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Chinese Art Powerpoint Template

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ART Template

Transcript: Intrauterine Insemination Sperm Washing Image via Sydney Morning Herald. A Fertilization & Zygote Technology Evaluation of Sperm Washing in Reducing the Risk HCV Transmission to the New Born Embryo Cryopreservation Insemination & Transfer Technology Trophectoderm Biopsy If you are in this situation, are you willing to sacrifice these lives at the expense of a "designer baby"? Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) Sperm Banking Savasi et al (2014) Mutation-free baby born from a MELAS carrier after blastocyst tropectoderm preimplantation genetic diagnosis Heindryckx et al, 2014 Application of Asissted Reproductive Technology in Disease Prevention What is MELAS? MELAS is a condition that affects many of the body's systems, particularly the brain and nervous system (encephalo-) and muscles (myopathy). Signs and symptoms: muscle weakness and pain recurrent headaches loss of appetite vomiting seizures. stroke-like episodes Human Reproduction Gametic Intrafallopian Transfer Semen Fractions Fallopian Tube Obstruction Surgery Vas Deference Obstruction Surgery MELAS Gene What is HCV? Objectives Reproductive Surgery Assisted Reproductive Health (ART) Disease Prevention Semen Technology After performing PGD-TE, only one blastocysts is selected and transferred into the mother's womb and the rest are eliminated. Consequently, these culled blastocyst have life already. Fertility Medication and Surgery Hormone Induction Be wise enough to decide... Zygotic Intrafallopian Transfer Reproductive Health Technology: Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) AA HCV+ HVC- ART Should HCV Discordant couple with seropositive male partner be treated with ART? Since the presence of HCV in semen implies a possible risk of nosocomial contamination, safety regulation must be strictly applied in assisted reproduction laboratories. nucleus

Chinese Art

Transcript: The beauty of China's art and culture Have you ever heard somebody call nice dishes, "Fine China?" Number 3 Paintings in China Duo Fu An art form perfected by the Chinese Let's take a closer look Number 2 Because they were able to print more and more, poetry became widespread. Paintings honored landscapes in China. They often put poems on their paintings. They wrote the poems in brush and ink using calligraphy. Calligraphy is a Chinese style of writing that is often viewed as art in itself. Poets were even hired to work in the capital city. From these two poems we have read, what can you tell me that they cherished in China's culture? The fact that poets were asked to move and work in the capital city, what does this tell you about how Chinese government felt about poetry? After viewing Porcelain, answer these two questions: 1. Why do you think Porcelain is considered "art"? 2. Why do you think Porcelain was part of the "Silk Road" trade that China exported (sent out)? Number 1 Poetry was abundant (there was a lot) in China. You are about to view some paintings This is what to look for: Don't believe me? Just ask this Muslim traveler who was quoted in 851 A.D., "There is in China a very fine clay from which are made vases... water in these vases is visible through them and yet they are made of clay." A Poem by Duo Fu, called "Spring Landscape" Poem from "Still Night Thoughts" "Before my bed There is bright moonlight So that it seems like frost on the ground; Lifting my head I watch the bright moon, Lowering my head I dream that I'm home." Calligraphy Chinese Art and Poetry Poetry, Paintings, and Porcelain Li Bo was a famous Poet. He wrote some poems celebrating nature. Number 4 Painters often painted landscapes The "Fine China" is Porcelain Another Poet, Another style Porcelain: A Fine Trade Item Though our country has been crushed rivers and hills stay the same; the city is filled with tall trees and the high grasses of spring; even the flowers seem to shed tears for the sadness of our time, and birds grieve at the sight of people parting from their beloved; now for these three months have the beacon fires flared unceasingly while a letter from home is as precious as gold and when I strive to bind up my grey hairs, they are so few the pin will not hold them.

Chinese Art

Transcript: Devan Seratt Brad Fesmire Lillie Derryberry 2194-1600 BC Xia Dynasty 1675-1046 BC Shang Dynasty 1034-771 BC Western Zhou Dynasty 770-246 BC Eastern Zhou Dynasty 361-206 BC Qin Dynasty 206 BC - 8 AD Western Han Dynasty 9-23 AD Xin Dynasty and many more... The Chinese Civilization began around 2,000 BC, making it the oldest continuous culture a few accomplishments of the Ancient Chinese that we still use today include the compass and paper Bronze casting was developed at an early date in Chinese history, and it took centuries to master The art of painting is mentioned in Chinese literature several centuries before the birth of Christ and even names Lei as the first Chinese painter, even though no paintings have survived from this time. Buddhism... Buddhism was introduced to China towards the end of the Han Dynasty by Idia, and it made a huge impact on the Chinese art of that time. Buddhism offered comfort to the weary and hope for an eternity of peace in the next world; it also recognized the existence of people who had attained a state of enlightenment  Buddhism also recognized those who had either postponed death or made the decision to return to the world for the purpose of bringing comfort and offering guidance to the living Bodhisattva – Buddha to be Meditation – the process of focusing one’s thoughts on a single object or idea Standing Buddha Statue Northern Wei Dynasty 477 AD Tomb Sculpture from the Tang Dynasty The Bronze Age Scroll paintings have lasted longer than any other painting of that time. A scroll is a long roll of illustrated parchment or silk that arttists used to tell a story. This scroll was painted by Han Gan during the Tang Dynasty. The stamps on it are kind of like the written apporval of other artists that saw it. Chinese Art Ancient graves show that Chinese artisans started bronze casting by the First Dynasty (Shang Dynasty – 1766 BC) early bronze vessel from the Shang Dynasty

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