communication they like & use it 34 Calif Ave, Arc - BOM, now $412,000 000 Mountain View, Kneeland, now $599,000 Happy Birthday Girls! Open Houses 2990 Fortune St, McK - Buyer - Robin New Coldwell Banker Sellers Monday Morning Meeting 4/13

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