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Childish Gambino

Transcript: Outside - about race issues and his relationship with his family, especially his cousin His latest album - first retail album Released all prior albums for free because he does not care about the money - makes music cause he loves it and wants to get his stuff out to the people - teach them about his life "My diary" - interview with Hard Knock TV on YouTube Each song represents him and his life People are starting to realize that he is an actual musician and not like those actors or comedians who try to rap but suck and are fake (like Vinny from Jersey Shore) Background Camp Childish Gambino Music Honest Lots of metaphors and allusions All of his songs are about his life and how he has accomplished so much after being teased Says the N-word a lot because he finally knows who he is - he knows he is black despite the tormenting bullies from his childhood "Black Rock" instead of rap Great lyricism Writes and produces his own music to stay real Thank you for your attention! Real name is Donald Glover Raised in Stone Mountain, Georgia Jehovah's Witness Lived with his parents, brother, and sister His mother ran a day care and fostered children Was made fun of a lot as a child and teenager for being "too white" and being nerdy and strange..."This one kid said something that was really bad/He said I wasn't really Black because I had a dad/I think that's kind of sad/Mostly 'cause a lot of Black kids think they should agree with that...We warriors, we all need senseis" - Hold You Down Not only a rapper - writer, comedian, actor


Transcript: Many publishers were not quite so encouraging. Vocabulary How much money does Charlie Simpson raise on his little bike? Childish1 Vocabulary What adults can learn from kids willing : ~에 반대하지 않는 keynoting : 주안점 (주목할 만한 것) Vocabulary 2.In what side do children consider when creating their own ideas into reality? fellow : 동료 senile : 노망 Childish9 Flying Fingers You must lend an ear today, because we are the leaders of tomorrow. But there's a problem with this rosy picture of kids being so much better than adults. The traits the word "childish" addresses are seen so often in adults, that we should abolish this age-discriminatory word, when it comes to criticizing behavior associated with irresponsibility and irrational thinking. Childish7 Background knowledge/ Additional information Vocabulary irrational : 비합리적인 irresponsible 무책임한 imperialism 제국주의 colonization 식민지화 pioneer : 개척자 scoffing : 비웃음 heresy : (일반적이 아닌) 이단 ironically : 비꼬아, 반어적으로 alienate : 따돌리다 hamper : 방해하다 deplete : 대폭 감소시키다 4.She felt "이곳은 밑줄 칸입니다. 답을 적어주세요" is worse than adults having restrictive attitudes towards kids. Vocabulary Childish12 credentials : 자격 era : 시대 imperative : 반드시 해야 하는 audacity : 뻔뻔함 resident : (특정 지역) 거주자 realm : 영역 Now, adults seem to have a prevalently restrictive attitude towards kids. Thank you! Childish10 Background knowledge/ Additional information 21320성효연 21316박채원 21325윤수영 21329이지연 21340최지우 The resident artist said they got some of their best ideas from the program, because kids don't think about the limitations of how hard it can be to blow glass into certain shapes, they just think of good ideas. Childish5 Now, our inherent wisdom doesn't have to be insider's knowledge. Kids already do a lot of learning from adults, and we have a lot to share. I think that adults should start learning from kids. But the way progress happens, is because new generations and new eras grow and develop and become better than the previous ones. Bonus Questions CHILDISH Vocabulary Comprehension check-up Questions 1. When do we use the word 'childish'? 5.Through the whole speech, what message does the speaker mainly send? Vocabulary Childish11 Compared to adults, who considered various things for creating a particular design, children only considered their imagination and creativity. 120,000 poounds Vocabulary She emphasizes the needs of parents to listen to their kids. The adult population should learn and take into account the wishes of the younger population. Background knowledge/ Additional information Childish6 Now, what's even worse than restriction, is that adults often underestimate kids' abilities. The world needs opportunities for new leaders and new ideas. Kids need opportunities to lead and succeed. Background knowledge/ Additional information On the other hand, we kids still dream about perfection. And that's a good thing, because in order to make anything a reality, you have to dream about it first. segregation 분리 abolish 법률, 제도 등을 폐지하다 discriminatory : 차별적인 reciprocal : 상호간의 The word childish is often used when we express something or someone irresponsible. immature, and pure. What is the name of the book which Adora Svitak wrote? Childish3 Tacoma, Washington Vocabulary cloning : 복제하는 것 heirloom : (집안의) 가보 Low expectations and underestimating kids ability. Vocabulary 3. How did most of the publishers react when she tried to publish the book? Where is the Museum of Glass ? established : 인정받는, 확실히 자리를 잡은 loan : 대출 prevalently : 일반적으로 totalitarian : 전체주의의 (=권위주의의) regimes : 정권, 체제 Vocabulary Childish8 Childish4 Childish2


Transcript: Faith CHILDISH Elias Robert Childish Definition of, like, or appropriate to a child, ; silly and immature Denotation Denotation A person who exhibits vigor and passion in life; undying liveliness. Filled with imagination and a creativity that only children have. Connotation Connotation -Benjamin Franklin, who was restrained from writing the Declaration of Independence because the founding fathers were scared he would put a joke in -JK Rowling -Dr. Seuss -Walt Disney Examples Examples Some adults are “too grown up”; tend to live boring lives motivated by the checkbook rather than actual interests Adults that are too conservative and don’t take risks; over thinking before making a decision While the above can be good in certain situations, adults that act that way will miss out on wonderful opportunities Anti-examples Anti-examples Childish Exuberance Childish Exuberance The streets flowing through the community are filled with potholes Few homes have access to a protected water supply through pipes Challenges for the Ajegunle area Challenges for the Ajegunle area Residents of Uzor street credit patrick for the new focus on collectivism Fear among community members decreased due to the installment of gates with security at night Attempted to implement new policies for waste collection Such sanitation efforts have raised awarness of the dangers of malaria Patrick Anekwe Patrick Anekwe -"I thought he was just being driven by childish exuberance" Patrick's mother said in an interview The community's intial reaction was welcoming but doubtful Patrick is now praised for his unique vibrant spirit which has provided several methods to improve the Ajegunle area Reaction Reaction 0:40 - 1:30 TED TALK TED TALK Perks of Being a Child Perks Having fear limits your abiltites, it holds you back from reaching your full potential Fear tends to control a person, for example a person facing agrophobia will stay pent up in his house never exploring what the world has to offer. Being childish allows you to be curious and explore, which we will get to later. Having fear can restrict and even cause injury. Emotional distress can cause a burden on the soul. Fear can be mistaken for caution; caution is logical. Lack of Fear Lack of Fear Curiosity drives learning. A child won't know not to touch a hot pan until curiosity arises and he burns himself. Being curious widens the array of knowledge one can recieve. You're able to see new worlds and possibilities which are normally not visible. The mind is like a muscle which becomes stronger through mental exercise caused by curiosity; curiosity make s oyu mind stronger. Endless Curiosity Endless Curiosity Tabula rasa refers to the idea that individuals are born with a blank slate. They know no such thing as discrimination they don't see race or color since with a blank slate they haven't been exposed to There are no bondaries to love in a childs eye. They know no such thing as discrimination. Unconditional Love Unconditional Love Controversial Cheerio Commercial Controversial Cheerio Commercial 0:15-0:54


Transcript: -Donald Glover has a warm and energetic personality on stage but in life his personality is more reserved and quiet. -He tends to present positive emotions on public media. -Even though his well known role of Troy Barnes on Community is an attention-seeking aloof character, in real life he claims to be less than caring about what others think. He feels he is more centered around what he wants and thinks is best. -He gets really involved with what he does, he has so much energy during his performances. -Tends to keep to himself and stay on the low side of gossip etc. Thank You! Janet Li, psych 20 - Best known as rapper Childish Gambino, his given name is Donald McKinley Glover. His disc jockey name is mcDJ. - He was born in Lancaster California, and raised in Stone Mountain, Georgia. - His parents were average to low income citizens and were also foster parents for 14 years. - From 2005-09 he was a writer for the NBC series 30 Rock, he was presented the Writers Guild of America Award for Best Comedy Series at the February 2009 ceremony for his work on the third season. -In 2009, he released his first independent album, Poindexter, followed by a pair of mixtapes in 2010. -In March 2010, his stand-up comedy special aired on Comedy Central. -His 2011 album, Camp, was a hit and his IAMDONALD tour make 24 stops in 34 days. -2013 he released another album, Because of the Internet, led him to 2 Grammys, Best Rap Album, and Best Rap Performance. -He played the role of Rich Purnell, a young astrophysicist, in the movie Martian (2015). -He's releasing his new album Awaken, My Love! on December 2, 2016. -Glover was confirmed to be playing Lando Calrissian in the 2018 Untitled Han Solo Star Wars spin-off. Bibliography -Very sympathetic, and kind to others although it is sometimes hard to tell becasue of his introverted personality. -He appreciates all his fans and gives very enthusiastic performances. -He is trusting of himself and his abilities, and rarely seen as self-conscious. -His personality type is ENTP, which means he is only 3% of the population. They are honest while still sensitive and compassionate. -He's definately one of those people you either like or don't. -His songs are usually parenthood, white fear of blackness, and the complexity of love, romantic and brotherly; so not what lots of popular songs sing about and this shows his deeper more agreable side. -Reserved rather than outgoing. Even though his roles in movies and music seem loud and attention-seeking, his own personality is more quiet and personal. He keeps to himself and likes to let his emotions out in his music. - Definitely imaginative rather than practical. His creative side and 'cocky' side show in his music, through lyrics etc. Lots of his lyrics are quite complex, as in if you hear it for the first time you might not understand. They sometimes contain a deeper meaning to him and people who understand. Agreeableness Biography -Being in all the professions he is active in, he has to have an open mind and accept new ideas. -Obviously he is very open to experience as he is an influential figure in many aspects. -His music really showcases how he is willing to try new things, his newest album Awaken, My Love! is really out there and different from the popular hiphop/rap music that's 'in' right now. -He makes these 'audio-visual experiences' called the Pharos Experience, which sold out in six minutes. Conscientiousness -Since he was bullied a lot by peers when he was young, his sense of security was damaged at a young age. He says in recent interviews that he has learned both to cope and not care about it and not let it affect him anymore. -He has a rather stable personality that tends to be on the positive side, as he is a comedian and entertainer. Even his songs are usually cocky and filled with jokes and wit. -Even though some people consider his music 'impulsive' and 'uncontrolled', his personality says otherwise. -Due to his roles in comedy and entertainment, he often has the necessity to hide his real feelings, for certain people this could lead to things like depression, but because of his musical outlet he has been able to surpass such problems. (So we think.) Emotional Stability Childish Gambino Openess to Experience Eysenck's Personality Table Cattell's 16 Source Traits Extraversion -Between Introverted and Unstable, 'Melancholic'. -Reserved, pessimistic, sober, rigid, anxious, moody. -He is very efficient with his time as he has accomplished so much in his 33 years of life already. -He is always thinking about the consequences of his actions and shows self-discipline. -He aims for high-achievements and that's how he is able to be so successful in so many career areas, but his friends say that he is laid-back and easy going in a non-professional environment. -In a way he is almost a perfectionist, but most artists are. -More on the high conscientiousness side, but also has traits like flexibility that are associated with low

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