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Sarah Horton Cockrell Presentation

Transcript: Sarah Horton Cockrell Presentation by Olivia Manghera Biography of Sarah Horton Cockrell 1819-1892 Biography Origins, Marriage, and Family Life Beginning 1819 - Sarah is born to Enoch and Martha Horton in Virginia. She is one of four children and belongs to a farming family. 1844 - Sarah moves to Dallas with her family at the age of 25. 1847 - Sarah is married to Alexander and they become business partners. They live on Mountain Creek. 1849 -1856 - Sarah has had a total of five children. 1853 - The Cockrells move to Dallas. 1858 - Alexander is shot and killed . Business-Woman Life Peak 1859 - Sarah opens a very successful hotel in Dallas. 1860 - Sarah is granted a charter to build a bridge across the Trinity River and a fire destroys her hotel, which she reopens and names the Dallas Hotel. 1868 - Sarah becomes a member of the Dallas County Agricultural and Mechanical Association. 1872 - Sarah's bridge is open and significantly improves Dallas economy. 1875 - Sarah establishes the S.H. Cockrell and Company milling firm with her son Robert and son-in-law Mitchell Grey. 1884 - 1891 - Sarah is heavily involved in real estate and land purchases. Sarah's Life Left Behind -1892- "Sunset" Sarah writes her will on August 18th, two years before her death, giving her children land and property. Sarah passes away on April 26th The Dallas City Council pays her a resolution of condolence. Sarah was quoted as being "a very mother in of the founders of our city" (Enstam 112). The Legacy of Sarah Horton Cockrell Legacy Sarah's Contributions to Dallas Texas Contributions Sarah Horton Cockrell was a key contributor to the development of Dallas' economic and business flourishing. One of her most extraordinary contributions was her iron toll bridge which crossed the Trinity River. It's opening in 1872 boosted Dallas economy and agriculture by allowing for trade with Houston and Galveston. Next to railroads, Sarah's bridge was the greatest contributor to Dallas economy. Sarah's Interesting Life Interesting Facts Sarah is known as Dallas' first capitalist. Despite the fact that Sarah was a prominent businesswoman, she never had her own office, preferring instead to work from home. Sarah had a Dallas street named after her when she had passed away. Sarah Leads An Inspiring Life Inspiration Sarah is a true inspiration to both women and business-owners. Despite many trying times (including the sudden loss of her husband and the burning of her hotel) she never lost sight of her ambitions and pressed on with her bridge charter, as well as taking full ownership of her husbands business endeavors. Sarah was also a kind and caring mother to her four surviving children and a compassionate member of the community. It is truly inspiring to witness a woman who so expertly balanced the strengths which are perceived as most masculine (taking action, business-owning, etc.) with those seen as most feminine (care-taking, kind, compassionate, etc.).

Allie Cockrell

Transcript: 3. What would my work environment or surroundings be like? Giving full attention to what other people are saying, taking time to understand the points being made, asking questions as appropriate, and not interrupting at inappropriate times, Talking to others to convey information effectively What kind of work would I do? Architecture and Construction: Sociology Teachers and Postsecondary I dont think this job will be around when im ready to work. You will be able to take this class oline or on your phones instead of going to a class with a real live teacher. Yes, you can start as a teacher then move up to an administrator. I found this job interesting and I would do this job because you get to work with people and teach them. And help them through whatever they are dealimg with. 1. What skills and aptitudes should I have? What kind of responsibilities would I have? More then 40+ hours. What hours would I spend on the job? What would this career be like when im ready to work? Allie Cockrell Achievment, good relationships with the people I would teach, and independence. Initiate, facilitate, and moderate classroom discussions. Compile, administer, and grade examinations, or assign this work to others. Prepare and deliver lectures to undergraduate or graduate students on topics such as race and ethnic relations, measurement and data collection, and workplace social relations. Prepare course materials such as syllabi, homework assignments, and handouts. Se Evaluate and grade students' class work, assignments, and papers. Would I be able to move ahead? $ 67, 880 Doctoral degree and Master's degree What does this career pay? I would be sitting in a chair for most the time and i would be work in doors. Develop instructional materials. Guide class discussions. Evaluate student work. Advise educators on curricula, instructional methods, or policies. Maintain student records. 2. What education and training would I need? 10. What other rewards would this career provide?

Cockrell Project

Transcript: BOSTON MASSACRE By: Arianna Jones, Chanecia Thompson, & Malcolm Woody SUMMARY SUMMARY On March 5th, 1770, some Bostonians and some soldiers erupted into a fight after some Bostonians, who were tired of the soldiers disturbing the peace decied to fight the soliders. 5 colonists were shot and killed by the redcoats which were called soliders. Propaganda is information designed to influence people's opinion. The colonists exaggerated the event to make it look like they were slaughtered by the redcoats and used it as propaganda against them. Why were Bostonians angry with British troops ... Why were Bostonians angry with British troops in their town? The Bostonians were mad with the british troops becuase they didnt want the redcoats on their land and disturbing the peace anymore. Who did a fight break out between on March 5, 1770? Who did a fight break out between on March 5, 1770? Some Bonstonions and some soldiers erupted in a fight on March 5th, 1770. Later called the "Boston Massacre" What did the crowd do as the Britsh soldiers approached them? What did the crowd do as the Britsh soldiers approached them? The crowd threw sticks and stones at the soldiers, daring them to fire their guns. How many colonists did the redcoats kill? How many colonists did the redcoats kill? 5 colonists were killed by the redcoats. So it wasnt really a massacre. Propganda is information designed to influen... Propganda is information designed to influence opinion . The colonists exaggerated the massacre to a point to where it made it seem like the colonists were wiped out by the redcoats.

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