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Transcript: Marketing & Promotion The battery is easily charged through a USB charger using the cable included. A fully charged battery lasts for approximately 9 hours of active cycling. LEDs at the front of the collar show the battery level, and a low battery level is indicated by both light and sound. Management Oversight role regarding communication between personnel and department involved in advertising procedures Formulation of promotion strategies Directly check customer responses Draw out expansion and growth plans: startup – desired future position – geographical locations – adequate funding. We believe in creating safe and headgear for both commuting and recreational cyclists through the usage of air-bag technology in the helmet to create a device that is portable, convenient, stylish and more effective than regular helmets. Cetadel is a startup company based in New Delhi The Company currently employs 80+ people The company is relatively small thus does not require complex management procedures Flow of information is very high and communication channels are direct Flow of information is very high and communication channels are direct Regular reporting protocol Place it around your neck and pull the zip up under your chin. The zip needs to be completely closed for the collar to work correctly. Only activate the helmet when cycling. To activate, attach the button on the zip tag to the right-hand side of the collar. Similarly ,it is deactivated when you unclip the button and should always be deactivated when you are not cycling. THE Pedal-for-a-purpose CAMPAIGN -Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter -Brochure -Flyers -Bus ad Functional Differentiation As a part of the National Safety Awareness Week, there will be various awareness seminars held at numerous Schools, Colleges and Universities, promoting fitness and safe riding to all, aged 8 to 23 years. Talking about the necessity of road safety, how one need not worry about cycle/bike safety anymore only because cycling just got easier and safer, through Citadel! Target Market Weaknesses: • New Unknown Product/Concept • Brand Name is Small/Limited Oppurtunities: New Unexplored Market (virtually no competition) Niche Segment Very Affluent Customer Base retail price of Citadel: Rs. 8,000 each retail price of Scarf: Rs. 2,000 each Encouraging Cycling Culture Product A community-based initiative to promote ‘cleaner air, greener earth and fitter and safer riders’. Here the target market for this campaign includes all the bike enthusiasts starting from the age of 8, which includes school kids who treat cycling as a recreation and also a part of learning a necessary life skill. While, Adults look at cycling as a tool to promote green and healthy living. Organised in association with HERO Cycles, Rotary International, Deccan Herald and Red FM New innovation in the bicycle safety gadgets market. More than three times safer than a traditional bicycle helmet. Research & Development Price Over 1,37,000 people were killed in road accidents in 2016 alone. This toll is greater than the number of people killed in all wars together. There is one death every 4 minutes due to road accidents in India. About 75% - 88% of deaths are caused due to head injuries Sensors and Algorithm To revolutionize the helmet industry with state-of-the-art technology and pioneer the advancement of safety on roads. Mission The Airbag Helmet That Protects 8x Better! The income level of those included in the target market ranges from high to medium relative to the economy due to the medium to high price of the product. The age group was determined from the primary research which proved that the ages of 15-50 would be most responsive to the Citadel due to its high price. The outlets will be made available to close to 10 metropolitan and urban cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Noida. The company follows functional departmentalization Core Departments: R&D, Finance, Marketing Employees with required skills are grouped and put in respective departments There is a department head which is accountable to the top management Each department contains groups Group supervisors are accountable to department heads This is an online challenge to spread the awareness of safe riding along with messages of fitness and environmental conservation, among the youth and community. Urging everybody to post a selfie, wearing our Airbag helmet and captioning it saying- “SAFETY IS THE NEW COOL! #NoCitadelNoRide Constant upgradation for technological improvements and providing the most customer friendly product. Improving technical know how to provide a competitive pricing strategy that helps in reaching out to the widest range of potential customers. Repairing and refill mechanism that builds a long lasting relationship with the customer The collar is made of waterproof, functional fabric that provides the best possible protection for the built-in airbag system. The cover is easy to remove

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