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Code Of Ethics Powerpoint Template

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Code of Ethics

Transcript: All are encouraged to feel empowered to lead, take action and experiment when they feel innovation could improve the project. Leadership can be exercised by anyone. 8. Courage and Considerateness 5. We value discussion, data & decisiveness 6. Teamwork A leader's foremost goal is the success of the team: They know when to act and when to step back; when to delegate and when to do it alone. 3. Delegation From The Top The SUMG Code of Ethics 4. Support For Delegation is Measured When in doubt, ask for a second opinion. 7. Credit Be considerate; Be respectful; Take Responsibility of our words and actions; Be collaborative; Value decisiveness, clarity & consensus; Ask for help when unsure; Step down considerately. A good leader does not seek the limelight, but celebrates team members for the work they do. 1. We Strive to: 2. Leadership, Authority & Responsibility Ensure that decisions are credible even if they are unpopular, difficult or favourable to the interests of one group. Motivation is the key! Give a helping hand. Provide a guide. Help the members evaluate their work. Be a connector. Socialisation is important Learn from the back; lead from the front. Share everything with your team!! ABOVE ALL: Have rules!! Leadership is not an award, right, or title; it is a privilege, a responsibility and a mandate. A leader will only retain their authority as long as they retain the support of those who delegated that authority to them. Gather opinions, data and commitments from concerned parties before taking a decision. Leaders are expected to help teams come to a decision/goal within a reasonable time, to seek guidance, or be willing to take the decision themselves when consensus is lacking, and to take responsibility for implementation. Officials Code of Ethics Making of bold decisions as a leader, consensual or popular or otherwise, enables the project to move forward, BUT boldness demands considerateness. 9. Conflicts of Interest We are a meritocracy; we delegate decision making, governance and leadership from senior bodies to the most able and engaged members.

Code of Ethics

Transcript: What would you do? Problem:Your friend is having a birthday and you want to plan a party for him, but the only time you have to plan it is at work when your supposed to be working. What do you do? A: Call up another friend and ask him to help you out B: Forget your friend and just go back to work C: Violate company code of ethics and just call everyone instead of working. D: Ask your boss for a extra hour on your break. Problem: A guy from the rivial company comes up to you and offers $1.5mil for a look at the company formula you know you can get him a look at it with out getting caught. But you know it will hurt your company drastically. What do you do? A:Heck yea, take that and go live your life with that money B:Tell someone about it, such as your boss or co-worker(you might get reconized for it) C:Go report it to his comapany manager so you don't have to deal with it D: Tell him that your not going to do it no madder how much he pays you. Acting with Integrity Conflicts of Interest Act in the best interest of the company when working for that company Such as: A friend works for another comapany and your friend tells you, that there is a manager position open. It would be in the best interest of the company to not go and seek getting that position durring work hours Company Assets Use of information Companys don't want the non-public information about their company spread around to everyone, they don't even want any thing told to family or friends A example of spreading company information is: A New Formula A Company scientist was excited about the upcoming launch of a new product that the scientist had worked on, and shared details about the product with family and friends. The scientist improperly disclosed nonpublic information. Integrity: The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. Company's want their employees to treat everyone equally and be true to what you say and do. A real life example of this is, if a employee is doing something illegal then he is breaking the code of ethics, so not only will the comapany fire that person but alert the authorities as well. Companys want the things they let you use to do your job used properly like: The occasional personal phone call or e-mail from your workplace is acceptable. Excessive person calls or e-mails is a misuse of assets. General Topics of Code of Ethics by Morgan Erickson

Code of ethics

Transcript: Audiologists and Speech Pathologists Code of Ethics Purpose High standard of conduct and moral judgment in their practices and relationships with their clients or patients, the public and colleagues. Basic Principles: To practice their skills for the benefit of their patients or clients Fundamentals Beliefs: Quality service is provided Maintain positive relationships with other professionals and colleagues. Protect the client/patient and advocate for them when necessary Core Values: Exemplary conduct Equipment Should be calibrated and working properly Standards of Professional Responsibility. Follow the regulation act of 1991 Collaboration to others Similarities with the CDHA Purpose Both codes provide the professional with guidance to practice Principles: Both provide benefit to the client Both codes are required to be register to their own association Differences with the CDHA Purpose CDHA provides more details to the principles for the profession The code gives resources for education, reflection, self-evaluation, and peer review and promotes accountability Principles: CDHA provides a better guide for professionals to perform CDHA calls for more education and promotion of the client health CDHA gives more detail of the different laws of the entities that regulate the profession, from the standard laws stated by government agencies CDHA gives to education a bigger role in the daily practice of the professional Ethical Challenges/ Problems: CDHA follows up problems or challenges of incompetence or unethical behavior, providing the necessary guidance following a standard code procedures Personal Code of Ethics Purpose Establish a general set of principles that will provide guidance for a personal and professional performance Fundamental Beliefs Performance according to the laws Deliver the service possible according to the personals skills and standards Fairness in treatment with no discrimination Respect for individuals and intellectual property. Core Values Honesty and integrity, fairness, kindness, competence, equality and hard work, continuing education Principles Concern and respect for the well being of others Responsibility and respect for the law Competence Continuous education Thanks!! Canadian Dental Hygienist Association. (2002, March). CDHA-Code of ethics. Retrieved 05 20, 2011, from: College of Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists. (1991). College Of Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists Code of ethics. Retrieved 05 20, 2011, from: Good judgment Professional guidance Confidentiality Avoid conflict of interest and referrals when needed Registration is mandatory to the College of Audiologist and Speech Language Pathologist of Ontario training and experience. Practice within the limits of their competence, Honesty Committed to continue education and training Both codes provide the client with protection, respect and security Not practice on patients/clients when any mental or health condition might impair their performance. Case load is personal Both codes protect against discrimination Justice for all Organize and good management of client records to respect patients or clients as individuals Respect the decisions of the client Give to clients/patients realistic outcomes of treatments No discrimination Provide patients with information necessary about services and programs that might benefit them

powerpoint template

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