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English Spider Diagram

Transcript: Kill To Eat By Oodgeroo Noonaccul Oodgeroo Noonaccal Born 1920 Died 1993 Poet and poilitition Grew up on stradbroke island Authors Backround Australia Setting In the story Kill To Eat, we are shown that it is set in Australia becuase of some things said in the story, such as "bandicoots", "gum tree", "blueys and greenies" and "kookaburra. We are also told that the story is set on an undeveloped island as the story says, "Which helped build roads, load and unload supply ships, and carry out all of the menial tasks around the island." The narrator POV As this story could possibly be based on true events, the story is seen from how the narrator remembers the events from when she was younger. As the story is seen from 1st person it gived the reader/veiwer a better understanding of what the narrator went through and could spread the some of the emotions she felt. This is so we can know what exactly she remembers she went through. Themes Themes The Main theme/idea of the story is about taking responsibility for what you have done or the people around you have done. This has been shown in the story by how all of the children that went out hunting that day were punished and must "all take the blame". They were all punished by "3 months of eating only the white mens hated rations." Australian Language The language in the story Kill To Eat is easily recognied as Australian, we can see this by looking at words like, "blueys and the greenies" or even words like "kookaburra", "Aboriginals", "bandicoot" and "gum tree". Language Protagonist & Antagonist Characters The protagonist is the young girl who narrates the story. We are told this by the last line of the story which states, "It happened a long time ago. Yet in my dreams, the sad, suffering eyes of the kookaburra, our friend, our brother, still haunt me". The antagonist is the narrators brother. This is shown by the brother "always boasting about it" and "in anger my elder brother shot aimlessly at the sound", and he had shot the kookaburra.

Design spider diagram

Transcript: Size This is a medium sized chair to be balanced for all ages and if the chair feels too large or too small the design will have an extendable back seat as well as a retractable foot rest and arm rest Merket buyers/users Manufacture Manufacture of the design like what its made of, the uk standars and Market buyers/users are the people who will be buying the product and the people who will be using it. It is also the needs, price, quality, and long term Colour Texture Colours to atracted attention Black Grey White RGB lights around chair Smooth texture all round Wood Linen Cotton Hard texture at the bottom with wheels and support Stainless stell Aluminium Materials Market users Metal Stainless steel Aluminium plastic Cotton Linen Wool Polypropelene Nylon The people who will be using this product are for all ages mostly teens. The needs for this will be for back support and comfort, Affordable, Well made material all round that will last for however many years. Other utilities in the design is message, heating and charger. Product will b advertised on tv. UK Standards PERFORMANCE Aesthetics Chair has eletrical controle for heating and massage Has port for phone charger Has pockets for whatever needed British standards will be made with BS 2543: 1995: woven and knitted fabrics for upholstery. BS 3044: 1990: Ergonomics principles in the design and selection of office furniture. BS 3379@ 1991 (amend 2): Flexible polyurethane cellular materials for load- bearing applications Aesthetics of the part which include the material, the roughness, colour and the dimensions Physical model Product will be complete on the 28th may Model will be made in inventor Model will be skecthed Packaging Product will be tested before packaging Will be well packaged and number Simple instructions on how to put together Next day delivery with charge Recycable packaging for eco Spare parts included Colourful to atract younger audience Design project- CHAIR Physical model Samples of the model to see what it looks like, tested, packaged and delivered Extra info Summarizing the key takeaways and the significance of spider diagrams Ergonomics The shape of it is the similar to other gaming chairs The size is medium for all ages Can change the sizes Easy replacement for parts Adjustable for prefered eye level Safety Stickers on chair Flamable Eletrics inside that wont hurt user Manuel for what all the parts are from and flammable

Spider diagram

Transcript: Greece's Greatest Contributions 10. 10 9. 9 8. 8 7. Subtopic 6. Subtopic 5. Subtopic Cartography has had a large impact on today and has helped navigate. From satellite navigation to 4. Cartography Subtopic Greece made some of the largest contributions to many areas of modern science. This is important because it has lead to many discoveries and everything that you see has something scientific related to it. Greeks created many theories like the idea of the earth being a globe and the study of animals classified as zoology. Thanks to this we understand the world and how it works. 3. Discoveries in modern science Subtopic Before the greeks started the practice of medicine, the ancient world struggled when it came to stopping diseases. Many people just thought it was the gods way of punishment until hippocrates started conducting experiments. He found it was all a natural process. This is when he started making medicines to heal people. This has such an influence on today as thanks to him we have all kinds of remedies to help people with diseases. Without medicine the average life expectancy of a human would be much lower. However it still hasn't had an as large impact as democracy. 2. Earliest Practice of Medicine Subtopic The concept of democracy is the most important invention from the greeks because it's impact on how governments are run today. Democracy gives the oppurtunity for the public to give their opinion on a decision. Without democracy we may not have had a government and countries may be run very differently. These are the reasons why I think democracy is so influential. 1. Concept of Democracy Subtopic

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