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CNN News

Transcript: Yes, I think it may be a good idea to expand the NFL because there are plenty of foreign fans and i think it may be good business for the NFL. CNN News 10/28/2013 CNN News 10/30/2013 Q1: Do you think the 91-0 football game score was a form of bullying? A1: As far as the whole situation goes, yes I think the game should have ended long before the score was 91-0. However, you can't blame boys for working hard and being Very talented in what they do. It's not the players' fault they're so good. It's not their fault they scored back to back to back. Maybe the opposing team is just terrible and that playing football is not in their best interest. All together, I think the term "bullying" was in this case being blown out of proportion. Discuss three areas of focus for Russian officials to prepare for the 2014 Winter Olymics. A: Traffic, The Building Of New Hotels and Possible Reconstruction For Old Ones, and the finishing of the pretty big glass thing. Reptiles FONTS CNN News CNN Student News 10-24-2013 CNN News 10/31/2013 Q2 :Do you think Fantex Stock is a risky investment? Would you buy it? A: I do think Fantex Stock investment is very risky because suppose an athlete hits rock bottom all of a sudden or gets injured pretty bad, there's going to be so much money lost. However, If you invest a reasonable ammount or an ammount you can afford, it wouldn't affect you that bad. It goes both ways and I Think if your going to invest in stock, to look at the pros and cons before doing so. CNN News 10/29/13

CNN News

Transcript: CNN News Viewership: • CNN, meanwhile, is where self-described moderates and Democrats turn for news. • Of the responders who said CNN was their primary source, 51% were moderate, and 63% at least leaned Democratic. On Air Personality: • *Note Facebook and other review sites- very negative* (Bias) Shows/Segments: • CNN offers a full range of programs covering the latest in business, weather, sports, entertainment, health and science news, as well as topical, in-depth interviews. • Altogether, the CNN News Group comprises six cable networks (CNN, CNN Headline News, CNN International, CNNfn, CNN/SI, and CNN en Español), three private, out-of-house networks, two radio networks, four Web sites and CNN Newsource, the world's most extensive syndicated news service. • Founded by Ted Turner on June 1, 1980 • The initial channel subscribers only numbered 1.7 million, a number well below the minimum needed to cover operating costs • Now accessible by over 89 million homes in the United States and 160 million households worldwide • Initial domestic news bureaus existed in Washington DC, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago and San Francisco in addition to the headquarters in Atlanta History of CNN Worldview of Organization: Application Ephesians 4:29 "Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear." Influence and Power Samantha Roberts and Michaela Rizer Worldview of Organization Media Ideology and Philosophy of CNN Supporters v. Opponents • Democratic viewers turn to CNN in support, while Republicans and conservatives believe there is a “substantial amount of bias” and tend to be on the opposing side. References:

CNN News

Transcript: I don't think it's a problem or a bad thing because females can be just as strong as males sometimes. Also, there are females out there who love male sports and know about the sport just as much as any male. What do you think about females competing against males in male dominant sports? CNN News 2/6/14 CNN News 2/4/14 A company whose stock price was affected is Lowe's because people were buying a lot of salt and snow shovels, getting ready for the snow storm. CNN News 2/20/14 How could reducing the military force affect you? Should schools allow advertising on campus? Why or why not? CNN News 2/26/14 What do you think about CVS's decision not to sell cigarettes anymore? Discuss Since revenue affects stock prices, name a company whose stock price rose or dropped due to last week's snow storm. What do you think about raising the minimum age to $10.10 an hour? A possible impact that can happen is they can get more fans and more money. They will also get more respect from people by giving him an opportunity even though he's challenged. Discuss the possible impact to the 76'ers bottom line by signing Kevin Grow for two days. I don't think schools should or should not allow advertising on campus because no matter what, people are going to eat what they want to eat. I feel like just because a student sees a picture of a soda, doesn't necessarily mean that they are going to go buy one. An advertising can look good but it does not mean 100% that people will eat or drink whatever it is that is being advertised. CNN News 2/25/14 CNN News 2/24/14 CNN News 3/3/14 I think they making the right decision because it can help people get healthier and stay that way. I think it could save a lot of people in the future, especially from second-hand smoking. Reducing the military force could affect me by not protecting the citizens, if we go into war or something. We won't be able to fight as well as we need to which will have more service men dying in war and that can affect a lot of families, too. I think raising the minimum wage to that much will have good and bad affects on the economy. It can make the store lose more money than they earn because they will have to raise prices on their products. A good affect, though, is that people will be making more money than they did before which means they will be able to pay bills and for things they need without struggling.

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