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Christmas Carol Powerpoint Template

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Christmas Carol!!! :))

Transcript: Scrooge-mean, has no spirit for Christmas Scrooge’s nephew-into Christmas spirit. Marley’s Ghost-greedy, sad because has to live a horrible death Bob-works for scrooge The setting of the third stave was Bob Crachits home, the nephews home, and the streets of the town. The plot was to teach Scrooge that its not just about you, you got to give so other people can be happy. Setting/Plot Marley Scrooge The Nephew STAVE TWO THE FIRST OF THE THREE SPIRITS Christmas Carol Marley’s store Scrooge’s bedroom A Christmas Carol Setting/Plot STAVE ONE MARLEY’S GHOST STAVE THREE THE SECOND OF THE THREE SPIRITS Setting/Plot A Ghost Story of Christmas Charles Hubbard The ghost of Christmas future. This ghost was a phantom. It doesn’t talk and just points at what it wants Scrooge to see. He showed Scrooge his tomb stone, and his funeral. He also showed Scrooge how people tried to sell his things for money, and didn’t even care about him. Scrooge told the phantom that he would change. He would become happy and not so mean and grumpy anymore. He went to Bobs’ house and gave him a ham. The next day at work Bob came in late, Scrooge gave him a raise because of it. STAVE FOUR THE LAST OF THE SPIRITS Marley's Ghost Stave one The setting of stave four is the grave yard, Bobs house, and Scrooges’ shop. The plot of stave four is to show what Scrooge will end up like in the future. The ghost of Christmas past Ghostly, light coming from the top of his, has the ability to go to scrooge’s Christmas past He showed scrooge his past christmas years starting when he was young. He showed him the events that lead to what made him how he is today. Scrooge realized how he should have done many things differently back then. Scrooges’ birthplace To show how Scrooge made the wrong decisions and was not happy so when he became older it took over his life and made him a grumpy old man. Setting/Plot The ghost of Christmas present. This ghost showed Scrooge his present life. He was a tall giant that wore a green robe, and had a red beard. He had a torch that had the ability to make people more happy and not so poor. He cared more about the poor than he did anybody else. He took Scrooge to the Chratchits home, and also to is nephews Christmas party. He taught Scrooge how he should care more about the poor because people could be going though things, such as Bob’s son Tiny Tim dyeing.

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