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Transcript: Mission Statement At the Coca-Cola Company, We Strive To Refresh The World... in body, mind, and spirit. To Inspire Moments of Optimism... through our brands and our actions. To Create Value and Make a Difference... everywhere we engage." In the first year of business, Coca-Cola Sold about 9 glasses a day. The first ever advertisement for Coca-Cola was appeared in the "Atlanta Journal". Coca-Cola also introduces the 6 six pack. This convient packaging revolutionizes soft drink consumption by enabling people to enjoy Coca-Cola anywhere. Coca-Cola is now enjoyed in 120 countries WORLD WIDE. Now introducing "Coke". The elf-like Sprite is introduced to promote the use of the word "Coke" Coca-Cola is now enjoyed in163 countries WORLD WIDE During the 70's, Coca-Cola Thrilled the world with its exciting and dynamic advertising. Coca-Cola is now enjoyed in 165 countries WORLDWIDE. in 1985, Coca-Cola becomes the first ever soft drink in space. Coca-Cola is enjoyed in nearly 200 countries WORLD WIDE. The Company continues its long-standing association with athletic events, including the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup Coca Cola is enjoyed in over 200 countries WORLD WIDE! Coca-Cola global marketing platform makes it debut 1919-1940 Resources 1941-1959 1960-1981 As the years went by, the Coca-Cola developed a "unique" bottle. 1990-1999 Around this time, Coca-Cola was now enjoyed in 53 countries WORLD WIDE. 1982-1989 1905-1918 2000-NOW 1986

Coca Cola

Transcript: 126 Years-Established 1886 3500 Products Worldwide Available in +200 Countries Serves 1.8 Billion per/day 2 of the top 3 non-alcoholic beverages Worlds Most Valuable Brand Target Market Television Health Brand Positioning vs. PepsiCo Communication Tools Community Involevement - People - Community - Environment Associations with Coca-Cola Sports Images Associated w/ Coca-Cola Kim Connors Hillary Edwards James Howell Sulki Jang Alex Williamson - #3 brand in the non-alcoholic beverage industry - Major Changes for PepsiCo - Layoffs - 401 (K) cuts - Devoted to Frito-Lay PepsiCo - Grocery Stores - 6 out of every 10 trips to the store... - 3 ways people shop: - Trip mission - Where they shop - How they move Target Markets Competitors Russia Consistency - 97% of budget goes into Television - Emmy nominated Mini-series for "The Happiness Factory" Occasion Based Media Mix - Phosphoric Acids - Sugar - Caffeine Building Relationships- Worldwide Print Media "Open Happiness" - Global marketing campaign, launched in 2009. "The Happiness Machine" - The Coca-Cola Foundation - $8.6 million in grants - 21 countries United States of America - Olympics - FIFA World Cup - Rugby World Cup - NBA - NASCAR Questions? Ethiopia Alternative Media History of Coca-Cola China Thailand -Coke commands 41.9%. -Coca-Cola Classic 17% of US Market (2009) -PepsiCo only 29.9%. - Pepsi 9.9% of US Market (2009) Sports Men's 2012 Final Four - "Coke Countdown to Zero" Holiday Season - Sports - Occasion Based - Community Involvement The Three Pillars Social Media - 55,909,393 Likes on Facebook - 600,000+ Followers on Twitter - 33.5 million views on YouTube Carmike & Regal Cinemas - Coca-Cola and Popcorn Sports Health Holiday Season


Transcript: 1894 Coca-cola was put into bottles for the first time 1900 unique bottle shape introduced 1923 Robert Wooddruff became the company’s president; he devoted 60 years to expanding the business throughout the country as well as the world 1943 "Coke" was introduced as the nickname 1950 Fanta introduced 1960s Sprite, Tab, Fresca introduced 1985 Coca-cola became the first soft drink ever in space 1993 First use of polar bears in ads 2007 (NEW) World of Coca-Cola opened in Atlanta The trademark “Coca-Cola” or “Coke” product accounts for approx. 78% the company’s total sales. Total revenue for the company for the first quarter of 2012 (January to March) was $11.14 billion. For the quarter, Coke said it earned $2.05 billion, or 89 cents per share. Coca-Cola sale distribution consists of 42% in the United States; 37% in Mexico, India, Brazil, Japan, and China; and 20% spread throughout the rest of the world. Cokes biggest rivals would be Pepsi Company and Dr. Pepper Snapple group. Coca-cola was created and then it was sold for the first time, only 5 cents a glass. The first Coca-Cola product was invented by a pharmacist by the name of John Pemberton in Columbus, Ga in 1886. He sold the beverage to his customers for five cents a glass. His book-keeper was the one to name the drink Coca-Cola and he wrote it in his distinct script, which is still used as the logo today. Pemberton died before he realized the success of the drink, and the formula was sold to Asa Candler in 1889, who began the founder and creator of The Coca-Cola Company in 1892. KO Headquarters are here in Atlanta but the company has facilities and sales worldwide. As of 2012, Coca-cola has 146,200 employees worldwide. Muhtar Kent (Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Coca-cola co-- in 2011 his salary was $29.1 million. Gary Fayard serves as the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer and his salary is calculated to be near $8.5 million. Coca-Cola sale distribution consists of 42% in the United States; 37% in Mexico, India, Brazil, Japan, and China; and 20% spread throughout the rest of the world. 1886 Coke In the beginning... Sales and revenue Coca-Cola Currently... 1880

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