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Coffee House Powerpoint Template

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Coffee House

Transcript: Offers wide range of products We ensure elegant and peaceful atomosphere Our competitive edge Product positioning Our complimentary products Customer Services Implementation Marketing Mix •The final P is about 'place' – the location where the product or service is actually going to be purchased by the consumer. • our first branch in M Malam • furnished by big and comfortable couches, •divided in sections, each section containing its couches and table that allow a maximum of 6-8 people seated. • Bathrooms will be located in one of the two floors, preferably the upper one because the first floor will be where the kitchen will be situated. • lounge will host around 150 comfortably served customers Internal Analysis External Analysis New business and the sole source of cash flow is the owner of the business. High initial investment is high due the high-priced location, construction and interior of the café. The staff is well-trained and it is round about 50 including waiters, chefs, baristas, and manager. Making key-partnerships with investors and sponsors. New Branch at another location. Coffee House is in no possible way inferior to its competitors, it is offering quality services and is very much in the race. Product Our Bill Board ‘Coffee House’ is a unique local coffee house that provides a friendly, effective place where people from all ages, profession and gender can meet. Suppliers Evaluation & Conclusion Opportunities Threats Services to customers This is the third P of a marketing plan and its about promoting your products and services. “Word of mouth” Huge and appealing sign and decorations Advertising campaigns Print media (magazines) student blog, Elite, Niche Target customers (Students and working adults) Later on some diversified customers Facebook page Radio AIDA into consideration for billboards and broachers Promotion Who are we? Strengths Excellent Ambiance and service Ideal Location A large selection of products Knowledgeable and friendly staff State of the art equipment 24 hour service Entertainment Growing demand Economic Recession Raising costs of dairy products Competition Enthusiasm of health consciousness Political Issues Marketing Mix Marketing Goals and Objectives Customer Analysis Distribution Arabic beans (premium coffee) that is imported from developing countries Nestle as our Chocolate supplier Sandwiches will be homemade by our Chef Ingredients from local markets In house services No delivery system implemented Reservations Partnerships with universities and shopping mall’s cafes. Price It serves as a guideline for what to do or not to do and ensures proper implementation of plan Things to control Management commitment. Quality of products and services. Ensures that employees share the firm values MIS (management information system) to make sure a professional control system is on hand Market research to evaluate marketing activities Weaknesses The geographic segmentation : residents of Lahore primarily. Demographic : population between 18- 55 years and they include youth in the middle or higher income group, students, professionals, families, business men, seniors, tourist, shoppers, and tourists. The Psychographics : Economic conditions: not very ideal Views: No longer considered inappropriate to go to all the places. Competitors: Gloria Jean’s, CTC, Masoom’s café, café rock, Espresso Lounge and café zouk. In order to meet the goals and objectives we've set: We need to finalize our location for our business, the right place to rent, compatible with our budget and our needs. Hire an interior designer and contractor Arrangements with suppliers Recruitment of employees Hire and train employees. Employees will be empowered to have close contact with customers to make decisions. Final auditing and maintenance to ensure smooth opening. To provide unique products Provide high quality service To vlearly communicate the values and commitments Open a new branch Achieve revenue Develop Brand Awareness Start-up-company Not nationally well-known Limited Marketing Budget Limited Cash-flow Changes in technology Cost factor associated with maintaining state of the art equipment Place Create Brand Image Market Potential Hire Qualified Staff Arrange and participate in Events Product Portfolio Expansion Costs of Products Our pricing Strategy Discounts offered

Coffee House

Transcript: Daily Grind Coffee House Presented by Alessandra, Eric, and Mir A Option A Pros: -Supply issue would be gone - We would have beans in store Cons: -Quality is questioned - Not having control of the beans -Does not lead to expansion B Option B fixes the problem allows the opportunity for expanision into the roasting business standard coffee markup: 80% standard startup costs: $100,000 TDG would pay $325,000 for a business that is already very profitable having a reliable bean provider would better support the profit of TDG able to meet demands of company Roasters that roast/brand their own coffee Average gross margin: 65% Average profit margin: 8.79% A vs. B A: does not give TDG a role in selecting their beans vacuum sealed bags (not fresh) company would run as it is now growth could disrupt relationship B: TDG makes executive decisons about their beans supports companies growth/expansion Compared to A Both: support community supporting local economy B vs. C Compared to C B: "TDG makes executive decisons about their beans supports companies growth/expansion" TGD has largest/final say in the company C: Smaller contribution to the coffee roaster Less likely to fix the problem as Ben's Beans (unreliable) still has most of the control Both: Give TDG a better advantage to get beans Could lead to growth (B more likely) TDG takes on more hands on role Numbers The code for the topic. Math behind decision Total earning:$8,180,450 *Note the expenses are unclear This amount is based on total revnue-donations-flat tax How much employees cost: $4,488,640 Total for roastery:$380,000 Total: $4,868,640 Option C C Pros: -Supply issue is temporarily erdaicated -No guarantee that there is no future conflict Cons: - We do not have much say in business operations - The company would rather invest in a company that we have more "power" in Wrap Up Ultimately Option B offered a viable plan that had room for growth while also presenting an effective means to combat the issues with distribution.

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