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Child Development Toy Project Presentation Template

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Toy Project Presentation

Transcript: Princess board game, where the objective is to gain objects to get ready for the ball and be the first player to reach the castle Targeted at Christian families and girls between the ages of 5 and 11 Our goals: To build the self esteem of young girls, share Bible verses with them, and promote positive female social interaction Marketing Strategies Our Toy Areas of Development Toy Project Presentation By: Jenna Burkert, Haley Dyar, Emily Collins, Abby Boltniew, and Carley Roland Solutions: Focus our marketing heavily on Christian circles to make up for the lack of revenue in secular circles Unique because not many board games have a Christian message Argue that our game promotes self worth, not vanity, and there's no harm in letting little girls play dress up Social Promotes social interaction with peers Cooperative play Promotes positive, encouraging peer relationships and interactions Emotional Includes messages about self worth and perseverance through difficulties Spiritual development: includes Bible verses How to Play Roll the die to see how many spaces you should move. When you land on a space, it will either be a plain space or a space where you get to draw a card. If you draw a card, it will tell you to obtain an object to help you get to the ball, give someone else an object that helps them get to the ball, or encounter an obstacle that will either speed up or hinder your trip. If you're the first person to reach the castle, you win! Difficult to promote in secular circles So many board games to compete with in the market today May encounter criticism for promoting vanity Marketing Challenges Air commercials after TV shows like 19 Kids and Counting, Christmas specials, and children's shows Give free samples to churches with cards that tell families where to buy/order the game For children: Use bright colors (pink, purple, etc.) and pictures of the objects in the game For the buyer: Make it cost effective, write words like "wholesome" and Bible verses on the box

Child Toy Development

Transcript: Piaget's Theory In cognitive development process with the toy it really helps the baby identify colors. For example, when the parent is teaching the toddler which step to climb when mentioning a color it helps the baby recognize colors (The role of cognitive development). The loyalty that is developed when going down the slide increases the child to trust others in adulthood as well. The role of cognitive development and socialization in the initial development of team loyalty. (n.d). LEISURE SCIENCES, 23(4), 233-261. Taylor, S. I., Morris, V. G., & Rogers, C. S. (1997). Toy Safety and Selection. Early Childhood Education Journal, 24(4), 235-238. Raeleen Castro Cognitive Development Piaget's theory that the toy fits is the Tertiary circular reactions because the toddle is learning that it is ok to fall down the slide. The toddler is more than likely going to hit the bottom on the ground when going down the slide and knowing that they are not hurt is fine. The toddler will then react and go again on the slide. Erikson's stages of psychosocial development is a theory that many psychologist hold to There are 8 specific developments The age references are not exact however they are a rough and general idea References The psychosocial development that the toy brings out is stages 1. The first stage is trust and mistrust and the slide develops that because the toddler has to trust the parent to catch them at the end once they are down. That is a great way for the child to experience trust within the father as well because their is already a bond with the mother. Psychosocial Development Erikson's Stages of Psychosocial Development Toddler Toy Slide Child Toy Development Assisting the Child in physical Development The Toy Slide is great for physical development because it works out the muscles of the toddler. The toy uses different rage of motion with the legs climbing up and down the ladder. There are also different safety regulations and this toy is child safe as well (Taylor, S. I., Morris, V. G., & Rogers, C. S, 1997). The baby is able to develop their hand and leg coordination when climbing up the stairs as well. This toy is for ages 1-2 and it helps the development of a child.

Child Development: Toy Connection

Transcript: This toy is used to put young children to sleep. They also like to pretend. Like pretending they are a doctor, teacher, etc. Chomsky's theory was that children were born able to learn any human language. In this stage the child understands that humans communicate through speaking but doesn't quit understand how to speak so it just makes sounds to communicate. Formal Operations Cited page Piaget's Sensorimotor In this stage children are limited to their ability to communicate and move. They use what sensory abilities they have to explore and learn about their environment. (birth to age 2!) One-word Speech This stage occurs during age 2- 6 or 7 years old. This is when children begin to understand smaller things but can't quit grasp concrete logic. They also use symbols like objects to represent things. Children are 7-11 years old in this stage. This is when they begin to gain a better understanding of mental operations. B>F. Skinner developed the theory of reward and punishment. This is used all throughout the childs life. Like a cookie could be a toddlers reward or being grounded could be a teenagers punishment! Child Development: Toy Connection Preoperational Piaget's theory of cognitive development is a comprehensive theory about the nature and development of human intelligence, from birth to adulthood. In this stage children can speak sentences. Seems like they were just babbling random words. Piaget's Cognitive Development Stages In this stage the child uses single simple words to communicate. Words like cookie, no, mom, dad, etc. Whole Sentence Speech This game takes really using your brain and memory to sink someone else ships. Children develop the ability to understand abstract concept. This stage is usually between 11-15 years old! The child is more independent and mobile at this stage in their life. Telegraphic speech They can understand you and communicate back. Object Permanence is when children can understand that things continue to exist even when we cannot see them Babbling This toy speaks so the child gets the idea that it's real and speaking to them. This toy lets the child have somewhat mobility. Also it makes noises. Concrete Operations In this stage the child tries to use few words to make a sentence to communicate. Such as "water now", meaning "can I have some water? Google Toys R Us Playing this game requires knowledge and concentration.

Child Development Presentation

Transcript: Benefits of Technology. Conclusion Fine tune Fine-motor Skills: Pushing buttons and playing with the mouse creates hand eye coordination skills in toddlers. Technology makes learning fun, gives children a head start on learning, prepare for the future, and may encourage healthier life styles. With appropriate time limits, technology can be beneficial When parents are involved with technology and their children the outcome is very educational Parents who do not monitor their child's use of mobile devices may be damaging their social and emotional development Parents should NOT: What are the Problems? Technology and Children Many Children are apart of what may be the first truly "digital generation." in the U.S. - Jim Steyer, Chief Executive of Common Sense Media. More than a third of kids under age 2 have used a smart phone or tablet. Three quarters of children age 8 and under live in a home with at least one mobile device. "It's changing the nature of childhood. It's not necessarily a bad change, but it's a fundamental change in the way children learn, behave, and develop." - Jim Steyer. Experts Thoughts on Technology: Technology is EVERY WHERE! Use mobile devices as a"shut up" tool for their children Allow their children to spend limitless time on mobile devices Leave their child unsupervised while playing with technology. Focus on Active Engagement Allow for Repetition Make it Tactile Practice Problem Solving Encourage Creation Ask What Do the Experts Say? How Parents can integrate Technology with their Children: "Probably not as educational as parents hope." - Juilie O'Brian "It's sort of the lesser evil, it's not as good as playing with real life toys, puzzles, books, those kinds of things." Children's use of mobile media devices might effect their language and social development. Children need to interact with others to develop empathy, and build their social skills.

Child Toy Presentation

Transcript: INTRODUCTION Child Toy Presentation By: Jayla Jones Chuldern Ages 0-3 Months Age: 0-3 Months Childern 0-3 months are just now adjusting to the world outside their mothers, They cannot do much, so here is a toy I think will be perfect for them. This is hanging rattle toy, you can connect it to a child's bed or some carseats, it also plays music. I think this toy is deveoplmently appropriate because since they cannot do much, they can watch and listen to this toy. I think this can help with the babies listening skills and eysight. According to the child development book on page 247, babies 0-3 months cant see colors really well, unless they are black and white, the type of development I would be targeting is physical development. I think what really lead me to get thtis toy would be the colors and the fact that it plays music, also I can use this toy for 0-6 months of age. I it think this will be really good for a baby. So this toy was $19.97 and i think its a great price considering the fact that you get two of them. The only safety precautions I would need to take is to make sure it is secure to whatever it is hanging on so it doesnt fall on the baby. Childern Ages 3-6 Months Babies 3-6 Months Babies 3-6 area a little bit more active, they coo an grab things, some babies even start teething around 6 months. And around 5 months they start to see more color. This rattle and teething toy set is developmentally approprite for babies 3-6 months becasue during this stage they start to see colors better and they are more aware of the things going on around them. Accoridng to the working with young childern book on page 61, babies at this age are leanring that they can touch, shake and hit objects they see and can notice that they make sound. This toy would help with phyical development by them holding it and shaking it, also accoriding to working with childern book, on page 61 it says mouthing helps the babies learn about objects. So with this toy they can mouth it which also helps their jaw muscles. The type of development would be physical. I think the aspects of this toy that made me want to buy it is that they are colorful with will help with the baby adjusting to colors and then they also shake and mouth them. The price of this toy was only $13.78 and i think thats a reasonable price consdiering it comes with so many different rattles and teethers. I think some safety precautions i would have to take is making sure none of them are broken before giving them to the baby that way they wont cut their mouths on a sharp part or choke on the stuff inside the rattle. Childern Ages 6-9 Months Babies 6-9 Months Babies 6-9 months are at the stage where they are crawling around or trying to crawl, they are extermly active and they want to explore everything. This is the age where parents start to baby proof their house so the baby can be safe when exploring. This toy is developmentally appropiate for babies age 6-9 months becuase it is helpful for them learnig how to crawl and move around. The skills this toy would help with would be the moving of the legs and arms, hopefully helping them to crawl and getting up on all fours. The type of development is phyical and intellectual. I think the aspects of this toy that presuaded me to buy it is that it makes sounds and it helps the baby to crawl by moving around. also it has different acitivies attached to it. According to the child development book, on page 220, childern start crawling between 6-8 months. The price of this toy is $30, while this toy does alot like moving and making noise, i think it is preety expenisve and im sure u can find somehting cheaper. I think the safety precautions I would need to take is making sure the baby doesnt fall on it becuase its hard and they could get hurt and to make sure they arent putitng their mouths all over it because it gets dirty by moving all over the floor. Childern Ages 9-12 Months Babies 9-12 Months Babies 9-12 have started to stand and they are starting to learn to walk and using gross moter skills. Babies are learning to walk and they can walk using support from an adult or a walking toy. Childern 9-12 months are learning to stand along wtith learning to walk. adults can hold their hadns and they can take a few steps. This is walker and its devlopmentally approprite for the age range 9-12 because they can use it to pull themselves up onto it and use it to stand, then they can use it to support them when they start walking. According to the CDC a 12 month old should be pulling up on things to stand, and holding on to funturie, they should also be walking or starting to walk. This would help with they physical skills, and the level of development would be physical development. The aspects that persuaded me to buy this toy was the fact that it has mulituple uses, the child can use the walker part or they can sit down and play at the table. The price of this walker is 46 dollars which is a little much and I think you can find

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