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Building a city

Transcript: Building a City By: Ananya Catastrophic Events Floods, Hurricanes, & Tornadoes Heavy Rainfall Hurricanes Floods Floods Houston Galveston Coastline Hurricanes Hurricanes Thunderstorms Common Tornadoes Tornadoes Weathering Erosion Deposition Weathering, Erosion, Deposition Break down rock Make shapes in the land Weathering Weathering Moves rock around Creates beautiful shapes Erosion Erosion Deposits rock Deltas Deposition Deposition Human Activity Human Activity Populations are being split Less able to adapt and survive Habitat Fragmentation Habitat Fragmentation Over harvesting Depleation Ex: fishing & logging Demand > supply Prices rise Exploitation Exploitation Air & Water Water; industrial toxins released Unable to reproduce Phosphorus and nitrogrn run in rivers Acid rain = more acidic water Pollution Pollution Alien Species Alien Species USA - Zebra Mussels from Russia have extremely filtered waters causing more species to die. Habitat Alteration Habitat Alteration Guam - Brown Tree Snake killed native birds Predation Predation UK - North American Grey Squirrel has outcompeted the Native Red Squirrel Competition Competition Hawian duck interbreeding with Mallard duck Hybridisation Hybridisation Elm Bark Beetles transmit Dutch Elm Disease Across North America Disease & Parasites Disease & Parasites Ecosystems with the same climate around the world are becoming more and more similar. Rabbits aren't native to UK but live there. Homogenisation Homogenisation Fluctuating climate = mass extinction Burning fossil fuels Climate Change Climate Change Biomes Biomes The percipitation in a rainforest can range from 80 - 430 inches anually The canopy layer is 100 ft. tall The rainforest has 4 layers the emergent layer, the canopy layer, the understory layer, and the forest floor The rainforest produces 20% of earth's oxygen The rainforest is being severly deforested Tropical Rainforest Tropical rainforest The Deciduous Forest has treees that drop their leaves in the winter You find many broadleafed trees in this forest You also find frogs and turtles The biome has moderate rainfall all year A moderate winter and warm summer Deciduous Forest deciduous forest The oldest made stone tools were made in the desert The oldest city ruins were found in the desert Some of the first dinasour eggs to be discovered were found in the dessert Petra, Jordan is one of the most beutifull aincient buildings in the dessert The most famous dessert ( the Sahara ) was fertile land 8,000 years ago Dessert Dessert The Tundra is cold and does not have trees The Tundra has a short summer The soil is frozen and called permafrost Plants are short and include moss and lichen Alpine tuyndras are found at the top of mountains Tundra Tundra The Taiga is the largest land biome The Taiga has long winters and short summers The Taiga has plenty of snow The Taiga also gets plenty of rain in the summer Taiga Taiga The grassland has a lot of grass and few trees. Grasslands average 20-25 inches of rainfall a year. Grasslands have hot summers and mild winters. Grasslands have tall and short grass. Grasslands have droughts and occasional fires. Grasslands Grasslands The Titanic is 3,800 meters below sea level. The Titanic has been underwater for over 100 years. The S.S. Rio Grande is the deepest shipwreck and sinks 5,762 meters below sea level. The 35,000 mile long underwater mountain range called the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is the longest mountain range in the world. We didn't explore the Mid-Atlantic Ridge until 1973. Aquatic Biome Aquatic Biome Ecological Succession Ecological Succession 1. Disaster so there is no soil 2. Pioneer species come and colonize area 3. Grass an small plants grow 4. Flowers and shrubs grow 5. Trees grow 6. Animals migrate to that area Primary Succession Primary Succession Volcanic Eruption Step 1 Moss Step 2 Grass Step 3 Rose Step 4 Oak Trees Step 5 Animals Step 6 1. Disturbance where soil remains 2. Existing species grow out of soil 3. Grass an small plants grow 4. Flowers and shrubs grow 5. Trees grow 6. Animals migrate to that area Secondary Succession Secondary Succession Deforestation Step 1 Grass Step 2 Daisy Step 3 Rose Step 4 Oak Trees Step 5 Step 6 Animals Examples

City Template

Transcript: Next, Porter revealed that the cluster-based economy capable of encouraging competitiveness in three ways, namely: 1. By increasing the productivity of the industry in the area. 2. By encouraging the creation of new innovations. 3. By encouraging the strengthening of the cluster itself. (Porter, Michael E., Clusters and the New Economics of Competition, Harvard Business Review, 1998). Most references to the origin of industrial districts go back to the economist Alfred Marshall. Marshall expressed his view that when the industry is in a particular geographic region, the handling of the machines and materials will be much easier to do. Marshall also said the positive impact (positive externalities) of industries are concentrated in one area, among others: 1. The existence of knowledge spillover between the existing industries. 2. Input unspecialized of supporting industries. 3. The labor competitiveness (competitive). (Marshall, A, Principles of Economics, 8th ed., 1920). It could be said that the concept introduced by Marshall is closer to the concept of industrial zones or industrial district. Industry cluster consists of: Alfred Marshal The development of the cluster definition starting from a study of the success stories in Northern Italy in the 1980s encouraged the use of terminology industrial district given by Marshall (1920). The definition of cluster is simply a collection of companies sectoral and spatially dominated by one sector. design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi In principle, there are three pillars that are the foundation for cluster-based economy, namely: 1. The geographic area (geographical area). This is a specific area that became the center of activity. 2. Creation of value (value creation). In a cluster composed of various business sectors and industries, each of which create value in the production of goods and / or services they offer. 3. Business environment (business environment). The business environment has a significant influence in shaping the relationship between industry, labor and local government institutions. The existence of the cluster will give more strength to the creation of a competitive business environment. Perspective Michael E. Porter. According to Porter, a cluster-based economy is a concentrated area where there are companies and institutions are interlinked in a particular field. Porter confirms that the keywords in the development of the cluster is the competition (competition). Competition, he said is very dependent on productivity; while productivity lies in the ability of the industry to create products and / or services. Humphrey and Schmitz (1995) The Success of Northern Italy In 1995 the definition of cluster started distinguished from the industrial district, as seen at the time of Humphrey and Schmitz (1995) clarifying the concept of collective efficiency. Cluster is defined as a gathering of the company and sectoral goegrafis. By association, the cluster will benefit from external economies. While the industrial district will arise if the cluster develops more than specialization and division of labor between companies with the advent of the collaboration between the agents of the local economy in the region, and increasing local production capacity and sometimes the innovation capacity also increased (Rabellotti, 1995), as well as the emergence of a strong sectoral associations. Based on the success of the phenomenon of Northern Italy, defined the key characteristics of clusters or industrial districts (Schmitz and Musyck, 1993) as follows: (1) Dominated by small businesses who move in the same sector (specialization in sectors) or sector related; (2) Collaboration between businesses adjacent to the sharing of equipment, information, skilled labor, and so forth; (3) These companies are competing to be based on the quality of the product rather than lowering the cost of production, including wages; (4) Employers and workers have a long history on the site. This facilitates mutual trust in the good relations between small enterprises, between workers and skilled labor; (5) Employers are well organized and actively participate in self-organization; (6) There are local and regional governments are actively supporting the development of local or regional industry cluster. 1. Industrial core 2. Industry Suppliers 3.Buyer / Consumer 4. Supporting Industries 5.Related Industries 6. Organization / Institutional Support The concept of industrial district (cluster)

future city building

Transcript: The Office Building of the Future By: Luke and Caelan This is going to be what your average work building will look like... There is a built in parking garage on the first floor. The outside shell is made of all of the extra waste from the city. All of the garbage is ground up and pressed into shape Our company, C and L Industries, invented a high-powered garbage grinder, which looks like this... The building is powered by power cells, held in a container at the side of the building. On their way into the building, all the employees take one of the power cells into their office. And that power cell will completely power their office for the entire day. The power cells get their energy from a converter in the storage box, which was just shown to you. In case the power goes out, our system has two advantages. One of them is the lighning rod back-up power system. Because our island has lots of monsoons, it is almost always stormy. During a powerful storm, our lightning rod harnesses energy from the lightning, powering the power cells. When lightning hits, the power cells are powered by a lightning energy converter contained in the box. The second advantage is the fact that our power cells are already filled with energy, so even during a power outage the offices can still run on full power. The End!!!! We used these sources... Thanks for watching our awesome prezi by rukeyyyy and Caelan All inside material is made from left over sewing fabrics.

City PowerPoint Project

Transcript: Additional Images Ottawa, ON Early Settlement Additional Images: Landmarks The O-Train is a mode of transportation throughout the city. It is a light rail transit system that will take you to different ends of Ottawa. The train does not interfere with road traffic and is better for the environment because of it's ability to carry more passengers than a vehicle on the road. City PowerPoint Project By: Emily Conway Open Spaces Parliament Buildings Institutional Areas The map above displays the components of the Ottawa River. People would have chose to settle in Ottawa many years ago because of the location of the river. It was a great source of water for them to get to quickly and easily. Immigrants could also fish in the river for an easy source of food. They could also use it for a transportation source if they had a boat. Urban Land Uses Above is a map of the Parliament Buildings located in Ottawa. These buildings contribute to the location of the city because they are unique, and only Ottawa has them. People may have settled here for employment, realising that working for the government would be a good job. Left, is a picture of a farm in Ottawa. Since there is farm land, there are not many homes in this area, making it a low-density area. O - Train Right, is an example of a high density residential area in Ottawa. In a small land area there are many homes in a row, and many in behind them. Growth of the City Left, is Ikea, a commercial building within the Ottawa area. Beside Ikea there are other businesses that take up land space in the area, making it a commercial area. Above is a school located in the Alta Vista area. This is an educational institution because it provides education to students. In Ottawa there are other various types of institutions, including: Religion institutions, law and legal system, hospitals, health care, and many more. This map of Ottawa displays the various streets in the area. These streets include local roads and highways. It also displays main buildings and includes the locations of the main waterways, including the Rideau Canal, the Rideau River, and the Ottawa River. The city of Ottawa was first settled in 1610 when a European traveler passed by it on their way to the Great Lakes. Ottawa is the fourth largest city in the country. People settled here for the large land area, but as well for the near access to water sources. Ottawa is located very close to many large bodies of water, including: The Ottawa River, Rideau River, and Rideau Canal. Ottawa also has four different seasons which all have benefits for different reasons. Since the city was discovered, it has come a long way in growth and will continue to grow as years pass. Right, is an image of the Rideau Canal. The Canal is a huge landmark in Ottawa. Aside from being a main water way, in the winter, people from all over come to skate on it. Street Layout Low and High Density Residential Left, is a picture of the Canadian War Museum, in Ottawa. This land mark is unique because it contains rare artifacts from military history. The Ottawa River This is an image of Strathcona Park. This is a recreational open space where people can enjoy the outdoors. They can do for walks, bike rides, or sit and enjoy the area. At one point this area would have just been land and someone would have settled here for the land space and the near availability of water. Transportation: The O-Train runs from either end of the city to the other. It does this to cover many locations for passengers to travel to. Low and High Density Residential: The farm areas are in more rural areas to accommodate the farms. The areas with more homes are in urban areas because of the higher number of people. Commercial: Ikea can not be located just anywhere. It is located in an area that takes up a lot of land because it is a large building. It also needs lots of land around it to make room for customer parking. Industrial: The industrial area is located where it is because it's an area where many buildings can fit into one place. Again, not every can fit multiple large buildings together. Institutional: The school is located in a friendly, open environment because if it's purpose. The school has over 1200 students and needs to be in a large area to fit everyone. It also can't be in a busy area, because of the number of students. Open Spaces: Parks can not be made up or built, therefore the park is in it's natural location. Right, is an industrial area within the city. This area contains light industry, but is beginning to grow. The buildings in the background prove this, as well as the path a park area. Commercial and Industrial Areas This is an image of a 30-foot-tall bronze spider outside the National Gallery of Canada (located in Ottawa). It is part of a six figure series, being sixth in the series. One of the main factors of growth since settlement in Ottawa is the transportation inventions. First the horse car system, then the transcontinental railway,

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