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Climbing Gym Powerpoint Template

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Climbing GYM

Transcript: Visible from front desk station Amphitheater seating and visible space throughout TV's displaying specials and climbing motivational climbing films Lead headwall needs to be primary focus of gym space Front Entry I pad kiosk for easy access check ins Rental Shoes, Chalk and Harnesses POS equipment, club managements software, Security display, music & PA system Anti theft detectors on door Front entry needs to be separated from main climbing area to minimize noise and chalk buildup. Bouldering Area Bathrooms Retail Area should feel like its part of check in area, all traffic to flow through Easy access and visible display which allows customers to interact with products. Only climbing hardware needs to be in display cases. Retail storage needed for shoe sales and surplus merchandise Concessions should be on edge so to provide easy access to climbers in climbing area Outdoor bouldering space that is visible from road Stage for hosting music or yoga events Possibly outdoor roped wall space Playground foam with moveable pads Enclosed or fenced in 10< person yoga class proximity to bathroom and workout area Wood floors Bright environment with curtains Waterfall feature Instruction Area Yoga Glass walls and door to main climbing area to maintain chalk free zone. Far away from party area Part of the 24hr package so needs to be accessible to boudlering and bathroom space. Composed of 8 main spaces Front Entry & Retail Yoga Workout Bouldering & Training Top Rope& Lead Walls Party Outdoor Event Space Bathroom/Lockers Roped Climbing Walled off from roped areas to allow 24/7 access Plenty of seating and viewing space Training area within bouldering area Glass bay doors that open to outdoor event space Possibly a different music setup 2 bays of climbing Bar space for viewing but no party room Can double as a beginner area Small traverse boulder with topout Access to outdoor event space Climbing Features Climbing GYM Preferably a space behind the wall that has access to the outside. Waterlines and possibly a shower in this location for power washing Should also double as a utility closet GO light TV's for instruction videos Workout Hold Storage and Washing Area Outdoor Event Space Close proximity to Party space Part of 24/7 access Showers and lockers Party Area

UVIC Rock Climbing Gym

Transcript: GOAL! The climbing gym is located at UVIC's Center for Athletics building, right next to the water turf. The facilities are all quite new. The skylights give the facility a very open and welcoming feel. Jessica Huang What is it? Who is the gym for? Thank you! The climbing gym is only one of the many facilities offered at the large athletic facility. The climbing wall is located in the center of the building. It is a striking structure and it immediately catches the attention of anyone who walks in. There is one main tall structure, that has the multiple climbs on various sides of it of varying difficulties. People can boulder up to a certain point, or they can choose to strap on a harness and get someone to belay them if they would like to reach the top.There are also many smaller walls for bouldering. The gym is for families, students, beginners, experts; everyone is welcome! I saw two families with their children at the gym, and they seemed to be enjoying themselves. The walls had varied difficulties so there was something for everyone. Although, it is a university facility, I did not feel out of place. The people working there were all very kind. The atmosphere was very welcoming and it made me happy to climb there. The auto belay they have is also a bonus. If I ever want to climb I can always go even if I don't have a belayer. The fees were quite affordable, $10.50 for a student and $4 for a harness. I think the UVIC climbing gym is a great local climbing gym for anyone. Why should people go? Where is the climbing gym? UVIC Rock Climbing Gym 1. The gym is affordable. 2. The facilities are great. They're new, clean, and good quality. 3. The atmosphere is welcoming and open. 4. There is something for any climber of any level. 5. You can go by yourself and still have a great time. 6. It is much closer than other climbing gyms such as Craig X or The Boulders Climbing Gym. THANK YOU

Climbing Mount Template

Transcript: Getting used to this new tool - it's WORD but with MORE... Making the mental distinction between what you think is a BUG but is in fact just a finer point of WORD that you don't master yet - BUT WILL! Giving feedback on HOW IT LOOKS and HOW IT WORKS Let's keep an open mind and be constructive... As according to the cahier des charges: The template offers SIMPLE TABLE layouting It does NOT offer large or complex tables or graphs In agreement with the IMF we removed this design question from the overall template project to put it into the hands of the IMF. You are the experts!!! BUT you CAN copy your own tables and graphs into a template page in the usual way... Summer 2015: Taking stock of and dealing with IMF needs concerning the current template (design and function questions) Discussing in parallel the tables and graphs design question - do you wish to continue to use Excel or Power Point designs or do you wish to commission a wardrobe of specially designed graphs and tables Continuing to take into account DLI comments We need to know deadline for FIRST IMF publication to be produced with this. Thank you! The Roadmap... Nearly there !! So the status quo is... DLI have cleared the path by removing initial bugs. They have produced 2 publications successfully with the Sauvage template We have a functional template which: Allows you to create TEXT and TABLES with a COVER ADDED. Basic needs of the DLI covered But still work in progress It will be perfected until everyone is satisfied! Moving up to the needs of the IMF Timeframe... Reemers Template already in use but crashing Decision by Susanne to harmonise internal look and feel of IMF and DLI publications Working group decision to achieve this... with a template! Deadline - January 2015 - Andrei Richter IRIS extra. Reemers failed to deliver crash free template Sauvage joined the project! GOAL! Sauvage Template delivered in February Specific IMF Challenges... The Tables and Graphs question... More global challenges for everyone Base Camp - flash back to summer 2014 Climbing Mount Template Tne next stage will be to : Install the template for the IMF Explain the tips and tricks Get IMF feedback on: GRAPHIC aspects - does it look like you want it to? Non negociables - Calibri 11, titles, headers and footers. FUNCTIONAL aspects - does it do what you want it to? But let's be pragmatic in what we ask this tool to do otherwise we end up with "Reemers II" And work with Sauvage to MODIFY anything that is unsatisfactory - while continuing to work with DLI in same way. You have been used to working with the Reemers template which offered automatic functions... but crashed. This is more manual ... and doesn't crash. Decision on which IMF publications will use this template: Ad hoc publications? Reports for Commission? Presumably not E-yearbook or Cannes Focus. And therefore what YOUR deadline for the first IMF template publication will be.

Far North Climbing Gym

Transcript: Changes and Challenges Group page on Facebook Mass texts Postitive environment No shortage of workers People can forget to give praise Have you faced any conflicts within your business? Standard Operating Procedure Phone & Email Technology Media Collaboration Stereotyping Mis-Allocation of Resources Tactical Decision Making Programmed Decision Industry Specific Supplies Competitive Collaboration Why were you motivated to start your own business? Personal Power mixed with Position Power What efforts do you make in the way that you communicate to out as either a friend type or an authoritative figure? Do you have employees or clients participate in any of the business decisions and how so? Managing change External Communication Challenges and Changes Managing Strategically; •Demands •Choices Push and pull forces Do you go through any formal decision making template for major choices that you have? Conclusion How has your job design affected your employees performance, and what would you say are the biggest benefits? Human Resources Planning Strategy -How did you plan on creating a competitive advantage over the other climbing gym on the Humboldt State campus? -competative advantage Work trade Basic orientation Employee pool -Do you think that Arcata’s culture and environment contributes to the health of your business? -How has the Arcata environment affected the way you have designed your business organization? QUESTIONS Groups and Teams How have you gone about recruiting and selecting your employees? Slow engineers Control Motivation -What steps and measures are taken in controlling excited or dangerous clients? -How much control does an employee have and how much do you exert over them? Does one way or the other lead to a more reliable or trustworthy outcome? Perception Intuitive Decision Making Perceptual Distortion How long did you spend deciding you initial suppliers and vendors and rock wall providers or in your case engineers and contractors? An Advantage to your business is that you cannot be outsourced, however, how would you react to a larger company trying to perform an acquisition on your business? Environment and Culture Established norms of communication Consistently postively reinforced and movitated by customers TOPICS Do you ever get a lot of mail specific for the business for advertising towards you? What kind of communication do you make with your employees? How do you exchange information about various daily business activities? Customers Are The Boss Groupthink between clients, employees & owners Yes, but not seeking it out, and not at all times -Saftey Hazards -Employee Control Cohesion: the degree to which members are motivated to remain in the group Topics Decisions Environment -institutional environment -physical infrastructure -Political –legal institution Culture -Power distance -Individualism -collectivism Due diligence Time and effort Heade all the advice you get -How did you go about planning the opening of your gym? What was the process? -Did you set any deadlines or serious objectives to help the process? He asks for a chunk of time commitment in exchange for a membership Said it's not difficult to get information conveyed People constantly kocking on his door to do work for trade Internal Communication -Business Plans -The Process -Planning Managment Leadership Written – Lean Media Verbal – Rich Media Non Verbal Do you have an accountability in place to help control employee behavior or attitude? TOPICS (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr How do you think your leadership style affects your business and your employees? Is there anything else, or any advice you would give to someone opening a small business in Arcata? Ebbs and flows Owner- Far North Climbing Gym -Did you have a specific business strategy? Spark -Always know there will be changes Decisions What type of communication do you use to order supplies? Email or phone, or is it more casual or more professional and do you negotiate? Has it been hard to stay motivated? Word-of-Mouth Employee Referral Ability to influence "Doing" Reflecting Supervisory Structure Commitment (clan) Control Co-Worker Accountability How do you manage your different groups and teams within the business? Lateral Communication Informal Channels Community working towards a positive goal How do you define leadership? Matt Deshazo QUESTIONS What is/are the biggest managerial challenges that you face daily? What have been the biggest changes to your business to which you have had to respond as a manager? Equity theories and employees -Business Plan Didn't know he wanted to start his own business Do you consider yourself a leader? Nine to five job, but on his terms Managing conflict

powerpoint template

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