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city council

Transcript: Why we picked that decision. Introducing Call to Prayer Call to Prayer Decision ! Some of our options for the problem to the Call To Prayer are, lowering the volume of the Call To Prayer , taking it away , or changing the time the Call To Prayer is announced. If we took it away we wouldn't be following the 1st Amendment. Yet, lowering the volume and changing the time it is usually announced would be fair. we would also be following the 1st Amendment. The Call to Prayer is the Muslim way of telling people that it is time to pray.The Call to Prayer does not sound like the bell for Christians and Catholics, it's more of a song.The Call to Prayer also has a meaning. Hamtrack City Council Decision What our options are. People don't like the Call To Prayer for many reasons.For example, it is too loud. Also, because they think that Muslim people are trying to make them become Muslim. They also don't like it because they fear the unknown, meaning they don't like it because they don't know what it really means. The First Amendment says that the Government can't tell you what religion to be or what to believe in. And if we, the city council were to take away The Call To Prayer and not find another way to keep it we would be breaking the law. This would mean that we would be stopping them from being able to practice their religion. Man complaining what decision we should make We picked this decision because it wouldn't be fair to take the Call to Prayer away. It would also be breaking the 1st Amendment. It wouldn't be fair because if we took the Call to Prayer away we'd maybe also have to take away the Church Bells. It would be considered breaking the 1st Amendment because this would mean not allowing them to practice their religion. Man singing Call of Prayer. Why Do People Complain about The Call To Prayer? Our decision has been to lower the noise level.We have also decided to change the time the Call to Prayer is announced. The First Amendment the First Amendment

City Council Presentation

Transcript: S.P.E.A.K. Week Presented by Brighton Youth Commission Did you know...? -Colorado has the sixth highest state suicide rate in the country. -Nearly 1/7th of high school students have admitted to suicidal thoughts, with just under 1/10th attempting suicide one or more times. Our Mission As a commission, we want to raise awareness concerning suicide and its many adverse effects. We hope to unite the community and particularly the youth in the cause against teen suicide. Goals -Spread awareness -Unify the Brighton community -Raise money for The Fire Within -Reduce suicide rates among youth through teaching and proactive behavior Fire Within The FIRE Within, a hands-on, year-long curriculum, engages high school students in entrepreneurship by developing skills including business planning, research, marketing, innovation, leadership, finance and community service. Students apply these business skills to develop and implement a suicide prevention plan within their own community. Events To accomplish our goals, we have created a week long programs with activities on every day. Each day will have a different theme, incorporated into Eagle Ridge Academy and Brighton High, culminating in the walk on Saturday. How You Can Help In order to organize and successfully deliver such a significant message, the help of many is necessary. We have come here tonight to ask your help in providing volunteers and registering for the walk on Saturday, April 21st. It is $15 for children, and $20 for adults, at 1 p.m., at the Brighton Recreation Center. Kids ten and under are free.

City Council

Transcript: Community News: Upward trend in economy Land is in demand Increasing gang violence to Centerville! Weaknesses limitations and inadequacies that can adversely affect an organization’s ability to develop and compete (Clow & Stevens, 2009) Period 3 Objectives: To hire more elementary and high school teachers To help reduce gang activity among high schools To maintain/improve overall education quality Period 3 Budget: Allocated Funds: $45,914,028 Used Funds: $45,884,437 Available Funds: $29,591 Threats external obstacles that may prevent an organization from achieving its objectives (Ehrlich & Fanelli, 2004) Mission Statement: The Education Sector of Centerville is dedicated to meeting the educational needs of all students in a safe and innovative learning environment. Period 3 City Council Decisions: Period 3 Project: Convention Center 4 options Period 2 Results: Education Quality is Above Average (108) Teacher Attrition Rate is Low (1-2%) Student-Teacher Ratio is Low High School Dropout Rate is Low (165) Number of International Students has Increased (304) City Council SWOT analysis involves an assessment of an organization’s Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Period 3 City Council Budget: Allocated Funds: $99,813,106 Used Funds: $99,813,106 Available Funds: $0 Decision Rationale: Increase spending in teacher employment to help lower: teacher-student ratio teacher attrition rate high school dropout rate high school gang activity City Council Centerville's governing institution Serves the needs of all citizens Implements innovative initiatives Allocates sector budgets Vision Statement: The Education Sector of Centerville will (1) work collaboratively to inspire a passion for learning; (2) strive to ensure the academic success of all students; (3) be instrumental in enhancing the quality of professional development, teaching in schools, K-education, continuing education, and higher education; and (4) emphasize enriching curriculums that focus on the core disciplines, the arts, information literacy, and technology. Period 3 Project: Convention Center University lobbying for expansion 4 Scenario Options Decision based on SWOT Analysis Welcome City Council Comprised of reps from the four sectors: Social Services Education Community Services Economic Development Education Sector Strengths – conserve limited funds, avoid additional expenses Weaknesses (Issues) – construction would impact roads, transportation, infrastructure, utilities Opportunities – alternatively spend funds in law enforcement to address gang activities Threats (Concerns) – no possibility for new business revenue Decision Rationales: Project: Council selected no option Lack of available funds Prevents additional budget decreases in sectors Sector Budget Reallocations: Council supported additional law enforcement to address gangs 2% budget increase for Social Services 1% budget decrease in Community Services and Education sectors Land Allocation: Council sold 20% of land Possible revenue opportunity for next period’s Council Strengths abilities and resources that may provide an organization with a competitive advantage (Clow & Stevens, 2009) Period 3 Decisions: Option 1 University builds convention center near its main campus Community acquires and bequeaths land to the University Cost: $1,000,000 Strengths – convenient, new, University incurs costs Weaknesses (Issues) – far from downtown / no revitalization Opportunities – brand new center entices businesses Threats (Concerns) – competition for land, community has limited control of center's use Option 2 Hotel-chain converts empty textile-factory to high-end hotel Community provides the building and land free of costs Cost: $3,000,000 Strengths – positive feedback from community Weaknesses (Issues) – expensive Opportunities – revitalize downtown area, reduce gang hangout/activities Threats (Concerns) – street gangs currently in area Option 3 Current convention center transferred to private investors Modernize building in exchange Cost: $500,000 Strengths – minimum costs Weaknesses (Issues) – no added capacity Opportunities – entice large corporations/businesses Threats (Concerns) – traffic congestion at current location MSL 9100S - OL2 - CRN 21456 Goals: The Education Sector of Centerville will (1) strive to increase communication and collaboration with the City Council and the various sectors of Centerville; (2) support lifelong learning among all citizens of Centerville; and (3) develop and expand parental/community involvement within the Education Sector. Presented by Period 3 Education Sector City Council Representative Jamie Segno Organizations perform a SWOT analysis in order to appraise various factors that can affect overall long-term success (Wood, 1994). Opportunities positive external/environmental conditions that may be beneficial to the organization (Ehrlich & Fanelli, 2004) SWOT focuses on a strategic balance between an organization and its environment: strengths and

City Council Presentation

Transcript: In review 2017 City of Goose Creek 2017 Highlights Highlights Hired ED Economic Incentives Passed New Marketing and Outreach Efforts Continued Construction and Economic Activity Incentives Incentives Reduction in fees Helps to market our commercial cores First project under consideration in 2018 Marketing and Outreach Marketing and Outreach Website Enhancements Website Enhancements Property and project maps Brand new website Business License Calculator Marketing and Mission Marketing and Mission Traveled to ICSC Marketing to local stakeholders Creation of new collateral based on new data and website scheme Business Outreach Business Outreach Stakeholder Partnerships Coffee and Conversations Business Survey What happened in 2017? 2017 Data Commercial Activity Commercial Activity Commercial construction valued at nearly $85M Major projects include Carnes Crossroads medical office, Roper Hospital, CareNow, Time-to-Shine, LIDL 4315 business licenses issued for a total of over $6.9M in business license revenue Issued RFP for old fire station Sales Totals $702,835,175 in gross taxable sales in FY 17 Sales Totals So what's next? Looking to 2018 Continue Seeking Opportunities Continue Seeking Opportunities Leakage study indicates over $90M in annual missed opportunities ($243M in PTA) Over $30M of the leakage is in the restaurant sector alone ($57M in PTA) Market data suggests we can sustain between approximately 42K - 82K sf in restaurant, and over 200K sf in retail Leverage EDAC as an asset Leverage EDAC as an asset Continue seeking opportunities to work with stakeholders--public and private Allow EDAC to suggest ways to become more business friendly Use survey data to consider policy and operational changes Use EDAC members as a way to reach our existing business community Consider Downtown Consider Downtown Consider all options for the fire station (?) Consider new ways to plan for and market the commercial corridors Seek out ways to partner with businesses throughout the City

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