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Chinese New Year

Transcript: When it Occurs The Chinese New Year goes by the Lunar Calendar and it changes every year. 2009 is the year of the ox. It's said that people born in the year of the ox are dependable, trustworthy, and become painters, engineers, and architechs. Wearing a black dress during The Chinese New Year is said to be bad luck. You are supposed to wear red clothing. Chinese New Year The Chinese New Year is celebrated in countries and territories with signifigant Chinese populations, such as China, including Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Phillippines, Mauritius, Vietnam, and also in Chinatowns elsewhere. Not only is the choice of the gift important in Chinese culture, but how much you spend on it, how you wrap it, and how you present it are equally important. They give gifts to show their appreciation to eachother. There really is no specific gift giver. Foods, Songs, Music, Dances, and Parades The centuries-old legend on the origins of the New Year celebration varies from teller to teller. But they all include a story of a terrible mythical monster who preyed on villigers. The lion-like monsters name was Nian which is also the Chinese word for "year." Mandarin oranges, nian gao, dumplings, whole carp, hair seaweed with dried oysters, lotus roots, roast, and duck or chicken are some foods they eat during the festivals. Some songs they sing are Yao Li, Wu Ying-yin, Zhang Fan, Grace Chang, White Light, and Sam Hui. They visit parades and large banquets with dancing to celebrate the New Year. Where It's Celebrated Traditions The New Year begins at sunset on the day of the 2nd new moon following the winter solstice (between January 21st and February 19th). The Origin of the Festival Before the New Year arrives, the Chinese consider it very important to give their house a thorough cleaning, sweeping away any bad luck. The Chinese visit parades and festivals with dancers, dragons, and food. Later they would eat a large banquet. Yuan Tan Nian How is it Celebrated Chinese New Year Fun Facts

Chinese New Year

Transcript: Many centuries old Traced back to Shang Dynasty in 14th century BC Re-named Spring Festival in 1912 Communists took over China in 1949, and for many years, Chinese New Year was not celebrated. Celebration became popular again in the 1980s. In 1996, China instituted a week long vacation in honor of the Spring Festival. Preceding Day Festivities House Cleaning Based off the phases of the moon Always falls on the 2nd new moon after the winter solstice Chinese New Year falls between January 21st and February 20th By: Lauren Frank and Haley Vannoy Purchasing New Clothes Evil monster, Nian Clean homes from top to bottom Clears out bad luck from the previous year, and readys the home to receive good fortune Cleaning supplies are put away, so the good luck is not swept away Days One-Five Signifies a fresh new start for the coming year Wearing red is encouraged to rid the family of bad spirits Days Six-Nine Days Ten-Fifteen Other Traditions Day 6 -- Visit temples to pray for good health during new year Day 7 -- Birthday of all humans Day 8 -- Family dinner is held and they pray to Tian Gong Day 9 -- Make offerings of sugarcane to the Jade Emperor Chinese New Year Over Time Fifteen-Day Celebration Traditions Chinese New Year Days 10-12 -- Full of family dinners to celebrate the new year Day 13 -- Vegetarian food is eaten to cleanse bodies Day 14 -- Preparations are made for the Lantern Festival the next day Day 15 -- Lantern Festival marks the end of the Chinese New Year Lunar Calender Day 1 -- Abstain from meat and visit eldest members in the family Day 2 -- Pray for ancestors and gods; birthday of all dogs Days 3-4 -- Visit with family and friends Day 5 -- Welcome God of Wealth and shoot off firecrackers History and Orgins Nian prayed on innocent villiagers Old wise man tells people that loud noises and hanging red paper will destroy evil monster Known as "the passing of Nian" Decorating home with brightly blossomed flowers to symbolize a new beginning Hanging up posters with the Chinese word "fu" which translates to luck and happiness Family dinners where moon cakes are served Legend

lunlar new year - rooster

Transcript: Traditional Food What is Lunar new year? A reunion dinner, named as "Nian Ye Fan", is held on New Year's Eve during which family members gather for celebration. The venue will usually be in or near the home of the most senior member of the family. The New Year's Eve dinner is very large and sumptuous and traditionally includes dishes of meat (namely, pork and chicken) and fish. Most reunion dinners also feature a communal hot pot as it is believed to signify the coming together of the family members for the meal. Most reunion dinners (particularly in the Southern regions) also prominently feature specialty meats and seafood that are usually reserved for this and other special occasions during the remainder of the year. In most areas, fish ( pinyin: yú) is included, but not eaten completely (and the remainder is stored overnight), as the Chinese phrase "may there be surpluses every year" (pinyin: nián nián you yú) sounds the same as "let there be fish every year." Eight individual dishes are served to reflect the belief of good fortune associated with the number. If in the previous year a death was experienced in the family, seven dishes are served. Chinese New Year, also known as the "Lunar New Year" or "Spring Festival" (Pinyin: Chūn Jié) in modern Mainland China, is an important Chinese festival celebrated at the turn of the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar. It is one of the world's most prominent and celebrated festivals, with the "largest annual mass human migration in the world". Red Packets Traditionally, red envelopes or red packets are passed out during the Chinese New Year's celebrations, from married couples or the elderly to unmarried juniors. It is also common for adults or young couples to give red packets to children.Red packets almost always contain money, usually varying from a couple of dollars to several hundred. Per custom, the amount of money in the red packets should be of even numbers, as odd numbers are associated with cash given during funerals.Sometimes chocolate coins are found in the red packets. lunar new year - rooster

Chinese New Year

Transcript: Chinese new year Nien was a mythical beast that used to come and terrorize China the first day of every new year. To protect themselves, villagers would leave food outside their doors every year. It was until they found out that Nien feared the color red that they began to fight back. They hung the color red everywhere and set off firecrackers and successfully scared away the beast. Chinese New Year Today People give their houses a good thorough cleaning and even give windows and doors a new coat of paint (most likely in red) The next morning people greet their families and neighbors, forgetting all old grudges I have no experience in celebrating Chinese New Year. But, here are two good wishes! Make a lot of money! Health with a long life! This Chinese New Year is February 14th, Sunday. It is the year of the Tiger. It is a time of rebirth and renewal. Much like our New Year is. Traditions Chinese people remember and honor their dead relatives on this day with luxiourous meals (such as the communal feast wei lu) and a firecracker display They lay out oranges and tangerines for good luck for the new year The Story of Nien The history of Chinese New Year aka Spring Festival or Lunar New Year is passed down in many myths such as that of the story of Nien and others. The Chinese feared Nien and this holiday was traditionally used to scare him away and ward off bad spirits. 2 Good Wishes! What Chinese people do to celebrate Chinese people are allowed New Year's Eve and two days off by their gov't (usually a week including weekends) The History

Chinese new year!!!

Transcript: Hello there this is Clara!! It's a big Deal! Thank- you! Chinese New Year!! And this is my Chinese New Year Profile! Chinese New years are so exciting because there's a lot you can learn about when you haven't been in China, or you want to learn more about China or Chinese New Year. Like, usually they give out red envelopes to young ones and loved ones. It's like their tradition but i don't know who created Chinese New Year nor why the animals are their main celebration. But all i know is that Chinese New Year are the 2nd largest celebration constantly. Chinese New Year! In a traditional way; they give out presence like toys, food, and also money. they give out only $8, but they give them to only loved ones, like couples or little kids or maybe old ones as well. $8 is their lucky number, they have lucky things, numbers and lucky everything. Chinese New Year! Chinese New Year is a fun celebration because you might taste their special traditional food, sometimes it looks ugly and sometimes it looks tasty but 1 thing i love is you should give everything a go! Just give it a try i supposed to say! But anyways Chinese New Year are the best way to figure out which celebrations are the largest. Thank you 4 watching my beautiful, lovely, gorgeous Chinese New Year! Hope you like it! :D <3 Chinese people always think that chinese new year is a big deal for them, because a lot of people from everywhere come just to celebrate. Chinese new year are envolved into the use of firecrackers during the season. clothing are mainly coloured red because it's their lucky colour. Chinese New Year are the best way to go discover big celebrations. When it's time for chinese new year chinese people go wild and celebrate in many ways. Chinese New Year! By Clara!!! Room 14!

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