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Transcript: Coaching Research My reasearch question was, "How has John Wooden changed sports, and coaching?" Description I was already familiar with John Wooden from my coach here at school, Coach Hernandez, and he gave me an auto-biography of John Wooden, "They Call Me Coach", so I decided to write my paper on him and what he went through in life that shaped him to be the man he was and coach the way he did. I decided to coach a football camp to the middle school kids of DVISD using Coach Wooden's coaching techniques. Wizard of Westwood October 14, 1910-June 4,2010 Man of Faith "Goodness graciious sakes alive" Hall of Fame Kareem Abdul-Jaabar, Bill Walton Pyramid of Success Challenges Finding a place to host the camp Setting a date to host it Handing out the flyers Getting the equipment Learning Stretch I learned how to break down drills into simple terms so that younger minds can understand. Learned how to organize and run a successfull camp Showed the kids first hand on what to do in the drill Responsibilities Make sure all of the kids had rides at my camp Do my best to keep all the kids safe Return all equipment Clean up the middle school's facilities after the camp was finished Best thing about the Project I was able to do something I am interested in I was able to do something I love to do Was able to expand my knowledge and skills in the techniques of coaching I got advice from a great man on how to better ones' life seeing the kids have fun One big step towards graduation... One small step into life... By: John Monreal Take coaching techniques and use them in a positive manner Research orginization Experience in coaching


Transcript: All these life lessons displayed on these teams prepare the players for the real world in the future. This is by looking at life in the view point of a successful sports team. This also having high expectations for yourself and others around you. Relationships Memories of situations in the past that may change how you make look at something. Some memories are worth having just so it's possible so relive a joyful point in ones life. It's also good to looks back on bad situations so you have a better understanding on how you can avoid the same problems from happening more than once. Youth players get used to good quality traits such as disipline, achievment, and learing how to set goals for self motivation. As a youth player, when the years go by, you'll always have someone with years of life experience supporting you and sharing advice and life lessons with yourself to help lead players down a positive road towards success. While going through life starting as a really young child team player, it's much easier to comprehend a full understanding of what the right thing is to throughout life, and what the wrong this is to do. Having a good relationship with a positive adult role model makes it about 30% more likely to come across success in the long run. "In a survey of 558 students in a Midwestern middle school, 80% of the students had engaged in bullying behaviors during the previous 30 days." ( Allows you to relive a situation that you consider memorable, or a memory that posses value for yourself, and maybe even good advice for others who haven't lived through the same experiences as yourself Life long lessons are constantly learned, experience and passed down to youger generations. By going through an actual experience of something, it becomes 40% more likely that you'll have a greater understanding of the world around you Youth Criminal Info Easy to learn things when you actually experience them for yourself, rather than having someone or something give an explaination of the task or situation. Experience Helps to prevent future problems and mischief since the teammates are productively bussy. Learning from old mistakes, and avoiding those mistakes with a result of success in the end. Memories Lessons New life lessons are learned by experience and using real life comparisons and analogies to the sport being coached and played. With actual experience from an experiment, there's no need to take much acknowledgement from others that haven't gone through the same situations as yourself. In other words, you'll know what your talking about a lot more than others around you. From the year 1970 to 1991, the teenage homicide rate increased by over 220% Long Term Succes Playing on sports teams as a child makes it over 50% more likely to avoid trouble and stay on the path towards success Long term and short term relationships with fellow teammates and coaches is a good result from good sport coaching. As a coach, you get to see for yourself how your past team players grow over the years, and you can learn different ways to help players become even more successful for each team that comes after each.

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