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Transcript: Carnegie Mellon University Demographics Demographics Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA Urban Setting Known for Computer Science, Engineering, Robotics, and Fine Arts Campus Life Campus Life Over 280 Clubs and Activities 43 Varsity, Club, and Intramural Sports Greek Life (18% of students) School Traditions Booth Buggy Spring Carnival Kiltie Bagpipe Band Admissions Admissions Application Fee: $75 Early Decision Deadline: November 1 Regular Decision Deadline: January 1 Acceptance Rate: 18% Total Students: 6,896 Student to Faculty Ratio: 13:1 Requirements Application Package Application Package Transcript Extracurricular Activities Essays Recommendation Letters Test Scores Admissions Requirements Admissions Requirements High Test Scores Evidence of Leadership/Service Strong Recommendations Academic Success Extracurricular Activities Required Tests Required Tests SAT or ACT Average SAT: 1430-1560 Average ACT: 32 Engineering, Science, or Computer Science: SAT Math II SAT Physics, Chemistry, or Biology Information Systems or Humanities and Social Sciences: SAT Math I or II Another SAT Subject Test Business: SAT Math II Another SAT Subject Test Fine Arts: No SAT Subject Tests Required High School Classes 4 years of English 4 years of math 3 electives 3 years of science 2 years of history 2 years of a foreign language High School Classes Finances Finances Tuition: $54,244/yr Fees: $1,221/yr Housing: $2,874/yr Cost/Year: $58,339 Total Cost: $233,356 Types of Aid: Student Loans, Grants, Work-Study Undergraduates Receiving Aid: 76% GPA Required for Aid: 2.0


Transcript: CMU Tutorial Learning Center (TLC) : 970.248.1392 Houston Hall 113 Educational Access Services (EAS) : 970.248.1856 Houston Hall 108 Money is the top reason why people don't get a college degree. Learn to manage it. Limit borrowing. Get an on-campus job. Resources "What Now?" FAFSA Student Services 970-248-1366 #datclassdoe Until... Build a healthy routine. Prioritize. Demonstrate discipline. Other Recognize your struggles. All of us need help from time to time. Use your resources to clean out your junk drawer. If you haven't, do it. If you have, know your limits and work out a budget. Recognize that everything won't always be okay. Junk Drawer Would you throw your away backstage pass to your favorite concert? Party ...You Find Your Momentum Who Are We & Why Are We Here? There is no better way to be successful. Be honest about the need to study. 2:1 Rule. Listen to professor feedback. Visit professors' office hours! Get to know professors. Ask questions. Use your resources. Stay organized. Every professor is required to hold office hours. It's your backstage pass. Exhale. Everybody's been dealt the same cards. Student Wellness Center - Medical and Behavioral Health Services 970.256.6345 1060 Orchard Avenue, Suite N Grand Junction, CO 81501 Suicide Prevention Hotline - 1.800.273.8255 Mentors - Fran, Jesse & Rose 970.248.1765 Get to know your friends, know who you don't know -- ultimately, know yourself. Know an unsafe situation when you see it. Resist temptation and remember the real reason for being here. Go. To. Class. Find myself Stranger Danger Make new friends Get good grades What Am I Doing Here? Campus Safety Resources: In an Emergency - 911 GJPD - 970.242.6707 Safe Walk Program - 970.260.2683 MavRides - 970.248.2222 Sexual Assault Response Team - 970.270.5895 Fran Morales Jesse Scott Rose Willett It's Tuesday Night - What Are You Doing?! Avoid peer pressure Mentor - [ ˈmenˌtôr, -tər ] an experienced and trusted advisor someone whose hindsight can become your insight 970-248-1765 Everybody gets homesick. Money, academics, safety all matter, but... Motivation matters most. If you don't want this, and are willing to what it takes, no one can make you want it. What Am I Doing Here?

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