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Coastal Carolina University

Transcript: Source: Interdisciplinary Studies Matthew Wood, N.C.C. Academic Advisor & Coordinator Interdisciplinary Studies Program Coastal Carolina University Office: Kearns 213C Phone: 843-349-5089 Email: If you answered yes to any of the above...... What Is Interdisciplinary Studies? Interdisciplinary Studies takes the place of more traditional programs offered at Coastal Carolina University, and allows students to create their own degree based on their own personal interests. Instead of choosing a major focusing on one discipline, Interdisciplinary Studies can offer a variety of disciplines allowing the student to focus on a multiple themes or topics relative to their career needs and personal interests For more information contact: Coastal Carolina University has the program you have been looking for! Are you a working adult? Do you need a degree for advancement? Do you have some college credit? Do you already have an Associates Degree? Do your educational needs fall outside traditional majors? Do you need a Bachelor's Degree? Individualized study program Designed to meet the student's interests and abilities Reaches across traditional academic disciplines Perfect for transfer students and working adults Coastal Carolina University Your Dreams Are Possible Why Interdisciplinary Studies? By: Phillip Thompson & Houston Hampton Why Choose Interdisciplinary Studies? University College

Coastal Carolina University

Transcript: Colleges/ Academics Opportunities Everything you need to know about the "Coastal life" in 10 minutes. THANK YOU Questions? Conway Coastal Carolina University Housing The College of Science Biology, Chemistry and Physics, Computer Science, Health Promotion, Nursing Completion Program Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sports Studies, Marine Science, Mathematics and Statistics, Psychology and SociologyThe College of Science The University College Focuses specifically on freshman to help them adjust to the college lifestyle at Coastal. Graduate Studies For students who wish to further their studies. C.O.A.S.T.A.L. Freshman and sophomores are required to live on campus. There are Three general places you can live, the Dorms on campus, Eaglin and Ingle, The Woods community, and University place. Area Surrounding Coastal & Housing Bicycle Registration Chauncey Patrol Counseling Services Emergency Preparedness Property Registration Public Safety Student Health Services Campus Recreation Trivia Internships Study Abroad Honors Program Undergraduate Research Academic Testing Center Grants Research Intramurals Coastal Carolina University offers a variety of majors.... The Wall College of Buisness Economics, Finance, Accounting, Management, Marketing, and Resort Tourism Management The William L. Spadoni College of Education A. Early Childhood, B.A. Elementary Education, B.A. Middle Level, B.A. Physical Education, B.A. Special Education / LD, M.A.T. Secondary Education, M.Ed. Secondary Education, M.Ed. Educational Leadership, M.Ed. Learning & Teaching, Continuing Education, Online Teaching Certificate The Thomas W. And Robin W. Edwards College of Humanites and Fine Arts. Communication, English, History, Music, Philosophy & Religious Studies, Politics & Geography, Theatre, Visual Arts, World Languages & Cultures, The College of Science,The University College, Graduate Studies CCU Sporting Events S.G.A. S.T.A.R. C.A.B. Greek Life Astro Club Marketing Club Leisure & Sports There are so many activities its hard to explain all of them on just one slide but here are just a few... Activities Honor Societies History club Spanish club Surf Club Chemistry club Various club sports 1. What are Coastal Carolina University's most popular majors? Coastal Carolina University offers baccalaureate degrees in 55 major fields of study, including degrees and specialized degree concentrations, through its five academic colleges. Additionally, the University offers 40 undergraduate minors. The largest major in terms of headcount is business management. Coastal Carolina University also has many students who pursue degrees in marine science, biology, marketing, psychology, communication, and education. For more information on each major, go to the Academic Majors Web page. 2. What is the student/faculty ratio? The current student/faculty ratio is 18:1. 3. How large are most freshman classes? The average freshman class size is 27 students. The average class size for upper division (junior and senior level) classes is 24. 4. How close is the campus to the beach? Coastal Carolina University is located approximately nine miles from Myrtle Beach, SC. Our location provides students with many excellent internship and part-time employment opportunities. CCU is located in the city of conway Downtown conway is about 5 minutes from the school Safety and Health

Coastal Carolina University

Transcript: I have been wanting to be a marine biologist for as long as I can remember. CCU has a great academic marine science program. The campus is so pretty and welcoming. Coastal is located in Conway, South Carolina. It is only 8 miles from Myrtle Beach. Driving from Manalapan to CCU is 518 miles, about 9 hours and 35 minutes to drive. Flying home would be much quicker and there is an airport only 12 miles away. Because most people are from out of state and dorm at CCU, there is numerous of different choices for housing. There is hall style, suite style or apartment complexes. ratio: men to woman Mascot and school colors CCU is a great school to go to for a student interested in marine biology. The marine science department is located on their own barrier island for students interested in hands on research and observation of sea animals in own natural habitat. Out-of-state tuition and fees costs: $23,480 Room and board costs: $8,440 books and supplies: $1,150 total: $33,070 Coastal is a public college in a suburban area. The campus is 350 acres. CCU has a very safe campus to live on with the use of 24 hour foot and vehicle police patrols, late night escort services, emergency telephones, and more. Financial Information Why I picked Coastal Carolina? Housing for freshman Campus type Coastal Carolina University Who will I become? By: Amanda Martin There is about 46:54 ratio of men to woman of student at CCU. Activities and Sports There are 153 different clubs that are available to choose from. I would like to be in a sorority, on the cheerleading team, and be a tour guide. The mascot for CCU is Chauncey the Chanticleer. The colors are teal and bronze. location Major

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