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Chocolate Bar Powerpoint Template

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Chocolate bar!

Transcript: the rocket bar is a new, exciting chocolate bar, with 4 layers, one of creamy milk chocolate, the second is a rich white chocolate and the last is a sweet dark chocolate, with a thin buscuit base. the base will be dyed red but it wont effect the flavour at all, it will just be for looks. its not like any other bars, and as its not from a well nown brand like Cadburys and Mars, it will be cheeper and more easier to find because of this. this is a new Chocolate bar, read on to find out all about it! ^ this is my wrapper Where will I sell it? slogan and advertising: why you will want to eat My Rocket bar! what other people think: slogan: do you like Chocolate? - we Like Chocolate! want the best sort - todaayyyyy? well come to our shops! before we run out of stooccckkk! come by the rocket bar todayy! what will be in the advert?: a fat man in a rocket, who gets hungry and then opens a rocket bar. while all of the other astonaughts get hungry and there food flys around and his stays in his wrapper, and as he has energy this rocket flys like crazy in space. .10% chocolate digestive Buscuit (Dyed Red) .30% Milk Chocolate .30% white Chocolate .30% dark Chocolate Caution! may contain Nuts, Milk, red food Colouring. price: 85p. "this Chocolate bar is very tasty!" - freya age 10 "perfect for the kidz lunch boxes!" - Gail, mum of 3. "its not like any other!" - steve, Buisness man "At such a good Price, you dont need to spend asmall fortune on amazing food any more!" - lou what's in it? : .intresting flavours. .new market bar .no paticular age range. .good price (85p) .intresting wrapper. .eye catching i will sell it at the following. most super stores like Asda, Morrisons and saindburys. this will really help boost the market as many people go there for there weekly shop or Children treats after school. but also, lay bys and petrol stations as again many people will stop and by it when on there drieve stops. again cafes and resturants will be good as we all know that we order chocolate in out local corner shop/cafes selling points: The Rocket Bar.

Chocolate Bar

Transcript: Did you know that the Hershey's Company is the leading North American manufacturer of quality chocolate and non-chocolate confectionery and chocolate-related grocery prducts? Ingredients Sugar Chocolate Cocoa Butter Cocoa pressed with alkali Vanillin Artificial Flavor Milk Cocoa beans are grown from trees in tropical areas.They are cut from the trees using machetes, then the pods of cocoa beans are cut open with machetes. The beans are taken out of the pods manually and then are fermented in the sun and inspected. If we didn't have a market economy, they wouldn't take so much care in preparing these cocoa beans. The cocoa beans are then roasted, causing their shells to open and the shells are removed. They are then grinded down and made into chocolate liquor then pressed into bars. At the hershey's factory this is mixed with the cocoa butter that was removed earlier, when they made the chocolate liquor. This mixture is continuously turned in a vat. They are also combined with cocoa processed with potassium carbonate. Comes from sugarcane grown in tropical areas. Sugar is harvested from by machine then loaded onto trucks and taken to mills. There, they are cleaned, milled to extract juice, filtered and purified. The sugary juice is then put into a vaccuum pan. This is put into a centrifuge to seperate the crystals into sugar and molasses. Soy lecithin is one of the by-products of soybean processing. To produce lecithin, soybeans are kept and tempered at a consistent temperature and moisture for about a week in order to hydrate them and loosen the hull. The soybeans are then cleaned after a maximum of 10 days, cracked into small pieces and beans are separated from the hull, after which soybean oil is extracted through a careful distillation process. Once soybean oil is produced, Soya lecithin is then separated from the oil through the process of steam precipitation or centrifugation. Cows are milked using mechanical vacuum milking machines. The milk flows through pipes to a refrigerated bulk tank truck, which makes rounds to local dairy farms. Someone checks the milk (Invisible Hand) for flavor before pumping it into the truck. Once the ingredients are all mixed and prepared, the chocolated is poured into the mold of the desired shape (usually a rectangular shape.) The now-solid chocolate is then wrapped, packaged, and shipped to various stores and other countless destinations. What ensures that the candy gets where it needs to go? Not everyone works for the enjoyment! (--even though some do.) The fact that people get paid to do their job gives employees the incentive to work hard. In other words: no work, no pay. Follow the leader... Finished Product *Spin off industry: chocolate production Sugar: Milk The Invisible Hand! Hershey's Chocolate Bar Take a look: At the factory, milk is separated, fortified, pasteurized, homogenized, and packaged. (Another spin-off industry!) Cocoa Beans: Soy Lecithin Milkfat Lactose Soy Lecithin PGPR So what's really in a Hershey's Milk Chocolate bar?

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