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Clemson University

Transcript: Clemson offers recreational areas on campus, and have a very active student body. Over 400 clubs and organizations have been created by students. Student housing and parking are on campus and allow History Traditions Howard's Rock is named after the Clemson football coach Frank Howard, is rubbed by the football team before every home game for good luck. Seniors raise money to buy sidewalks and engrave their names into it to leave their legacy. Offers BS, BA, MS, and PhD degrees For a BS, you will focus on technical and communication skills needed and will need to focus on more chemistry courses For a BA, you will focus on less chemistry courses and focuses on medicine, law, and pharmacy aspects Both a Master's degree and a PhD are research based Master's degrees require 30 graduate credits and must give at least one research based seminar to the department PhD students must have at least 60 graduate credits, keep above a 2.90 GPA, complete four core courses by the first two years, give at least three seminars to the department, and must write and defend a dissertation Andrew McAdams Chemistry Clemson University Program of Study Campus Life Thomas Green Clemson left land and money for state education in 1888. Clemson College opened in July 1893 as a male military school, but by 1955 it gained 'civilian' status. By 1964 it was declared a university. Clemson's mascots are the tiger and the cub, and their school colors are orange and purple. Mascot & School Colors Cost of Attendance South Carolina residents $25,786-$22,790 Out of state residents $42,714-$30,836

Clemson University

Transcript: Clemson University Clemson has the 7th best APR (Academic Progress Rate) in the country. 1. Northwestern 2. Duke 3. Boise State 4. Ohio 5. Northern Illinois 6. Rice 7. Clemson 8. Middle Tennessee State 9. Rutgers 10. Air Force History of Clemson University Clemson's president is James F. Barker since 1970. Clemson's APR Why I Chose This -Thomas Green Clemson was born in Philadelphia in 1807. -He was educated in the United States and Europe. -Thomas Green Clemson died in 1888 and Clemson University was named after him. -Thomas Green Clemson left in his will to make his personal lands that he owned into an educational institution. -Governor John Peter Richardson signed the bill to accept Thomas Green Clemson's wish in November of 1889. Death Valley Football stadium I chose this topic because I like Clemson and that is what college I want to go to. It gets me ready to know what I have to do before I can get into college. Enrollments 1893-446 1921-1,007 1947-3,215 1965-5,000 1974-10,000 2000-16,053 2008-17,585 2009-19,111 2010-19,453 2011-19,914 Degrees Awarded 1896-37 1914-1,000 1939-5,000 1952-10,000 1982-50,000 1998-100,000 2001-111,071 2008-137,959 2009-142,180 2010-146,774 2011-151,274 If people want to learn more about Clemson they can go to the Clemson University website. ( Where can people go to learn more about your topic? By: Courtney Watts Live on Campus (per year) Tuition and Fees- $13,076 Room and board- $7,552 (approximate) Books and supplies- $1,098 (approximate) Total- $21,726 Don't live on Campus (per year) Tuition and fees- $29,720 Room and board- $7,552 (approximate) Books and supplies- $1,098 (approximate) Total- $38,370 Tuition and Fees Degrees and Enrollments Clemson's Campus Clemson University's Tillman Hall Clemson's President History about Thomas Green Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney -In July of 1893 Clemson College opened with enrollment of 446 people. -When the college first opened it was an all-male military school. -In 1995 people decided to change to a "civilian" school and became a coed school. -Clemson was changed to Clemson University in 1964. _Clemson University is of higher education in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Clemson, South Carolina. -Woodlands and farms surround the 29,000 acre campus. -Clemson's campus was once John. C. Calhoun's plantation. -Clemson was founded in 1889 but opened in 1893 and the total enrollment is about 20,000 students. Andre Ellington (running back) and Cj Spiller (used to be a running back for Clemson)

Clemson University

Transcript: Chartered by Anson Jones Chapel is included in the basis of education 1866 created a separate school for females and males It has endured and survived hardships, from financial difficulties, to the Great Depression, to world wars. It made a historic and critical decision to move from Independence to Waco, its current home. The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching classifies Baylor as a research university with "high research activity." Baylor has an international reputation for educational excellence built upon the faculty's commitment to teaching, scholarship and interdisciplinary research that produces outstanding graduates. The Texas Baptist Education Society then petitioned the Congress of the Republic of Texas to charter a Baptist university in the fall of 1844. Republic President Anson Jones signed the Act of Congress on Feb. 1, 1845, officially establishing Baylor University. REVEREND JAMES HUCKINS, the first Baptist missionary to Texas, was Baylor's first full-time fundraiser and the third founding father of the university. Although these three men are credited as being the founders of Baylor University, there are many others who worked to see our university established in Texas. Admissions Average ACT: 26-31 Average SAT: 1170-1330 Average weighted GPA: 4.29 Acceptance: 56.2% Top Programs: Engineering Architecture Landscape Architecture Economics Genetics Business Undergraduates: 12,219 Graduates: 2,681 41% female : 59% male 15 students : 1 faculty History: History: Founded by Thomas Green Clemson Began as an Agricultural college and an all male military academy Based on the ideals of a Clemson Family In his will, Thomas Green Clemson left the Fort Hill plantation and a large part of his personal estate to establish what would become Clemson University. In November 1889, Gov. John Peter Richardson signed the bill accepting Thomas Clemson’s gift, which established the Clemson Agricultural College, with its trustees becoming custodians of Morrill Act and Hatch Act funds made available for agricultural education and research purposes by federal legislative acts. Initially an all-male military school, Clemson Agricultural College opened in July 1893 with 446 students. Clemson became a coeducational institution in 1955 when the college moved to “civilian” status for students. Expanded academic offerings and research pursuits led the way for the college to be renamed Clemson University in 1964. Student Population: Admissions Cost to Attend Location Cost of Attending: Baylor University Waco, Texas Campus Map: Tution & Fees: $30,816 Room & Board: $8,142 Books & Supplies: $1,112 ------------------------------------ TOTAL: $40,070 Clemson University and Baylor University Student Population Clemson, South Carolina Public Orange and Purple Tiger Founded: 1889 Undergraduate: 16,931 Graduate: 4,588 46% female : 54% male 18 students : 1 faculty member average class size is 31 students Average ACT: 23-29 Average SAT: 1140-1310 Average weighted GPA: 3.94 Accepted: 48% Srongest Programs: Pre-Med Communications Sciences & Disorders Theater Arts Tution: $36,360 Fees: $4,038 Room & Board: $11,140 ----------------------------------- TOTAL: $51,538 Private Green and Gold Bear Founded in: 1845

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