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Classroom Expectations Powerpoint Template

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Classroom Expectations

Transcript: Mr. Nelson's Classroom Expectations Mr. Nelson's Class Schedule Engineering Design Advanced Engineering Design Architectural Design Advanced Architectural Design Principles of Manufacturing Audio / Video Production Technology Students Association Plainview Student Crime Stoppers Assigned Seating: Every student will have an assigned seat. Seating will be alphabetic order by your last name. Behavior for entering the class: Visiting with friends is allowed until the bell rings. Visiting with friends not allowed not after the bell rings. Personal belongs should be placed on the shelf next to the door. Place class materials on desk. Copy class work from board. Copy homework assignment from board. Behavior when leaving the class: Leave only when dismissed by the teacher. Procedure for going to the restroom. Each student is allowed use the restroom with the teacher’s permission. Men's room is located directly across the hall. Lady's room is located towards the front of the building in the North hallway. Hall pass is required. Procedure for going to the nurse Permission must be obtained. Hall pass is required. Procedure for going to the office. Permission must be obtained. Hall pass is required or called from the office. Procedure for sharpening pencils and requesting supplies. Sharpen your pencil before class begins Raise your hand and ask permission. I don’t furnish pencils or paper. What to do when tardy to class. Enter the classroom, Stand next to the door, Wait for the teacher notice you, Then be seated, Every student will serve one day of detention the following day. I will not remind you of your d-hall status. D-hall form must be signed by the student. Policy regarding textbooks We will use lab sets – the textbook stays in the lab. Do not write in your book. All textbooks must be covered. Policy for caring for textbooks All textbooks are the property of Plainview ISD. Textbooks are the responsibility of the student. Damaged text will result in the student purchasing the book. Keep your books clean and dry at all times. Don’t write in your textbook. Be prepared for surprise book inspections. Materials needed for class Ink pen Notebook paper Other materials maybe required throughout the school year. Procedure if you do not have class materials. I don’t furnish pens or paper. Ask your classmates. A 10 point penalty will be accessed for not having your materials needed for class. What to do when you need to leave the class or cannot cope. Ask for permission to speak with Mr. Nelson in the hallway. Late work: Teachers shall notify students when an assignment is due. All work will be considered late if turned in after the announced deadline. Twenty points shall be deducted from the earned grade for the first day it is late, with an additional ten points deducted for the second day it is late, for a total of thirty points. (Example: Grade earned is 90. One day late = 70, and two days late = 60.) On the third consecutive day, the student shall receive a zero for the assignment. Work that has been assigned several days in advance and has been discussed at intervals in class is due upon teacher request. In case of absence, this work is due the day a student returns to class, or upon teacher request. An assignment graded and/or discussed in class is due at that time and may not be turned in late. This does not apply to students who are absent when the assignment was made. Grading Policy Grades are based on the accumulation of points. Points are based on: Class participation (effort) Completion of assignments(daily work) Major projects, exams, and self-reflection Testing schedule Semester exam: Every student will take the exam. Module Exam: Each module will several unit exams and end of module exam. NO candy, gum, snacks, or drinks allowed in the classroom or lab. Procedure for asking questions Raise your hand. Wait to be recognized. Be polite when others are asking or answering questions. Procedure if you are unsure about asking a question in front of peers. Rules of attire PISD dress code will be enforced at all times. Student Behaviors Be prompt Be ready to learn when class begins. Be prepared Have materials with you and know due dates. Be a polite and positive participant Speak in a normal tone of voice, and listen attentively. Be productive Turn in work on time, and always do your best. Be a problem solver Correct problems quickly and peacefully before they escalate. Show Respect Value yourself. Be honest and ethical, and practice strong moral values. Treat all members of the school community and all visitors with politeness and respect. Honor the ideas and opinions of others. Offer to help. Be responsible with property and belongings. Responsibility for Coursework Bring notebook, textbook, planner, and appropriate writing tools to class. Know due dates, and submit all coursework on time. All assignments are posted on the bulletin board and on the class Web site. Promote Lifelong Learning You can develop lifelong

Classroom Expectations

Transcript: Class Resources: Mr. Murray's website. How to get there: 1. google search: Hiram High School 2. Click the 1st link. 3. Click "STAFF" at the top of the site. 4. Scroll down to click "Murray, Stephen" 5. Bookmark site (ctrl-B) for future. What's there? Online book: Username: genericlogin2 Password: password Practice worksheets by chapter Links to GPS All the powerpoints for the year. Disclaimer: Format subject to change Information may be enhanced Powerpoints alone are not the key to success. Learn the language of the standards. Tutoring Schedule: (Posted around the room) Mon, Wed, Fri Mornings - 8 to 8:30 Wed Afternoons - 3:30 to 4 Tutoring schedule is non-negotiable. It will not change because you "can't make it". If its IMPORTANT make it a PRIORITY BE present every day. BE in your seat BEfore the bell rings. Bring a pencil or pen Bring paper Keep up with work, notes, and knowledge. How to succeed Be here. Be prepared. Be attentive. Listen to the teacher. Take notes. Complete all work. It's ALWAYS "for a grade"! SUCCESS! 1. Complete all class work, read the material, study and do well on tests. 2. Study on your own or with a friend, and then come to tutoring with questions. 3. Come to tutoring to recover tests 4. Come to tutoring to recover class work 5. Cross your fingers and hope really hard FAILURE :( YOU are responsible for YOU. YOUR grades. YOUR behavior. YOUR consequences. You can use cell phones during non-instructional times. before 8:35 after 3:25 between class-change bells (6 minutes) Don't be late! during assigned lunch You may listen to music through headphones during these times as well BUT Here's the catch. You may never use electronics during class time in the locker room to film/photo other students while out on a pass You will be written up for failure to follow these rules. 1st offense - 3 days ISS 2nd offense - 5 days ISS 3rd offense - 1 day OSS 4th offense - Seriously? General behavior rules: The teacher has the final say in all matters in this classroom. If you are Assigned work, Accomplish it. If you are Bored, Be Better. If you are Corrected, Comply. If you Don't, Deal with the consequences Consequences Depending on the offense... call home school detention write up

powerpoint template

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