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Clouds And Sun Rays Powerpoint Templates

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Sun Rays

Transcript: I am always researching to see what it takes to start my own business. 1. Find a location. 2. Apply for a business license 3. Apply for a Federal Tax EN 4. Advertise via radio, television, newspaper and the yellow pages. Create a web site. 5. Join other Professional Groups to help expand my network. 6. Continue to develop my team of fellow therapist & coaches. Love of Learning Coaching... Over the next 16 months, I will be finishing my degrees: BS Psychology and AS Life Coaching at Life U. I am currently putting in applications into universities who are accredited by the MFTPA. That is important because they are the group whom I will be licensed through. I am also practicing my GRE. It is required by a majority of schools for Master Degree acceptance. In another 2 1/2 yrs I will have my Masters in Marriage Family Therapy. Then I will apply for my license from the counseling board in Georgia and pass the national certification exam given by the National Board for Certified Counselors. To help get my dream started; researched that is would take anywhere from $20,500 to $30,000. There are loans and grants that I can apply for. My Practice... We are here to help you create a more balanced life, so that you can enjoy fulfilling your personal achievement. Come & let the rays of the sun shine on you. Rays of the Sun Counseling and Coaching Center My Coaching will continue as well, but it does not involve as much schooling requirements. I have 2 great mentors Coach Mickey & Coach Cherry. After receiving my Associates, I will be able to coach professionally, which will help me earn a Bachelors and Master's in coaching. While these are not necessary steps to take, I prefer to reach for the highest level of achievement in all that i do. thank you for sharing your time with me. I would like to have my own practice, but at the same time I would like to have other therapist and coaches to work with . I want my clients to feel that their is someone with in my staff that they can feel comfortable working with. A Prezi By LaVelvet Lemons

Data Templates, Templates and Styling

Transcript: WPF Templating Styles Property Triggers Data Triggers Event Triggers Templates Refactoring It is better practice to store templates and other large resources as seperate resource dictionaries. As an example, we would store our custom Listbox in a resource dictionary called CustomListBox.xaml and import it in our App when we want to instantiate that custom control. Control Templates Apply a set of property values to an element Change the appearance of any style-related (read: asthetic) property Used when you need to have a common set of property values on multiple elements Default Style element is FrameworkElement. Specify TargetType to style other elements IsMouseOver = true Visual tree takes the hierarchical tree and expands its elements into all visual components. Control templates are XAML "recipe" for a control. We can copy the contents of a control template and modify it to "reskin" a core WPF control. Templates vs. Styles Although you can find the templates for WPF core controls in MSDN documentation, easiest way is to use Expression Blend. - Add a control - Right Click on control -> Edit Template Templates used for hierarchical data such as TreeViewItem and MenuItem A chunk of XAML markup that defines how a bound data object should be displayed. Visual Tree Hierarchical Data Templates Styles EventTriggers are hooked up to routed events and generally spark an animation related action on the element to which the style applies. Used to bind to properties of the control to which you are applying the template. Useful when the property is not specific to the aspects you are customizing. Event Triggers Item Panel Templates Templates used to override how objects are layed out in a Panel (or any class derived from Panel). DataTriggers work much like PropertyTriggers but operate on any object property instead of just WPF dependency Property. Property Triggers Logical Tree vs. Visual Tree Styles are used to adjust properties of an element. Templates can replace the entire visual tree of an element. Ex. Use template to replace the background of a button with an ellipse or path object. Data Triggers Styles can be inherited from other styles. Simply use the property "BasedOn" in the Style element. Data Templates Logical tree is a representative tree that describes the heirarchical composition of a WPF application. Style Inheritance IsMouseOver = false Define a list of setters that are activated when specific condition is met. Template Bindings Triggers Logical Tree

Atmosphere Leah and Addison

Transcript: layers of the atmosphere Project by: Leah Arnold & Addison Burch Troposphere troposphere facts Lowest layer of our atmosphere Starts at ground level and is 6.2 mile above the ground We live in the troposphere Most clouds are from the troposphere All the weather happens in the troposphere pictures Picture resources Resources (cover page picture) Stratosphere facts Stratosphere The layer above the Troposphere Is about 31 miles above ground level The Ozone layer is found in the Stratosphere “Ozone molecules in this layer absorb high-energy ultraviolet (UV) light from the Sun, converting the UV energy into heat.” The Stratosphere gets warmer the higher you go Pictures Picture Resources Resources mesosphere facts Mesosphere Above the Stratosphere 53 miles high Temperature gets colder as you go up Too thin to breathe At the bottom of this layer it has less than 1% of the pressure at water level Pictures Picture Resources resources thermosphere facts thermosphere It is 612 miles above the ground Layer above the Mesosphere Very rare air “High-energy X-rays and UV radiation from the Sun are absorbed in the thermosphere, raising its temperature to hundreds or at times thousands of degrees.” Lots of satellites orbit Earth within the Thermosphere pictures pictures resources resources (cover page picture) exosphere facts exosphere People consider it “the final frontier” Very thin air More like space 62,000 miles above ground level The latter value is about halfway to the moon pictures exosphere Resources resources

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