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Transcript: Katelyn Frame Clover Trifolium Genus Trifolium The Clover is a common name for plants of the genus Trifolium consisting of around 300 species of flowering plants The word Trifolium stems from the Latin words "tres", meaning three, and "folium" meaning leaf. Combined these words create an accurate description of the form of most clover plants Plant Trifolium Repens Flower The Trifolium Repens, also known as the "White Clover", is one of the most commonly found clover plants. While clover plants can have flowers red, purple, or yellow, the Trifolium Repens has white flowers. With age, the flower can get a pink or cream tint. Flower Form The Flower The flower is composed of dense spikes These spikes sprout from the stalk and form a spherical appearance from the top and a half spherical appearance from the side The flower heads typically range from 1.5-2 centimeters, or 0.6-0.8 inches, wide The Stem The stem of the plants are cylinder in shape They are very thin They grow relatively straight after the initial curve off the root but tend to bend slightly due to the weight of the flower They average around 18 centimeters or 7.1 inches long Stem Form Leaf Form The Leaves The most known part of the clover plant is its leaves. They are what most would call shamrocks They are typically trifoliolate meaning they have 3 leaflets They have a smooth texture They are relatively flat with a slight "v" shape bend at the midrib creating the 3D form Their shape can be elliptic (elongated circle), egg-shaped, or even slightly heart shaped The differences in shape can be attributed to the exact type of clover plant and the geological area The midrib of the leaf also creates the slight indentation at the top of the leaf. This in turn helps to create the slight hear shaped appearance that some leaves have They are shades of green typically with light or dark markings They are connected to the stem by a long petiole Midrib Stem Veins Petiole Heart Shape Pics Egg Shaped Elliptic Shaped Heart Shaped Quatrefoiled Mutations Considered to be lucky, four leaf clovers are rare. On average, there is 1 four leaf clover to every 5,000 three leafed clovers. The four leaf clover is similar in form to the three leaf clover except for the added leaf. What causes the change in form? A Recessive Gene appearing in low frequency Collision and Interaction of multiple genes at once causing a developmental error Genetic Mutation Environmental Factors It is likely that a combination of all of the above could cause this rare occurrence While the four leaf clover is the most common mutation, a clover can be cinquefoil (5), septfoil (7), more or in between in the number of leaves. These extra rare mutations are caused by all of the same factor as the four leaf mutation but have somehow developed more leaflets. The higher number of leaves, the even more rare. The world record for the highest amount of leaves on a clover is 56 and was discovered by Shigeo Obara of Japan, on 10 May 2009. This of course changes the shape of the plant because instead of being flatter, you have a bushels of clovers overlapping each other creating an almost sphere shape. How Many Leaves? More Variations


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