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Christmas Reading Powerpoint Template

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Christmas Template

Transcript: Frosty The Snowman turkey sandwiches Thank you all for taking part! HAPPY CHRISTMAS! A typical family will: Midnight Mass Adam - 'You must wear these special manager socks and pull them up over your trousers' cold turkey - open their presents round the tree Mistletoe A joke After lunch, the family might watch Christmas TV... The Fuddle Cheeky Elf Challenges A few festive verses from Sue... Jingle Bells Wreath And this?? BANG! Jane made a cheeky elf a cup of tea wearing the special elf hat... Randomly selected special gifts for special people... Stuffing Yule Log And many more! are pulled between Pigs in blankets there are many different theories... Other Christmas traditions... - Children write letters to Father Christmas Christmas Pudding ...and Chris' selection of beautiful outfits... A gift Christmas Activities 2015 A festive poem composed by Gemma... Cheeky Elf Challenges - Christmas cards Baubles with more food... 26th of December Christmas Crackers... salads Carols Justin's Leopard Swimsuit Sleigh Mince pies No one really knows the meaning of Boxing Day... or play Charades and board games Ben showed respect for Rudolph by wearing this red nose... Cheeky Elf Challenges Stocking Mulled Wine Chimney Grotto A Night on the Town!! and... Tinsel and more TV and board games! A cheeky festive kiss from Chris... Workers received Christmas boxes pickles Advent Calendar Surprises! - maybe go to church Opening the Christmas box Gammon Mark's Manly Magnetic Bracelet & tangerine The Opening Ceremony 4 Chocolare Orange popping candy segments in one go!! SECRET SANTA Day off for servants The Twelve Days of Christmas CHRISTMAS VOCAB!! The Feast begins! ?? Crackers - sing Christmas carols Holly Many people now have become more materialistic and like to go shopping instead! Jingle, jingle! and this comes out... cold gammon Amin became an honorary elf (for 10 seconds!!) leftovers Who is this? Silent Night two people... Avon Christmas Dinner A hat - Santa's Grotto Presents/Gifts Mantlepiece Boxing Day For most, it's a time for family... Costing & FP&A Reindeer

Reading Template

Transcript: When you read an academic passage, there are several steps you can follow to ensure you have an understanding of the text. You can break each paragraph into a few key elements: The topic The five most important words in the paragraph The main idea New vocabulary Americans, adults and children alike, are being seduced. They are being brainwashed. And few of us protest. Why? Because the seducers and the brainwashers are the advertisers we willingly invite into our homes. We are victims, content -- even eager -- to be victimized. We read advertisers' propaganda messages in newspapers and magazines; we watch their alluring images on television. We absorb their messages and images into our subconscious. We all do it -- even those of us who claim to see through advertisers' tricks and therefore feel immune to advertising's charm. Advertisers lean heavily on propaganda to sell products, whether the "products" are a brand of toothpaste, a candidate for office, or a particular political viewpoint. Two or three words that describe the overall subject of the paragraph What words can you "see from space?" What are the high frequency words? What are the OMG words? The main idea is different from the topic. The main idea is more than the topic. The main idea contains the topic, but it also contains the central idea. The main idea is an author's point about a topic. Are there new words? Are they important? The Topic Write some words A Reading Template The Five Most Important Words New Vocabulary The Main Idea

christmas powerpoint

Transcript: Gift giving in America started early Originally all white sticks Druids celebrated winter with mistletoe Brought flower to America in 1828 The Christmas Tree Named after Joel Poinsett Began in Britain in 1840 . Dutch kept legend alive. Used holly as substitute Originated in Germany in 16th century December-14-12 By 1840s were huge part of Christmas Mistletoe The Traditions Of Christmas Handed out at church services Are native to Mexico Modern cards have many themes. Santa Claus Later Christians thought X was disrespectful Decorated homes with it Greek word for Christ is Xristos Was banned in colonial Massachusetts. Was patron saint of children . Asma Mohamed Born in Turkey in 4th century . Date of Christmas Known for generosity to the poor. Comes from number of sources Original was St.Nichole's. Brought to America by Pennsylvania Germans in 1820s Candy Canes Used to keep children quiet Christ's Mass became Christmas Business Foundations America's first ambassador to Mexico Christmas Presents Placed in envelopes later. Poinsettias Christmas ads appeared in 1820s Xmas Romans had pagan holiday then. Red stripes added in 1900 Believed it had healing power From Ancient Romans to St. Nicholas Catholic Church wanted religious holiday to Christmas. Abbreviation has Greek origin Christmas Cards Europeans used X as substitute for Christ December 25 originated in 4Th century Martin Luther first put candles on tree Decorated with roses, apples, colored paper First had religious themes .

Reading Powerpoint

Transcript: Conclusion The Main Characters by Lois Lowery Opinion The Setting I absolutely love this book. It is a story of heart and morality. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a book about questioning how you think about things. Plot Jonah is a boy of 12 years old. He is about to get his job, what he will be assigned to to for the rest of his life. This story is set in a futuristic dystopian version of the American society. The world is a world of no fear, no anger, and no pain. The people who live in this world have an interesting way of life. There are no parents. When children are born they are given to Nurturers, who will care for them like parents until they become adults and move out on their own. At 12, children are given assignments that they will carry out for the rest of their lives. Jonah receives the job of Receiver. This means that he is going to meet with The Giver and be given all of the memories of the past. This is painful information that Jonah will have to learn to deal with. As he begins to learn this information new to him, he begins to see his "perfect" society in a different light. The Giver Jonah learns too much about what the world used to be and how his so called "perfect world" has corrected these issues of pain and suffering. He can no longer live in this world knowing what he knows and all of the things that he is missing. You see, since his world has no memories, or feeling, that eliminates the good with the bad. The people do not feel happy, or delight, or even love, and when Jonah realizes he does not want to live without all this, he leaves to go... somewhere.

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