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childrens lit presentation

Transcript: Kamishibai Story about three little girls named: Haisuni (oldest), Talsuni (middle), and Peolsuni (youngest). The girls were left home alone by their mother and was warned of a dangerous tiger. The tiger learns about the girls and pretended to be their mother. Once he was in, the girls realized what was going on and escaped to a pine tree. The tiger asks how to get up. At first, he was tricked by using oil, but the second child accidently told him how to climb with an axe. They asked Heaven for help and they were able to escape in a bucket, while the tiger fell after getting into a bad bucket. Haisuni became the sun, Talsuni became the moon and Peolsuni became the stars. A Daruma is a popular talisman of good luck. The doll was based on the father of Zen Buddhism in the 5th century. Passed out in the 1600 during New Years. Later in the Meiji era, the doll was used to pray for the harvest of silk threads. Now it's a guard for business prosperity. Recipe for Sweet Rice Balls An activity of making Paper Lanterns Lantern Riddles: When you cry, she cries When you laugh, she laughs When you ask her who she is, She says, "You know" Story of an elderly couple. One day the wife discovers a giant peach floating down the river she was washing her clothes in. She took it home and when they went to cut it open, it opened up to reveal a baby boy Named him Momotaro, which means Peach Boy. Momotaro has incredable strength and one day brought a tree home to his parents for fire wood. After the orges stole people and treaures from the city, he goes off to go and reclaim them. Along the way; he became friends with a Dog, a Monkey and a Phseant. The four were able to sneak in and defeat the orges. Then they took the stolen people and goods back to the village. Apart of a series of stories about Daruma and his adventures. The rabbits, Roy and Ruby, help Daruma and his sister, Darumako, with their snowman after saving the apple used for it. Daruma explains why he compared the snowman to two historical samurai after the rabbits were confused about it. They enjoy rabbit themed snacks and activities before the day ends. Includes fun, rabbit, activities for children and parents can play including rabbit apples, snow rabbits and hand puppets. The Three Girls Satoshi Kako Sungwan So Dongfang Shuo was a minister for the court and a skilled astrologer who could predict the future. He predicted the burning of Chang'an by the Fire Goddess The towns people plead with the Fire Goddess, who in turn, gave the people instructions on how to trick the Jade Emperor into thinking the city was on fire. Fire Goddess loves sweet rice powder dumplings so they were left out as an offering. Then hang lanterns, have bonfires and fireworks to make it seem like the city was burning. Shanyi Goes to China Valerie J. Weber Kamishibai is a form of storytelling though a 15" x 10.5" illustrated cards. On the back is the text of the story. Can be used with children and can help hold interest for those who are developing as readers. International Children’s Database Library is a website that is dedicated to help children gain respect and tolerance for diverse cultures, languages and ideas though popular stories. They present children’s stories from around the world in different languages. They are building up a database of books that represent the historical and contemporary books from around the world. Kim So-un Illustrations by Jeong Kyoung-Sim Korean Children's Favorite Stories Children's Literature: China, Korea and Japan Morgan Donley May 2nd, 2013 Japan Story of Chang-Min. He originally lived in Seoul, South Korea, moved to New Jersey. Chang-Min mentions how in a few years, he would move back to Seoul when his dad's job is over Compare and contrast what is common in America to what is common in South Korea. Example: Schools, weather, food, etc Great for understanding what is different and what is the same between the two cultures through the expericence of a nine year old boy. The book contains holiday tales, activities and recipes. Good for parent/child interactions with the activities and recipes The stories are how certain festivals and traditions were started. Moonbeams, Dumplings & Dragon Boats International Children's Digital Library Various Children's Stories from China, Korea, and Japan Books of Children visiting China and South Korea The International Children's Digital Library (ICDL) A fun video to end the semester with! Nina Simonds, Leslie Swartz & The Children's Museum, Boston Illistrations by Meilo So China What to expect Dongfang and the Festival of Lanterns Peach Boy Momotaro Contains 13 Children's Stories with Illustrations. They are also folk stories Some echo the stories of other countries Ponyo Story of Shanyi and her family on their two week trip to China. Visit the cities of: Panyu, Gaochang, Macau, Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. she visits her grandparents and uncles in the various cities. In

WWI Childrens Presentation

Transcript: April 2nd 1917 we declared war Facts WWI is also know as the Great War and The War of Nations The word Weltkrieg is German and translates to World War. World War I was the first global war and lasted ~4 years hence the name " The War of Nations" More than 15 million people died The US helped fight WWI because Germany kept sinking boats that had Americans on board. The US pleaded with Germany to stop sinking ships and they agreed. Later on a ship sank and 2 Americans died Germany surrounded on November 11th 1918. The Treaty of Versailles was introduced and the war ended between Germany and The Allies At the beginning of the war America stayed neutral until it was determined they couldn't stay neutral any more because of Germany sinking boats with Americans aboard. The next day a newspaper was released stating that Germany was the common enemy and that they were declaring war. Why Did the US Help fight WWI How Did We End the War? Facts Caitlan Corporation World War I 20 million died 116,708 American soldiers died 3,386,200 allied soldiers died 9.7 million were military 10 million were civilians M Militarism- When the military is apart of the government and is clearly in charge MILITARISM Militarism was one of the main causes of WWI. The military provided the men to kill Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Sir Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated June 28th 1914 Alliances-a union or association formed for mutual benefit A ALLIANCE To survive the war many countries formed alliances to help bring in other resources and keep their land safe Nationalism N NATIONALISM When a person identifies with with their nation and supports their countries thoughts Before the US decided to fight in WWI, we decided to keep a neutral face because many people who lived in America were from the allies and central powers countries Imperialism- I IMPERIALISM A policy of extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military force What really caused WWI? Many factors played a part in the start of WWI. First would be the assassination of Sir Ferdinand of Austria, the sinking of Lusitania where approximately 1,000 people were killed and about 128 Americans were killed. America wanted control everthing A ASSASS- INATION Assassination- Killing for gain, for a political party, religous and or monetary reasons Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria- Was the next heir (next person in charge) of Astria and he was killed along with his wife this event was one of the things that triggered WWI


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Childrens book presentation

Transcript: The Amendmetns of the Americas The Amendment Process The Amendment Process Do you Know What The right/Law Approving Processes. Well right/laws are called amendments if they are mentioned in the Constitution. If People want to add one of these there is a certain way for them too do this. For example one of the ways is for 2/3s of twp different housess in the capitol propose amendments. So now it is up to at least 3/4ths of the 50 states to APPROVE this Amendment. Why Do I Need To Know These Why Do I Need To Know These You may be wondering why this is important. Well if you dont know these you wouldnt be protected from Tyranny. Essentially if the government wanted to pass a law that was against your rights but you didnt know about them and didnt protest it and bring it to court your rights would be taken right under your nose. Tyranny. Thats why you need to know. Also its good to know this because you dont want to go to court against someone that you think did something and then relize that you are wrong and that if you knew your rights and the amendments that this woud never have happend. OUR OFFICES San Francisco New York Houston London Brussels Beijing Hong Kong Amendment 11 Amendment 11 Amendment 11 makes it so that a state cannot be sued in a Federal Court. Amendment 12 Amendment 12 The Twelth Amendment changes the way the Electoral Colledge elcets the President and the Vice President. The Electoral colledge is were all your parents votes go when it is election time. The 13th Amendment abolishes slavervy and invoulantary services but can be issued to you if a crime be done. Amendment 13 Amendment 13 This amendment grants citizenship to all people. Amendment 14 Amendment 14 This Amendment makes it so that two kinds of government cannot take away the RIGHT to vote. Amendment 15 Amendment 15 This gives the law making part of the government the power to collect taxes on income without divideing it among the states. Amendment 16 Amendment 16 This amendment allowes regular everyday voters to vote for their Senator. Amendment 17 Amendment 17 This amendment made it so that no one could drink alchol. This amendment was later reapeled. Amendment 18 Amendment 18 This amendment gives both men and women the right to vote. Amendment 19 Amendment 19 This Amendment says when US elected offices end. This amendment also states who shall take the presidents place if he or she dies. Amendment 20 Amendment 20 This was the amendment that took away the amendment making everyone not drink. Amendment 21 Amendment 21 This amendment limts how long the President can be a president. Amendment 22 Amendment 22 The 23rd amendment gives the residents of Washington DC the right to vote for people in the Electoral College. Amendment 23 Amendment 23 This amendment makes sure you dont have to pay anything to vote for United States canidets AKA Ferderal offices. Amendment 24 Amendment 24 The 25th Amendment deals with who will take the presidents spot if something happen and also with other realated things. Amendment 25 Amendment 25 This amendment says that after you are 18 years and older you can vote. Amendment 26 Amendment 26 This amendment makes it so no law can be passed increasing or decreasing the money that the law making part of goverment can get. Amendment 27 Amendment 27 Elias Fricke Elias Fricke I am proud to be an American becsue of what we stand for. Freedome. And Anti-Tyranncal. Are founding fathers that created these Amendments is what makes this country so great. This is part of why these Amendments are important to me. And it isnt just are founding fathers it other people too. The amendments are important to me because they protect us from tyranny and gives us are rights. These rights give us Life.- Elias Fricke

DOTS presentation

Transcript: Ronnestad and Skovholt Developmental model Based on qualitative research Unique’ in scope, spanning entire career of therapist, where most models focus on initial student and probationary years Therapists in training experience high levels of anxiety Experienced therapists become self-directed learners, there is a ‘growth towards professional individuation’ and congruence (Skovholt and Ronnestad, 1992) There is a move from ‘received’ to ‘constructed knowledge’ – drawing from many sources - art, music, films, anthropology etc... forming a complex ‘internalised map’ (Skovholt and Ronnestad, 2003) A whole career perspective – Allows supervisor and supervisee to identify transition points throughout career and the ‘recycling loops’ in which anxiety may re-emerge as when a student Ronnestad and Skovholt also look at tension in supervision and factors leading to the breakdown of the supervisory relationship. They give particular focus to exploring contextual limitations and differences (Ronnestad and Skovholt 1993) In their ‘tension matrix’, they feature external social and cultural influences which may be acting on the supervisor/ supervisee relationship focus on ‘continuous professional reflection’ as ‘the central development process’ of the experienced therapist The therapist may need to re-draw their 'internal map' and explore the congruence of their presence in a new context more reserach needed DOTS Presentation 27th November 2015 A potentially increasing transition point will be from experienced face to face therapist to novice online therapist current reseach USA focussed why ? What are their findings? How does this apply to online supervision? Further thoughts

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