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Children And Christianity Powerpoint Template

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Christianity and Street Children

Transcript: "Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you." --Isaiah 49:15 show video Meet Kelvin, Jose and Derik It's one thing to read the statistics. It's another thing to meet the faces...I'm asking for us to meet the face of poverty, and the faces of the children who live beneath it." --Danielle Speakman Emotional Poverty How will I survive today? physical needs make children "survivors" living in the moment not thinking about eternity, just surviving hungry The United Nations defines the term ‘street children’ to include “any boy or girl… for whom the street in the widest sense of the word… has become his or her habitual abode and/or source of livelihood, and who is inadequately protected, supervised, or directed by responsible adults." Is this normal? Is this ok? inaccurate picture of love father figure provider constant scars from abuse trust issues body issues lied to a lot = no reference point for truth SHAME! intercourse among the children Physical Poverty The Many Faces of Poverty The term street children has many definitions in different settings. Perhaps demonstrating the fact that street children are not a homogeneous group and that the particular circumstance dictates who should be included in the definition. Generally speaking, four categories of street children have been described and these are: children of the street; children on the street; children who are part of a street family; and those in institutionalized care1 ; but as observed by Aptekar and Heinonen2 this classification is too rigid. The definition does not reflect the cultural diversities across and within countries as well as the transitional pattern that sometimes occur within the same street children’s lifetime. This variability reflects differing socioeconomic and cultural contexts across countries . looking for a sense of belonging Social Poverty The Voice of Christianity in the Streets of Honduras What does love look like? What is a street child? Honduras, a low-income food deficit country of 7.5 million people, is the third poorest country in Latin America and the Caribbean. One-third of the population lives on less than one dollar a day. An estimated 1.5 million Hondurans face hunger, and recurrent natural disasters continue to threaten the most vulnerable people... discuss how physical poverty in itself isn't a huge obstacle. illustration of Ramon and Reina

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Transcript: Why have these two similar religions diverged on opposite paths? “…we would discover on the one hand a religion which was for a long while intolerant, with a clear tendency towards totalitarianism, but which has gradually been transformed into a religion of openness, and islam being the exact opposite” (58) History of... “Why has development in this context been so positive in the West and so disappointing in the muslim world? To press the question and put it more precisely why has the Christian West, which has a long tradition of intolerance and has always found it difficult to coexist with “The Other,” produced societies that respect freedom of expression, whereas the Muslim world, which has long practiced coexistence, now looks like a stronghold of fanaticism?” (59) So what do you think? Muslim... Christians known to be the worst slave holders as they used the bible to justify their cruelty. Made famous by Fredrick Douglas and Solomon Northrup Psalm 123-2 (NIV) As the eyes of slaves look to the hand of their master, as the eyes of a maid look to the hand of her mistress, so our eyes look to the Lord our God, till he shows us mercy. (In a reference to devotion, they mentioned slavery which therefore had to be right because it’s in the bible, I imagine the bible was slammed shut after this. Some devouts read on…) Ephesians 6:4-6 Slaves, obey our earthly masters with respect and fear,, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ. Obey them not only to win their favor whe their eye is o you, but like slaves of Christ doing the will of God from your heart. 1 Peter 2:18 Slaves, submit yourselves to your masters with a ll respect, not only to those who are good and considerate, but also to those who are harsh. Ephesians 6:5 Slaves, obey your earthly master with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ. Christianity appealed to slaves in biblical times. They converted because of the very idea of justice and freedom Christianity offered. The verses were written in to prevent furthering suffering of Christians because it was still illegal in the Roman Empire and slave rebellions would only make it worse. The bible also states that Christian owners should release their slaves because all people all equal in God’s kingdom. Christian intolerance Katie McNaughton “Has the Church betrayed itself? The church has always begun by resisting, and then gone on to accommodate itself and adapt…a church and a religion that can support men and women on the unprecedented journey they are embarked upon today” (61) • Monotheistic, He is the creator • Prophets: Noah, Abraham, moses, david, joseph, john the Baptist, Jesus • Followers go by the 10 commandments and teachings of the prophets • Jesus was born miraculously of the virgin, Mary • Jesus Christ is the Messiah and performed miracles • The old testament and the new testament are holy scriptures • Satan is evil and should not be followed • An anti-christ will appear on Earth before the Day of Judgment • Jesus will return to kill the anti-christ • A day of judgment where the remainder of mankind will be judged • There is a hell and paradise • Both worship the same God called by different names • Follow the same teachings of Jesus and the prophets Muslim Tolerance Muslim Christian... Egypt and Syria still has a significant Christian minority despite 1400 years of muslim majority existing there. Answer Based on Text... “…I cannot see how [movements in the Middle East] could be the product of Muslim history. Watching Ayatollah Khomeini…vowing to remove all traces of Western culture…” “…however carefully I look into the history of the Muslim world, do I find any mention of the setting up of an “Islamic republic” or the coming of an “Islamic revolution” (65) Breaking stereotypes “When something reprehensible is done in the name of a doctrine of whatever kind, that doesn’t automatically make the doctrine itself guilty, even if it can’t be regarded as entirely unconnected with the deed in question. For example by what right could I clam that the Taliban in Afghanistan have nothing to do with Islam” “There will always be different and even contradictory interpretations, however much people study the scriptures, consult the commenators or set out the various arguments. The same authorities may be ctited to tolerate or to condemn slaery, to enerate icons or burn them, to ban wine or allo wit, to advocate either democracy or theocracy. Oer the centuries, all human societies hae managed to find religious quotations that seem to justify their current pratices. It took two or three thousand years for the Christians and Jeewish societies… The text doesn’t change; what changes is the way we look at it” (49) I agree that the motives for evacuating from the Western Culture were not born of religious motives. It was a response to distress the entire European world is facing now, and the entire purpose of this book. Every country is fighting the

Christianity and

Transcript: Works Cited The New Testament Modern day Christianity is different from the earlier form that Jesus Christ started, however it does still hold it's roots. While many different protestant branches have been newly made, There are approximately 41,000 different branches of Christianity This number does not include the nondenominational branches. The highest percentage of people identified as Catholics Christian branches still try to remain as similar to the original church as possible Broken into three sections: The Gospel Acts of the Apostles Epistles Revelation Authors Paul The Disciples Written in the B.C. Era By Rhea Tamondong, Michael Valenzuela, and Lyndsey Ryan Impacts on Humanity Culture in the Time Period of the New Testament "Branches of Christianity Chart | Student Handouts." Branches of Christianity Chart | Student Handouts. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Nov. 2013. "Faith Facts."The Impact of Christianity. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Nov. 2013. "Global Christianity – A Report on the Size and Distribution of the World's Christian Population." Pew Research Centers Religion Public Life Project RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Nov. 2013. "Jesus Christ biography." A&E Networks Television, n.d. Web. 25 Nov. 2013. Judaism and Early Christianity. The Humanities, Vol 1, Fourth Ed. Print. "What is the Bible? - International Student Ministry -" What is the Bible? - International Student Ministry - N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Nov. 2013 Table of Contents • The ancient Hebrews o Three Major Religions Judaism  Islam  Christianity • Adam to Noah to Abraham o Established worship of God o Covenant • Jesus of Nazareth was born • Jesus found Christianity • His followers at the time were Jews • Christians o Follow Jesus’s teachings o Believe that Jesus is the Son of God o Believe that there is only one unique and powerful God o Believe the Crucifixion and the Resurrection • Book about God’s acts in the lives of people • Written over long period of time • The Old Testament • The New Testament Origins of Christianity The Origins of Christianity The Bible The New Testament Culture in the time period of the New Testament Modern Christianity Impacts on Humanity Works Cited Branches Christianity and the New Testament Modern Christianity The Bible Romans Didn't approve of Christianity Performed the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth Roles of males and females Life as we know it would not be the same without Christianity. Christianity is the largest religion in the world. 31.59% of the world is a denomination of Christianity Christianity can be considered one of the main reasons for empathy in the world. Most christians are encouraged if not required to participate in some form of service. For example Mormons are required to go on a mission trip and do something to help another community or person. Christianity is also the reason many of us are here today.

Children in Christianity

Transcript: "Pre-Stage" & Phase 1:develops basic trust and mutuality with the one's providing care. When a child attains the capacity for concrete operational thinking Stage 2: start sorting out the real from the make-believe. Stage 3: realizes that there are contradictions between some of his authority sources and is ready to actually reflect realistically on them Stage 4: meanings in stories are separate from the symbols themselves, so the stories are demythologized. Phase 5: recognize the partial truths that any given religious tradition might offer but may choose to re-engage with it anyway. Phase 6: risk their own safety in order to help the helpless in unexpected ways. Kanakuk Kamps Camp Magruder Camp Kalaqua Jesus Camp It's a documentary, evangelical Christians who are all being home schooled by their mothers and taught to be soldiers in "God's army." Becky believes that today's youngsters can be taught to become strong and to fight against the liberal forces. Children in Christianity CCCA works hard to equip members to provide camp experiences that allow campers to escape their hectic everyday lives, to get a clearer picture of God’s love for them, and discover their purpose and passion through Him. Goals of Camp Christian Camp & Conference Association Build Relationships Bible Time Nature Positive Role Models Controlled Independence The children in the Camp James Fowler Some Danger Potentials of Camp Levi Rachael Tori All of them have accepted Christ and are ready to open themselves to God through prayer, speaking in tongues, and repenting of their sins. They also are taught that abortion is a terrible crime and anti-life. Levi's mother wants to make sure that he understands that global warming is not true. Christian Bubble Spiritual Manipulation Conviction is Confused by Emotionalism A Perpetuation of a Roll Coaster Christian Life A Cynical Attitude Towards the Home Church

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