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Transcript: 7th April 2012 Dear diary, Today is Easter Saturday and we are allowed to eat meat again. Tomorrow is Easter Sunday so I ate healthy today because I am going to eat lots and lots of chocolate tomorrow. Today I ate according to the food pyramid by eating 7 serving of the cereal group, 5 servings of the vegetable group, 3 servings of the fruit group and 3 servings of the meat and dairy groups. My favourite is lasagne with lots of salad with balsamic dressing. Because we weren’t allowed to eat meat yesterday dad cooked us a big Aussie breakfast with bacon, sausages, chops and eggs. After breakfast I went outside and jumped on the trampoline for a while then I went and played soccer. For lunch we had wraps. On mine I had lettuce, tomato, cheese, beetroot, carrot and ham. Then I went back outside and played soccer again. Later on my cousins arrived for dinner we had my favourite, lasagne with salad and for dessert we had ice-cream and peaches. MY Awesome Easter 8th April 2012 Dear diary, Today is Easter Sunday! It means the Easter bunny came and gave me lots of chocolate! I am so excited that I get to eat chocolate for most of the day and I get to spend the whole day with my cousins. We had an action packed day today. But I felt a bit sluggish after all the chocolate I ate this morning. But we still went to the weir and skied, knee boarded, tubed and wake boarded the whole day long. When it was lunch time mum made a lunch packed full of nutrients. Mum made me a big chicken and salad sandwich and after I had a big fruit salad. I pretty much covered the five food groups in one lunch! After lunch we got the cricket bat and ball out and played French cricket for about an hour. Then we hit the water again for a full packed afternoon of skiing. Today I got up on one ski for the first time. it was so exciting. Later after we had packed up and went home dad cooked sausages on the BBQ while mum made a salad. For desert we had more chocolate! 6th April 2012 Dear diary, Today is god Friday. On this day we don’t eat meat because it’s our religious belief that Jesus died on this day and meat is represented by his body. Also today I had a swimming carnival. For breakfast I had four pieces of toast with butter and Vegemite before my big day of swimming. The swimming carnival was held in Coonamble so I had to swim fast in my home town. I won most of my races and I didn’t eat much because I don’t eat before I swim. But when I got home, I pigged out big time, noodles, chocolate and alot more junk food I shouldn’t have been eating. For dinner mum made me quiche. I was still so hungry after my big feast, I went back for seconds! Thanks for watching this!!!


Transcript: May 14, 2015 $596,337.40 Unlike other parts of your restaurant, your COGS is nonemotional. For the most part, COGS is managed behind the scenes. Changes in the management of your COGS are tangible - you can see and feel them. Difference: $21,755.56 and 1.36 points Now What? Does your team track waste? If so, what policies and procedures do you have in place? How do you ensure the correct amount of waste is accounted for? Par levels: make a huge impact on your COGS. Operations $618,093.16 Once you see these changes, maintain! It's one of the tougher things to fathom, but product walking out the door has a huge negative impact on your COGS. Weekly vs. monthly is equivalent to a molehill vs. Mt. Everest. (Cost of Goods Sold) Rome wasn't built in a day - allow your changes to take affect. Do you use any programs (ex: My Inventory) to help assist with COGS tracking? How Much Can COGS Cost You? 5 wasted fingers = $5.49; 10 wasted fingers = $9.99; 1 wasted shake = $3.29 Responsibilities: daily and weekly counts. Are these being performed consistently and accurately? Are they intuitive and easy to understand? COGS % You get to reap the fruits of your labor! Recognize the changes and improvements. Positive reinforcement and recognition are key to positive culture and sustainability. In our case, COGS is the cost to a Zaxby's restaurant of the food and beverage products it sells. Morganton, NC COGS - which is your largest expense - can be summed up in one equation: COGS $ Team Members Operations Operations Your COGS can be found on your P&L. 35.53% The more often you perform counts, the easier it will be to pinpoint where your weakness is. What can you do with your newly freed up funds? (Re)Invest in your store and employees, instate new bonus programs, put towards a new store, go on a nice vacation, or...whatever the heck you want! Pricing: Beginning Inventory + Purchases - Ending Inventory = COGS $1,675,606.89 36.89% By Claire Collin Awareness: have you shared your P&Ls with your management team? What about your goals? Knowledge is power. They need to know where the store stands and where they need to improve Is your pricing up to date? Does it reflect changes in what you pay for your products? Theft: How Do You Know You Can Improve? Ask yourself a few questions... Sales What Next? Cost of Goods Sold COGS Accountability: hold your managers accountable for their performance. Enforce the standards and improvements you are striving for. COGS = Root of your Business Management What is COGS and why is it so important? Hendersonville, NC Have you found your weak link(s)? Great! Here's what we're going to break down and look at: Look at your past: has your COGS been increasing? Is this the result of an increase in costs or mismanagement of your goods? Use your resources: refer to various P&Ls to see where you stand. Your DC P&L is an 'apples to apples' view - those stores pay the same amount as your for their groceries. See a difference? Drill down on specific line items to pinpoint your biggest areas of opportunity. Look in the mirror: are your operations sound? What about your environment? Are they conducive to improving and maintaining a strong COGS? Training: Pay close attention to your variances. If you have an out-of-the-ordinary variance, make sure you are able to explain it. Team Members Management Operations Waste: Order too much? Results in expired and wasted product. Inflates your inventory, resulting in a higher COGS. Takes up room in your finite storage space. The more product you have, the less noticeable it will be if/when it disappears from your shelves. Monitoring: Order too little? You run out of product and spend more to replenish your stock. Also sends your manager out of the store. (S)He's not a delivery person! You may not be able to properly serve the guest. ZFI Operations $1,678,556.93 Are your team members trained on the correct policies, procedures, builds, and recipes? What training program do you have in place? Have you trained a positive culture? Cost control needs to be a part of your culture to be effective. How does wasted/mismanaged product relate to your team members? Let them know how big of an impact they make on your business. COGS / Sales = COGS Percentage These stores are 79 miles apart, are serviced by the same distribution center, and have different owners. From of COGS perspective, Hendersonville 'made' $21,755.56 more than Morganton. How do you monitor your COGS? On a daily, weekly, monthly basis?


Transcript: COGS Fundamentals COGS How to: - Lower COGS to %26.5 or lower - Maintain COGS - Train/retrain our employees - Adhere to the company meal policy - Utilize training trackers - Improve inventory accuracy - Utilize waste logs (DC vs Paper) - Create a SWOT analysis - Improve GM Ownership Agenda SWOT Analysis SWOT Analysis What is SWOT? - A SWOT analysis is to get managers thinking about everything that could potentially impact the success of our goals - Failure to consider a key strength, weakness, opportunity, or threat could lead to loss of profits and poor business decisions STRENGTHS - What is your store currently excelling at? - What does your team excel at? (You, AGM, Captains, All Stars, Squad) WEAKNESSES WEAKNESSES - What metrics is your store high on? - What habits need to be broken/created OPPORTUNITIES OPPORTUNITIES - What opportunities does your store have? - What opportunities do you have as the GM? THREATS - What are some threats holding your store back from achieving our goals? - What has to change immediately before we start to see improvements? Food Cost Food Cost 31 32 THE PROBLEM Moscow COGS 33 32 31 30 29 28 27 26 P7 P6 P4 P5 THE PLAN THE PLAN Knitty Gritty Low Down - Find the problems - Set goals - Make a plan - Follow up THE TIMELINE THE TIMELINE P8 32 P10 28 P9 30 P11 26.5 Beverage Cost BEVERAGE COST Cause & effect -Blaming the customers -Employees - alcohol - bottled beverages - Tea/lemonades -Milkshake machine Employees Employees THE PROBLEM THE PROBLEM 70% 20 % 10 % THE PLAN THE PLAN -Captain/all-stars -Feedback - positive affirmations and constructive -ways to measure -visuals -Training trackers 509.953.7913 The End

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