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Chocolate Powerpoint Template

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Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate

Transcript: Hope you enjoyed my prezi! Good! Online Menu Someone might want to look at an online menu to see what is in the food they are eating. Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate By: Riellie DeSoto -Two examples of bad fats are saturated and trans fat. These have more cholesterol, and other unhealthy things. -Eating too much bad fat can lead to heart attacks and strokes. -Snack foods, animal products, and anything fried will likely have lots of bad fats. Healthy fats fuel our body and give us energy. Online Menu This is the graph of how many calories each dessert has. The doughnut has the least calories, and the turnover has the most, about twice as much! What healthy fats do for you This is my fat calories graph. Like the calories graph, there are a lot more fat calories in the turnover than the doughnut. Unlike the calories graph, the Starbucks brownie has almost as much as the turnover. Healthy fats can reduce your cholesterol level and risk of heart attacks. Nutrition Prezi This is my non fat calories graph. Arby's has the most with almost 300 nonfat calories, and Dunkin Donuts the least with almost 150 nonfat calories. Starbucks has a little under 200 nonfat calories, and like the calories graph, is right in the middle. They might be trying to go on a diet, or just eat healthy. Good! The Helpful My Chocolate results The End! Good! They would probably want to know what they are going to order and the nutritional facts about it before they go and order it. How are bad fats bad? The Ugly Why would someone choose the online menu? The Bad Vegetable oil, olives, and many kinds of nuts have unsaturated fat, which is the best kind of fat. The Good This is my pie chart of the Dunkin Donuts chocolate frosted doughnut. It has exactly 50% fat calories and 50% non fat calories.

Chocolate, chocolate, CHOCOLATE!

Transcript: Dark chocolate contain more theobromine than white chocolate approximately 10 : 1 Making of chocolate Cacao beans are first taken from cacao and are left to ferment They were tested, cleaned and roasted before being grind Mix with milk to make into chocolate bars Theobromine can cause a mild increase in urine production It is also a stimulant that relaxes bronchi It is usually used as drugs to promote urination for high body fluid patients Dogs and horses cannot consume chocolate They are unable to breakdown theobromine Which may affect their internal organs Theobromine It is found in the brain that is responsible for helping the potentiate the action of dopamine. It cause a temporary increase in blood pressure and glucose level Phenylethylamine in chocolate produce same effects Chemistry behind chocolate Phenylethylamine The more you know... Caffeine What is a chocolate? It contain 20 to 60 mg of caffeine in a standard dark chocolate bar It also cause an increase in urine production and a stimulant It can cause fast heart beating, anxiety etc Too much of it is fatal The more you know... Chocolate has a lot of chemicals such as theobromine, caffeine and phenylethylamine What is chocolate? Making of chocolate Chemistry behind chocolate Chocolate, chocolate, CHOCOLATE! Content Women generally break down caffeine faster than men Due to more enzyme in their liver These same class of enzyme also breakdown hormones pregnancy. SO why do woman have to give up caffeine when they are pregnant?

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Something I Can't Live Without

Transcript: SOMETHING I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT! CHOCOLATE A sweet made from cacao seeds Consumed as liquid, paste, block or an ingredient in foods What is Chocolate? What is Chocolate? Types of Chocolate Liquid Chocolate Paste Chocolate Block Chocolate Which chocolate company is my favorite? FAVORITE CHOCOLATE COMPANY Hersheys Milk Chocolate Price: $2.38 Where is The Hershey Company Located? HERSHEY LOCATION Hershey, Pennsylvania Opened in 2012 2 manufacturing plant are there Manufactures more than 70 million Hershey's Chocolates each day How Did The Hershey Company Develop Over Time? History & Development Opened in the 1880s in Lancaster, Pennsylvania Founder of Hershey Company: Milton S. Hershey Got inspired by the German-made chocolate-processing machine in the World's Columbian Exposition Milton S. Hershey Bibliography BIBLIOGRAPHY “Business PowerPoint Presentation Template.” Slide Bazaar , SlideBazaar , “Chocolate.” Merriam-Webster, Merriam-Webster, “Chocolate Spread.” Arla, Arla Foods Ltd, “Dark Chocolate with Cocoa Porwder Stock Photo.” IStock, IStockphoto LP, 3 May 2018, “Hersheys Bar: Walmart Canada.”, “Hershey's Chocolate World.” Roadtrippers , Roadtrippers LLC , “Hershey, Pennsylvania | A Sweet Place to Visit.” Good News Travel , Holtz, Steve. “Hershey Unveils New Products for 2020 Holiday Season.” CSP , Winsight, LLC , 15 Sept. 2020, Kiner , Deb. “Happy Birthday Milton S. Hershey: Chocolate Pioneer Born on This Day in 1857.” Penn Live , Advance Local Media LLC., 13 Sept. 2019, LaBau, Elizabeth. “How to Chop Chocolate for Melting.” The Spruce Eats , 3 Aug. 2019, Lewis , Robert. “Hershey Company.” Encyclopædia Britannica, Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., Lewis , Robert. “Hershey Company.” Encyclopædia Britannica, Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., 31 Jan. 2017,,go%20into%20the%20chocolate%20business. Myers , Anthony. “‘Dark Chocolate with Cocoa Porwder Stock Photo.’ IStock, IStockphoto LP, 3 May 2018, ”Confectionery, 6 Nov. 2020, Pietruszka , Jan. “Cacao Pods Image - Search Images on Every Pixel .” Every Pixel , Every Pixel , Ross , Jackie. “Interview Questions to Ask the Hiring Manager.” Jross Recruiters , JRoss Recruiters, 22 Mar. 2018, Schroeder, Eric. “Cargill Invests in Belgian Chocolate Facility.” The End! Thank You For Listening!

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