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Transcript: For each interval of time (typical: 25 minutes, but this is customizable), you plant a seed and have it grow through the 25 minutes. If you leave the app before the 25 min. mark, you lose your progress and the plant dies. In addition to the app’s main features, we have added a tool to help us confirm that the person is present and not just letting the app run to rack up points. The more time you spend being productive, the better plants you can grow. Each month we can either mail plants or any of our other incentives to your address obtained in the original sign up process. "The secret of getting ahead is getting started."- Mark Twain In Davidow's article, Exploiting the Neuroscience of Internet Addiction, he states that "Thanks to neuroscience, were beginning to understand that achieving a goal or anticipating the reward of new content for completing a task can excite the neurons in the ventral tegmental area of the mid brain, which releases the dopamine into the brains pleasure centers." Instead of the concept of phones being our distraction and the reason we look for new content we are trying to implement the idea of still being able to have your phone at hand but also having it to be productive and earn rewards for the amount of time you spend on work in general. Sprout will hopefully excite users to work for their individual goal and cycle through a repetitive state of being productive. Problem & Solution As an ADDITIONAL feature, we've implemented a feature that asks the person if they’re “still there”-- this feature being inspired by Netflix. With this, we can ensure that the person doesn’t just nod off or something with their time, AND people get to conserve energy. Pitch The goal of Sprout is to allow people to take breaks from their phones and focus on being productive and getting work done. The app does not restrict users from using their phone in any intense way. Sprout requires you to be present on the app and leave it open for as long as you are working and being productive. According to NBC News, "Studies have proven that house plants improve concentration and productivity (by up to 15%), reduce stress levels, and boost your mood." Which is why users will receive an incentive of flowers and succulents as well as tea and coffee sent straight to their door, in accordance with the amount of points that they collect monthly. Extended Research: The app has to be on for the entirety of the time set by the user. The one hour limit, the disclaimer, and the servers will ensure that nobody’s battery is accidentally sapped completely (unless they’re for some reason running Sprout on 5%.) A screen will be shown at the end of the interval asking the person to confirm if they’re still there. People are easily susceptible to overuse their mobile devices. In this day and age, everything is connected, and it's hard to stay away from all of the virtual activity. Bill Davidow has expressed in his article, Exploiting the Neuroscience of Internet Addiction, "...Internet users have become so obsessed with the Internet that its use is undermining their social relationships, their family life and marriage, and effectiveness at work." Because phones have become so accessible and incorporated into our daily lives, it becomes harder to break away from addictive habits and routines. Sprout is working toward helping teens reclaim their work lives by using their phones as tools to increase productivity. Sprout will allow teens to work toward getting points by being present on the app and leaving in open for however long they are doing productive work. Points earned offline will still be counted and banked, as long as the app stays open throughout. The next time you log on through the internet, or you have a secure connection, all of the collected points will be deposited instantly. Our Logo By: Leuj, Reshma, Abby, and Anastasiya Two national surveys show that teens who spend three or more hours a day on electronic devices are 28 percent more likely to get less than seven hours of sleep than those who spend fewer than three hours, and teens who visit social-media sites every day are 19 percent more likely to be sleep deprived. -Twenge (Have smartphones destroyed our generation?) “But doing one thing at a time is hard, because it means asserting ourselves over what technology makes easy and what feels productive in the short term. Multitasking comes with its own high, but when we chase after this feeling, we pursue an illusion.” -Turkle Sprout Features Work Sited Sprout Features The Pomodoro Technique Davidow, Bill. “Exploiting the Neuroscience of Internet Addiction.” The Atlantic, Atlantic Media Company, 18 July 2012, Lee, Sophie. “Why Indoor Plants Make You Feel Better.”, NBCUniversal News Group, 13 July 2017,

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Transcript: Nobody knows babies like we do! Quality products . Good Customer service. Every Kid really loves this store.. BABYLOU ABOUT US About Us BabyLou was established in 2004. It has been more than a decade since we started, where we have ensured to take care of every need and want of every child and infant under one roof, true to the caption “NO BODY KNOWS BABIES LIKE WE DO”. Our benchmark is to provide 100% customer service and satisfaction and continue to deliver the same with a wide range of toys, garments and Baby Products. Play and Create We Are Best 01 02 03 Block games Building Blocks help Kids to use their brain. PLAY TO LEARN in Crusing Adventures Our Discoveries Enjoy a sunny vacation aboard a luxury yacht with the LEGO® Creator 3in1 31083 Cruising Adventures set. This ship has all the comforts you need, including a well-equipped cabin and a toilet. Sail away to a sunny bay and take the cool water scooter to the beach. Build a sandcastle, enjoy a picnic, go surfing or check out the cute sea creatures before you head back to the yacht for a spot of fishing. Escape into the mountains Disney Little Princes in Also available for your Babies..... Also... Out of The World… Our reponsibility BABYLOU…. Our Responsibility All children have the right to fun, creative and engaging play experiences. Play is essential because when children play, they learn. As a provider of play experiences, we must ensure that our behaviour and actions are responsible towards all children and towards our stakeholders, society and the environment. We are committed to continue earning the trust our stakeholders place in us, and we are always inspired by children to be the best we can be. Innovate for children We aim to inspire children through our unique playful learning experiences and to play an active role in making a global difference on product safety while being dedicated promoters of responsibility towards children.

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Transcript: Presented by Tayvin for Whea Her fingers look like raisens mason jar sprouts Gratata Purpose Mason jar sprouts Purpose Today I will tell you how to grow sprouts in a mason jar! , I know thats crazy. I will tell you what you need (materials), then i'll tell you the steps and the data. I will also teach you about the hawaiian moon calender which is a calender thats tells you about which days are good and for planting. Materials 1. Mason Jar /w ring Materials 2. cheese cloth or mesh screen 3. Measuring spoons 4. Sprouts 5. bowl or bucket 6. water Research Research 1. Scoop 2 tbsp of your sprouts into your mason jar. 2. Add water to about 1/2 of the jar and let it soak overnight (8 hours). 3. Drain your water out then rinse your jar. Do this for every morning and night. 4. Keep your jar out of direct sunlight, do this for 3 days. Data and Moon calender Data and Moon calender The seeds we sprouted where based on the moon calender. The moon calender is a caleneder which tells you the days it's good to plant or not based on the moon. Work cited Work cited Pictures: The information below is the pictures i used In conclusion I have showed you what your materials are, research, our class hypothesis, our data and moon calender, and things you should not do. Now you know how to grow sprouts in a mason jar! Conclusion Conclusion Our class hypothesis is if we plant on the Muku moon phase then we will get better sprouts than on the 'Ole Ku Kahi moon phase because the Hawaiian Moon Calender says so. Hypothesis Hypothesis Things you should not do Things you should not do While growing your sprouts in a Mason jar there are some things you must do and not do You must drain your sprouts everyday. If you do not, the sprouts will grow roots. 1st Mistake: 1st Mistake: Do not touch the sprouts before washing your hands or putting on gloves. If you do touch the sprouts without washing your hands or putting on gloves the sprouts will catch bacteria and may not grow. 2nd Mistake: 2nd Mistake: Dont leave the sprouts dry. If you do they wont grow so they need water to grow. 3rd Mistake: 3rd Mistake:

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