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Cornwallis Coffee Tree

Transcript: This logo and slogan is very creative we made it on word and used fancy font to make the words look like sticks making it the perfect choice. the coffee mug says that we make coffee tables. Our slogan is Stick as strong as bricks which says that we are making things that very strong and can last a long time. with both the logo and slogan together then you will understand what is good about it. How we will Advertise it The end product and why you should buy it? Finance We will put it on business to show that we are a fully running business that can save the environment. Logo and Slogan Our idea Packaging By Will Campbell, Tom Mylne, Alex Hodges, Jack Baxter, Glen White and Toby Newman Our idea is to create a coffee table for hard workers and elderly to come home for a cup of coffee. It is recyclable and useable unlike other recyclable products. It has a place for magazines and a place at the top for your cup of hot warm coffee. This idea is good because there is a big market for coffee tables and some you cannot recycle We used two types of rolls 6 paper roll and 3 paper roll The 3 roll up is not stronger than the 6 so we used them for shaping and on the product; we used 10 of them making a total of £2.50. The 6 roll piece of paper we used 3 for the main beams making a total of 1.50. The total is £4.00 meaning we are most likely to make a profit. We will sell the product to Argos for £15.00 each and they will sell it off for £30.00. Making a profit for us buy £11. This packaging will show our logo and who we partner with to sell it to give.this has every concept of a piece of packaging Cornwallis Coffee Tree

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Transcript: The Dark Tetrad Regression analysis showed that direct sadism uniquely predicted cyber-trolling on YouTube and other forum sites. Direct Sadism β = .44 Direct Sadism r = .40* Permanence Target mass audience Anonymity Time Convenience What about Cyber-Trolls? What is “trolling”? Study 2: Does Sadism Map Onto Core Characteristics of Cyber-Trolls? Psychopathy They are impulsive thrill seekers Narcissism They are egotistical and self-centered Machiavellianism They are strategic manipulators Sadism Seek opportunities to hurt people Direct vs. vicarious sadism A Psychological Study Direct Sadism β = .56*** Trolling Thanks for listening! Conclusion Cyber-Trolls: Just harmless pranksters? Cyber-Activities and the Law Study 1 Just Harmless Pranksters? Multiple regression analysis showed a strong, unique relationship between direct sadism and trolling. Machiavel -lianism Study 1 Someone who intentionally posts inflammatory material on the internet Someone who posts inappropriate remarks for their own amusement The elicited reactions reinforce cyber-trolling and nefarious amusement Dark tetrad personalities reported greater enjoyment of cyber-stalking on Facebook than others Narcissism r = .46** What are the personality and internet activities of cyber-trolls? No previous studies There are 4 suspects: Dark Tetrad (psychopathy, narcissism, Machiavellianism, sadism) Future Research Narcissism β = -.11* β = .44, SE = 0.68, t(100) = 2.05, p = .05 Cyber-Trolls β = .03 Cyber-bullying is defined as: “… a type of harassment using new technology. Whether it is criminal harassment depends on the facts of a case. Cyberbullies use social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube), blogs, texting, instant messaging, and other internet avenues to engage in deliberate, repeated, and hostile behaviour intended to harm, embarrass, or slander someone. Although their work is public, cyberbullies are often anonymous and it is often harder to identify and stop them.” Cyber-bullying may also be defamation The Criminal Code (section 300) outlaws publishing a defamatory libel – material published, without lawful justification or excuse, likely to injure the reputation of any person by exposing them to hatred, contempt or ridicule, or designed to insult the person. Study 2: Are Cyber-Trolls Sadists? Cyber-Trolls: Who are they? Cyber-Trolls: Also Cyber-Bullies? Vicarious Sadism r = .33* Cyber-Activities and the Law Cyber-Trolls: Characteristics There is no specific legislation for cyber-bullying or cyber-trolling Civil Law Defamation: slander or libel Unsafe environment Responsibility for any consequences that perpetrator might reasonably have guessed would happen Criminal Law Harassment Defamatory libel Anywhere on the internet! Internet forums Imageboard, social news or entertainment sites (e.g., 4Chan, Reddit, 9Gag) Comment sections of various websites (e.g., news outlets) Social media websites (e.g., Facebook, Youtube) There is no specific legislation for cyber-bullying or cyber-trolling Civil Law Defamation: slander or libel Unsafe environment Responsibility for any consequences that perpetrator might reasonably have guessed would happen Criminal Law Harassment Defamatory libel Cyber-Trolls: A Psychology Study Cyber-Trolling and Bullying Facilitated by Technology Legal Implications: The Debate Cyber-Trolls: Also Cyber-Bullies? Results Study 1: Dark Personalities and Social Media Usage Trolling scale items: “I have sent people to shock websites for the lulz.” “I like to troll people in forums or the comments section of websites.” “The more beautiful and pure a thing is, the more satisfying it is to corrupt it.” The End Gaming Griefers Grief tourists Cyber-Trolls: Also Cyber-Bullies? Judith Donald (1996) Someone who engages in identity deception and manipulation Whitney Phillip’s (2012) Four Pillar Theory of Trolls Self-identify as trolls Vernacular language (e.g., plox, sauce, lulz) Trolling for the “lulz” (troll reward, troll food) Anonymity Vicarious Sadism Big Issues β = .19** Criminalize cyber-bullying or Educational Campaigns against Bullying Trolling is motivated by sadistic pleasure-seeking This may have important legal implications, especially in cases of extreme harassment with tragic outcomes Trolling indicates broader anti-sociality Technology has facilitated the damage that Dark Personalities can do Permanent damage Narcissists, direct sadists and vicarious sadists expressed greater enjoyment of cyber-trolling on YouTube than others. Cyber-Trolls: Where are they? Psychopathy β = .06 But there are other types of cyber-trolls… The case of Amanda Todd

Tree Template

Transcript: (Alamy), (VectorStock), (VectorStock), (Freepik), (Freepik), (Gstudio) Implications Low Carbon Emissions Lower Future Cost Sustainable (axel2001) (Rowling) Limitations Location Manufacturing Cost Competes for Space (Lim) Implications Low Carbon Emissions Less Overall Cost Sustainable Efficient Limitations Location Dependent Production Costs Cause of Noise Pollution (Freepik) (Rehman) Limitations River Flow Maintenance & Implementation Location Implications Low Carbon Emissions Flood Control Sustainable Consistent Reliable (Tommaso.sansone91) Industrial Revolution Invention of Coal Generator Coal Mining Boom (Sutka) Limitations Finite Resource Public Opinion Waste Disposal Options Implications Emissions Location Efficiency (Zuozuozuozuo) (Newman) Implications Renewable Provides Jobs Consistent Reduces Waste Limitations Inefficient Large Deforestation Emissions (Freepik) (Ívarsson) Implications Renewable Small Low-Carbon Sustainable Heating Limitations Seismicity Initial Costs Location (Wanicon) (Merrick) 04: Energy Sources (Perini) 01: History The Delicate Balance Between Fossil Fuels and Renewable Energy By Lincoln Boswell, Beniel Eugene, Randy Nguyen, and Caleb Cherinet (Photo_smart) Dark Money Fossil Fuels Usage 90%+ of Carbon Dioxide Emissions 60% of the US's energy Hybrid Renewable Solution (Getty) Reasoning (Wilde) High Energy Production Environmental Impact What's The Issue? (Pleul) (Krapf) Low Carbon Emissions (Axpo Services) Meets Demand Geothermal and Bioenergy Location-Dependent Environmental Impact Cost 2023 Statistical Review of World Energy Limitations Space Money (Guccione) (Davis) Fossil Fuels Dominate Energy Production Fossil Fuels Dominate Energy Production Fossil Fuels Dominate Energy Production Environmental Impacts Carbon Emissions Harm the Environment Carbon Emissions Harm the Environment Carbon Emissions Harm the Environment (Dohm) Climate Change is Hurting the Economy Climate Change is Hurting the Economy Climate Change is Hurting the Economy Wildlife Agriculture Natural Disasters Climate Change 02: Exigency (Generated by Img2Go) $500,000,000 How can the Usage of Fossil Fuels in the United States Effectively be Reduced while Minimizing Undesirable Consequences? Fossil Fuels are the Primary Contributor to Climate Change Climate Change's Consequences are Catastrophic (Abbot) 03: Question Changing to Alternative Energy Sources is Imperative 06: Conclusion (By robokoboto)

Tree Template.

Transcript: - Consumers of the inpatient mental health services available through Alfred Health. - Residents of the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and surrounding areas. - Family members: Parents, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles. - Workers; employers and employees - Students. - Friends. Interior Design Sensory Box Occupational Enablement Sonya Vargas (La Trobe Unversity supevisor) Kate Dunne, Jonathan Smith, Anton Horvat, Freya Coker (Alfred Health project sponsors) Health workers from external agencies Consumers Office of the cheif psychiatrist , (2002) References Population (Masters Home Improvement, 2014) What did we learn from health workers from Alfred Psychiatry and external agencies? Patient rooms High Dependency Unit (HDU) Key Items: - Patients in an acute stage of mental illness which makes it difficult for health workers to engage. - Limited resources available for participation in meaningful activities. - Security and safety concerns in a restrictive environment. Implementation Incorporate sensory approach into policy documents Evaluate outcomes Share manual with other agencies Additional Research (Masters Home Improvement, 2014) Law, M., Cooper, B,. Strong, S., Stewart, D., Rigby, P. & Letts, L. 1996. The Person-Environment-Occupation Model: A transactive approach to occupational performance. Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy. 63(1): 9-23. Masters Home Improvement, 2014 [image]. Retrieved 19 November from: Masters Home Improvement, 2014 [image]. Retrieved 19 November from: Masters Home Improvement, 2014 [image]. Retrieved 19 November from: Inter-Ikea Systems B. V., 2014 [image]. Retrieved 19 November from: 1) Mental health research - Physical environment. 2) Time management - Project planning. 3) Stakeholder conflict - Ethical considerations. 4) Resources - Technology and transport. 1) General maintenance. 2) Increase available space. 3) Introduction of natural elements. 4) Decorate the space. 5) Decrease the institutionalised feel. Pavi Karthikeyan, Izabella Mambort & Hannah More What is a sensory room? What evidence is there? Warm blue tones or earthy colours Soothing or personal artwork for display Carpet floor Vs Lino Indoor plants These environmental recommendations are currently guiding modifications of the Alfred HDU Future project recommendations Limitations Outdoor area has a positive effect on the well-being of patients in the HDU. Current outdoor area under-utilised and minimally supportive of occupational engagement. Modifications to the Physical Environment of the Alfred Acute Inpatient Psychiatry Service (High Dependency Unit) to Improve Consumer Occupational Enablement and Well-being Are there any questions? HDU Common Area Sensory Room Findings: Lack of structured OT input Boredom Lack of sensory and occupational opportunities Agression and use of restrictive interventions Comprehensive or increased levels of individual care High staff to patient ratio Low stimulus environment Safety and security is a priority Minimal OT input - lack of resources Therapeutic environment Decreased supervision Occupational therapy input Recommendations Processes Homely design Vs Institutionalized feel Promote emotional wellbeing and provide feeling of comfort Interviews Health workers at the Alfred and at external agencies Low Dependency unit Short term: Short-term Recommendation: Recommendations Interior design/Decoration Phase 1: Initiation Phase 2: Scoping and planning Phase 3: Implementation of information gathering Literature review Person Leading upto Project..... Alfred Psychiatry Long-term Recommendations: Environment Environment Design: Time spent in the room Supervision Assess each consumer's sensory preferences Training for staff Interior design (Masters Home Improvement, 2014) (Law, Cooper, Strong, Stewart, Rigby & Letts, L. 1996) (Inter-IKEA Systems B.V, 2014) Growing body of evidence Recovery oriented approach Feedback from Alfred Consumers Acknowledgements Ambient Features Interior Design Decoration Sensory Room Seclusion Room Exercise Equipment Outdoor areas Social Features Architectural Features Evidence-based and appropriate interventions for use in a HDU environment, including sensory interventions Prior ethical approval for students to interact with consumers Adaptable Findings PHYSICAL: Inpatient High-Dependency Unit (HDU) of The Alfred Hospital. SOCIAL: Mental illness is a taboo subject, one that is not usually addressed openly in society. CULTURAL: Mental illness is a 'hidden disease', which can be masked by a variety of factors. SOCIOECONOMIC: Underfunded in

Family Tree PowerPoint

Transcript: FAMILY TIME! He is my step parent. Responsibilities: Take care of the family and do his job everyday. Likes:He likes being with family. He also likes going to car shows. Dislikes:He dislikes judgement. He also dislikes when the dogs eat something in reach. -Will I have my own family when i'm an adult? My Mom Melissa She is my parent. Responsibilities: Take care of me and cleans up after me and my step brother and step dad. Likes:She likes when me or my brother do what she says like clean our rooms, do the dishes,etc. Dislikes:She dislikes when me or my brother yell back at her or argue with her cause shes always right and she knows it. My brother Kyle He is my brothers dog. Responsibilities: Doesnt have any. Likes:He likes toys. He also likes trying to be a lap dog and cuddle with our family like Reese. Dislikes:Other dogs that aren't Reese. Traditions She is my dog. Responsibilities:Tell me or my mom when she needs to go potty. Likes:She likes toys.She also likes being pet. Dislikes:She dislikes other people. She also dislikes other people giving us hugs or something among those lines I would change my family by having a older sister that can drive. I am the baby and the only girl. Responsibilities: I have to take care of my dog and take care of my grades. Dislikes: Fake people,and homework. Likes: Acting and Drawling Every other weekend we usually do something all together like watch football or go to Austin to visit or just drive around. My dog Reese He is my step brother. Responsibilities:Take care of his dog and his grades and soon his car. Likes:He likes playing video games. He also likes being able to drive finally. Dislikes:Being asked to clean his room. He also dislikes getting a NO from our parents. NO! My Brothers Dog Alpha How would I change my family? Yes, I will have my own family when I'm an adult. My Step Dad Phil My Family Traditions: We used to always go to my grandma's house every holiday and birthday and eat food and cook then after we all go home. But now we barely do anything with the family as a tradition except cook this really good cake called pound cake but i call it ground cake because thats the way ive always said it. My Own Traditions:Every Christmas we'll visit my family in Maryland. Me Madison Ruyter The youngest -Would my parents live with me? Family Tree PowerPoint By:Madison Ruyter

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