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Classroom Agenda Powerpoint Template

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PowerPoint in the Classroom

Transcript: - Over simplifies ideas - Less active learning than traditional whiteboards - Presentation can be distracting - Technology can be unreliable - Having lessons be available to parents is not always a good thing Cons of PowerPoint for Teachers PowerPoint is a Microsoft software program that creates electronic presentations consisting of a series of separate slides that can include art, text, audio and video elements Pros of PowerPoint for Teachers: Efficient How Can PowerPoint Be Used in the Classroom - Students rely too much on technology rather than their own creativity - Students could get carried away with effects and themes common to PowerPoint - Penmanship and spatial organization are not improved with PowerPoint Isabel Arriaga - Easy to learn and use - Widely available in classrooms - Free in Microsoft Office or a similar program Google slides - Lessons are planned - Lessons can be printed - Can easily modify and change lessons - Can easily share with students, parents, other teachers, administrators and others - Can be saved and reused Cons of PowerPoint for Students Sources Used Pros of PowerPoint for Teachers: Engaging - Students learn to use technology - Creative and professional way for students to present their ideas - Students can work collaboratively and simultaneously - Work can easily be shared with other students, teachers and others Sample Student Presentations on PowerPoint Effective Use of PowerPoint, Pros of PowerPoint for Students The Use Of PowerPoint In The Classroom By Teachers for Lessons By Students for Group and Individual Projects - New and computer based - Different way of teaching - Dynamic - uses different media including images, sound, animation - uses a variety of looks, themes, fonts - Good for visual learners Are there resources about using PowerPoint in the classroom? PowerPoint in the Classroom, Best Practices for using PowerPoint in the classroom There are a tremendous amount of resources on the construction and delivery of teacher lessons and student projects on PowerPoint to take advantage of the benefits and reduce the challenges. PowerPoint in the Lecture: Pros, Cons and Tips, Sample Teacher Lessons on PowerPoint What is PowerPoint -Text must be readable consider font size, background and amount of text -Avoid distractions use simple and consistent format, graphics and pictures, avoid distracting transitions and animations - Avoid reading slides

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