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Church Wedding Powerpoint Template

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Little White Wedding Church

Transcript: Regular contact with customers through an online network helps build brand awareness Cost effective means of marketing & advertising Can be used by business as part of customer service, being able to understand customers experience of your product Can respond to any feedback quickly and appropriately Directly communicate and interact with people 1-on-1 without intruding upon their space Use of hashtags can attract customers through a general topic e.g. #wedding Free and easy to use 750 million users worldwide - reaches a large & varied audience 50% of tourism organisations are connected to Facebook Sales promotions on Facebook can easily attract customers for brand loyalty Maleny Manor Maleny Manor!/malenymanor Advantages of Blogging And one more thing... Advantages & Disadvantages Choose Social Media for your Business!! Advantages Disadvantages Allows for opinions and criticisms by anyone, often travelling fast around the web leaving business with no control Twitter is switching the power from the seller to the buyer as consumers have more freedom and time in choosing the business they want to go with Conversations can lack immediate relevance to weddings or your business and content can be unstructured It is easy for consumers to find your competitors Total autonomy over format and content Free of charge and easy to maintain Opportunity to develop a less formal personality for the business Relevance to Little White Wedding Church... Disadvantages of Twitter Social media is becoming a powerful tool for all businesses An informal way to interact directly with past, present and potential clients Aims to develop and cultivate a supportive online community Businesses can gain insight into the values and concerns of their clients Emerging technology for businesses Anonymity of users may make blogs more susceptible to negative comments Facebook Twitter Blogging Presented by: Kate VanVorst Melanie Speechly Ksenia Petrushko Why Blogging? Advantages Disadvantages Why Choose Twitter? Can be time consuming to set up and maintain Privacy issues arise around account security and user authenticity Advantages of Twitter Advantages & Disadvantages Maleny Manor!/malenymanor Advantages of Facebook Advantages & Disadvantages We suggest that a social media strategy is set up to outlay: A timeline What you wish to achieve & how to go about it Monitoring the results The possible outcomes that these social media tools can provide to your business can be seen on these examples: Why Facebook? Disadvantages of Blogging Little White Wedding Church Why Twitter? Disadvantages of Facebook Why Choose Facebook? Innovation through Social Media

Greek Orthodox Church Wedding

Transcript: -Viewed as the main source of music for any Orthodox Church service -Origins in Constantinople from the year 330 -Orthodox Archdiocese of America releases an "updated version" of the service for holy matrimony every few years, nothing has changed dramatically in at least the past 15 years Lots of Rules to Abide By... Greek Orthodox Church Wedding -Very specific guidelines for each part of the ceremony - where it happens, who presents what, what can be presented -Who can marry -guarantee to the church with marriage -membership -baptize children there -Sacraments - confession, communion -Absolutely partner can come from a non-Christian Faith -In most cases, marriage counseling is required by the priest before the ceremony Orthodox Byzantine Chant (Music) -On occasion a solo/choral version of the Lord's Prayer, preferably in Greek -Sometimes approved - Ave Maria, usually as a recessional - much of the service is focused on the Virgin Mary -Only accompanying instrument that is allowed is the organ -Most couples are encouraged to have "entertainment" at the reception "Oh Lord Our God, crown them with glory and honor." -Ties man and woman together "In ancient times, monarch’s crowns symbolized their absolute rule over their kingdom. Similarly, in this liturgical ritual, Christ installs the couple over their household as king and queen" -Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America Depending on the Church/Priest... The Stefana, or "Marriage Crowns"

wedding church

Transcript: IN A WEDDING YOU MAKE SURE YOUR IN LOVE WITH THAT PERSON,KNOWN THAT PERSON FOR SO MANY YEARS THAT YOUR POSIBLE OF WHAT YOUR DOING IF YOU ARE REALLY IN LOVE AND THAT YOU WANT TO KEEP THAT PERSON TILL YOUR IN A VERY GOOOD AND WONDERFUL PLACE WHERE NO ONE KANT BE MESSING UP YOUR RELATIONSHIP....THINK....THINK BEFORE HURTING YOUR OTHER HALF IN CHURCH YOU MAY MARRY ONCE MAKE GOOD DECISIONS MARIACHIS DJ. $590=8serves The Perfect Love A free salon for the two love ones CHECKLIST: OUR MOMENTS ARE PRECIOS WITH YOU I WANT EVERYTHING IN LIFE, YOU ARE MY ONLY HEART FOREVER TOGETHER... $150=3hrs. $355=5hrs. the love of struggle but FOREVER!!!!! a free salon The Love of us Wedding love love love is everywhere ;) Edward Cullen and Isabella Swan wedding church drinks=600 FOREVER YOU AND I TOGETHER IN THE GOOD THINGS AND BAD AND WORST FOR ME TO YOU,YOU ARE MY ONLY LOVE...AND WE INVITE YOU TO OUR SPECIAL DAY OUR WEDDING Isabella Swan and Edward Cullen are going to get Married on Saturday March 24,2015 Their very very special they have struggle but their love is so strong very powerfull.. We dedicate you this for your huge emotional love We all wish you the good luck couple you have receive a free salon for participating on our events Thank you and have your Love pumping each day,each second,each year that will past FOREVER LOVE BRIDAL DRESS,HIGHEELS,ECTS. JEWELRY LOCATION MUSICIAN CAKE ENTARTAINMENT ACCESORIES BRIDEMAID TABLES,CHAIRS,NAPKINS,ECTS. DECORATIONS IN SALON AND CHURCH PHOTOGRAPHER,PORTRAITS,ECTS. INVITAITIONS,FLOWERS ACC. GUESSBOOK,PEN ANNOUNCEMENT,THANKYOU NOTES,ECTS.

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