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The Westing Game chess template

Transcript: Max's Book Review Doug Hoo is a very talented high school track runner. Doug's father owns a chinese restaurant. Doug's partner is Theo Theodorakis. Sydelle Pulaski Chris is a very skilled bird watcher and can identify any bird. Chris is in a wheelchair and has trouble expressing his thoughts. His partner in the Westing Game is Denton Deere The Westing game is an anxiety builder throughout it's pages. This is a exiting and thrilling novel by Ellen Raskin that you wont put down till you find your self reading the authors notes! It's about A man with $200 million but more specifically his will. The will is a challenge between 16 heirs trying to find out who murdered the wealthy Sam Westing through bombings, robbers, and many,many twists and turns. I would recommend this book to anyone 9 and above. Before you read anything else read The Westing Game! Doug Hoo Theo Theodorakis Ryan's Book Review A grumpy restauranteur who is the father of Doug Hoo and husband of Madame Hoo. His partner in the Westing Game is Grace Wexler. Sydelle Pulaski is a secretary that lives on the 3c floor of Sunset Towers and feels that no one notices or cares about her. So, she has an artistic talent of painting her crutches. Her partner is Angela. The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin is a triller and gets better each chapter. A multi millionaire Sam W. Westing was murdered. 16 of his heirs gather at the mansion. They were all teamed up in the game room. 2 hiers were getting married. They don't know they were related to each other until they saw them in the mansion. 4 bombs went off in the hotel Sunset Towers. 2 bombs went off in the Hoo's reasterant at the top. 1 bomb in the coffe shop. 1 bomb in the elevater. I would recomend this book to kids 8 and up because it would be to scary for babies tots and little kids. Madame Hoo Ever wondering about what book you should read? Well if you like mysteries, action, bombs, murders, and a on the edge cliff hanger.Then you should try the exciting book The Westing game. this book is 16 heirs who are gathered at there old uncle sams funeral and find out the 200,000,000 in his will is now the prize in the contest known as the westing game. the point of the game is to find the murderer of Sam Westing . I would reccomend this book to kids because of the large amount of action. one of the great things about this book is the mystery you can try to figure out who the cunning murderer is. With cliff hanging and suspense this a great intresing book. The Westing Game is an exciting adventure book. I felt like I was one of the heirs! I liked how Ellen Raskin kept switching off from character to character. But, it is a little confusing knowing who is who and what they are doing, but that is what also makes the book interesting. I reccomend this book to readers who love suspense, adventure, and mysteries! If you like all of these, this book is for you! Grace Windsor Wexler Sam Westing is the reason that the 16 heirs are there and playing his crazy game. His nickname was "Old Uncle Sam". Flora Baumbach Abbey's Westing Game review DIEGO'S BOOK REVIEW Grace Wexler is a know-it-all woman who is Turtle and Angela's mother and claims to be a great niece of Sam Westing. Her partner in the game is Mr. Hoo. Sam Westing Flora Baumbach is a retired dressmaker. She is Turtle's best friend and an adopted grandmother. As luck would have it, Turtle is her partner. Madame is Mr. Hoo's second wife and is an immigrant from China. She is also the cook at Hoo's On First. Her partner is Jake Wexler. This very thirilling book by Ellen Raskin is filled with clues to make you gasp. Sam Westing gathers up 16 heirs with unidentified identities. I would reccomend The Westing Game to families and children ages 9 and up. With uniqe characters such as, Madame Hoo, Chris Theodorakis, Turtle Wexler, and Flora Buambach. You can never put this book down until you've reached the back cover. Berthe Erica Crow The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin is a fast-paced, cliff-hanging, "I must know more!" novel that I would recommend for kids 9 and up. With it's 16 main characters and 15 points of view, readers will get caught up in the residents of Sunset Towers' dilemmas and daily dramas. Sam Westing's game has sent these otherwise slightly off people into complete madness. For example, a completely normal child became a bomber just because she felt like people just looked at her from the outside and no one bothered to get to know her on the inside! I give this book five out of five stars because it has a plot that is always moving and progressing. If you get a little bored in the beginning, I advise you to keep reading!!! Theo is Chris' older brother that has a dream to become a writer when he becomes older. His partner is the Westing Game is Doug Hoo. Chris Theodorakis Matthew Book Review The Westing Game Seoyeon's Book Review Turtle Wexler Turtle is a smart 13 year old who is protective of her braid and plays the stock market. Her partner in the Westing


Transcript: international language Nf3 ¡Hola! Addictive Great Players Is a very special piece in chess Depicted as a horse's head Knight moves differently than other pieces; moves in an L-shape two squares up, down, left, or right, then one square to the side Is the only piece that can jump over other pieces, but still captures the same way as it moves 8 S Q U A R E S ...a game all can enjoy File Thanks for listening! Discovered Attacks sacrifice: a loss of pieces to gain something more valuable e.g. checkmate deflection: distracting a piece from doing one thing, then taking advantage of the undefended thing(s) as a result Tallest piece of the set Recognizable by his cross on top Although the most valuable, he is also the weakest piece as he could only move one square in any direction Captures same as moving, but can't move or capture where he can be taken by: Steven Yuan Identified by miter, or church bishop hat, on top Moves diagonally as many squares possible, but has to stay on same-colored squares LIke Rook, it can't move around pieces but still can capture opponent's pieces Rook Files, starting from the left, are named a, b, c, d... to h Ranks, starting from White's side, are named 1, 2, 3, 4, ... to 8 Squares are named by combining file letter with rank number Conclusion Interesting Forks, Pins, & Skewers Creative Fun Some great players in the past include: François Philidor (France, 1747 - 1795), Louis de la Bourdonnais (France, 1747 - 1795), and Howard Staunton (England, 1843 - 1851) Kingside Resembles a castle turret Moves in straight lines across ranks & files Can't move around pieces or capture its own Captures, or takes, opponent pieces same way as moving 1972 1866 to 1946 1980s to 2000 Pieces also have their own symbols; King is K, Queen Q, Rook R, Bishop B, Knight N, and Pawn no letter To write down a piece moving, put the piece symbol moving plus the square moved to Bishop Queenside Only female piece of the chess set Moves as a combination of the Bishop & Rook Can't cross through other pieces; captures the same way she moves First non-Soviet Union champion, Bobby Fischer of the U.S, is crowned after defeating Boris Spassky in a championship match this year Some real champions include: Wilhelm Steinitz (Austria, 1866 -1894) Emanuel Lasker (Germany, 1894 - 1921), and Alexander A. Alekhine (France, 1927 - 1935 & 1937 - 1946) Unlimited The Pieces Tactics & Strategies Diagonal King 2007 to present Viswanathan Anand from India is the current World Champion d5 Chess is given a boost from the championship duels between Gary Kasparov & Anatoly Karpov. During these years, there is also dispute over who gets the World Champion title. Knight The Knight The King The Chessboard The Pawn The Rook fork: an attack on two or more pieces at the same time pin: an attack on a piece that, when moved, leaves a more valuable piece undefended skewer: the opposite of a pin; a valuable piece is threatened & "pinned" to a less valuable piece Early Development Chess is... 1747 to 1851 ...a limitless game Pawn The Queen Modern Chess Removing the Defender 2000 8 SQUARES Easy Hello! Here they are! History Are the foot soldiers of the game Can't perform much on own, but if they get to the other side, it can be promoted Pawns move one space forward at a time, except for its first move, where it could move two spaces ahead Captures one space diagonally up, unlike its move Interactive Queen Chess is truly a game with unlimited possiblities; there is more to explore about chess than what you just see! As chess gains new players, new games are played, new World Champions are made, and new rules are posted. Who knows? Maybe chess will be the top sport in all countries one day. Chess Central Squares China, India, & Persia all have claimed to be the inventor of chess First written record of the history of chess credited to James Murray in his A History of Chess described how the Arabs were the first chess players & masters We know now India may have invented chess with chanturanga & spread it across Europe These three tactics are the building blocks of the most complex strategies. Sacrifices & Deflections Who am I? Algebraic Notation discovered attack: when a piece is moved out to attack two things at once Where did I come from? Vladimir Kramnik defeats Kasparov & ends the dispute over the World Champion The Bishop Rank What is chess? removing the defender: taking away a defending piece in a certain situation, then taking advantage of the undefended items(s) as a result


Transcript: Time Line The Developement of Chess as a Game 900s - Chess is introduced to Europe. 997 - Versas de Scashis is the earliest work mentioning chess in Western Europe. It is a 98 lined poem describing the game and it's rules. As-Suli writes Kitah Ash Shtraji. This is the earliest known work that views chess scientifically. Popularity of chess is increasing as chess becomes a royal pasttime. There is an increased amount of literature revolving around chess and it's themes. Churches begin to condemn chess as a sinful game due to chess's use of dice. The elephant chess piece is converted to an archer in Spain, a standard bearer in Italy, a courier in Germany, a court jester in France and finally a Bishop in Portugal, England, Ireland, and Iceland. 15th Century Late 10th century Italian Chess set made from bone with ivory topping. 11th Century Chess Pieces Illustration of Shatranj piece in Thomas Hyde's book (Mandragorias, seu, Historia shahiludii, 1694) Elephant and Bull playing pieces from the 2nd century. 800s - Moors bring Chess to Spain. Chess reaches Italy. 800s - Charlemagne is introduced to chess via a gift from Haroon-al-Rashid. 820 - Chess is introduced in Russia possibly through the Caspian-Volga trade route. 895 - Chess is introduced to the Greeks; they call it Zatrikion. Lewis Chessmen - a 78 piece collection of 12th century chess pieces. 12th Century Late 14th Century - The en passant rule is introduced. 16th Century List of Influential People 6th Century 9th Century 14th Century 10th Century Caliph Al-Muktafi Empress Adelaide and Empress Theophano Eleanor of Aquitaine Queen Constance Queen Margaret of England Kings Henry I Henry II Richard I Alfonso X of Castile Ivan IV of Russia. Louis IX of France Aladdin Al-Rushid 1008 - Mention of chess in the will of Count Uregal. 1061 - scandals involving bishops and priests gambling and playing games of chance eventually led to a banning of chess in the church and knightly orders. 1090 - Alternating dark and light squares are found common place on chess boards. 1510 - Marco Girolamo Vida wrote Scacchia ludus(The Game of Chess) with the first reference to a goddess of chess.[3] 1512 - Pedro Damiano publishes one of the first chess treatises, Questo libro e da imparare giocare a scachi et de li partiti 1527 - An Italian poet, Vida, fancifully identified the Rook as an elephant with a tower on his back, as used by Hannibal seventeen centuries earlier. This caught on, but the elephant was costly to carve, and disappeared leaving only the tower. 1561 - Ruy López coins the word gambit to describe opening sacrifices. 1580s - Queen becomes the strongest piece instead of the weakest. The average game was halved in length. Bishops were given the same treatment as queens. The pieces were now long range attacking pieces. 1100 - Because chess has become associated with royality the game spreads further through Europe. 1115 - Byzantine Emporer is described as being a chess 'adict'. 1125 - Chess is banned in some Byzantine Churches. 1173 - Earliest recorded use of algebraic chess notation. Chaturanga board set up Little evidence suggests a game similar to chess was being played in China around 204-203 BC. Chess set from North Afghanistan that ranges from the 6th to 8th century. An early 6th century terracotta knight. 1200 - Courier Chess played on 12x8 board. 1200 - Great Chess is played on a 100 square board. 1275 - Pawns can move two ranks on the first move. 1283 - Alfonso X complies the Libro de los juegos. This has an extensive collection of chess problems. Chaturauga devloped in India during this time period. 531 - Chess was introduced into Persia from India during the reign of Khusrau Nushirwau. Oranate figures were replaced with simplified versions cast from clay or carved from stone. Dice is still continued to be used to determine moves. 569 Chinese protochess, Xiangi, is invented by Emperor Wu Ti. The game was more than likely influenced by the popular game, Go. Made in the 11th century. This set is often wrongly named 'The Charlemagne Set'. 1422 - A manuscript from Kraków sets the rule that stalemate is a draw. 1471 - The Göttingen manuscript is the first book to deal solely with chess. 1474 - William Caxton publishes The Game and Playe of Chesse, the first chess book in English. 1475 - The modern moves for the queen, bishop, and castling are slowly adopted. 1475 - Scachs d'amor the first published game of modern chess, written as a poem. 1497 - Luis Ramirez Lucena publishes the first European work on chess openings. 5th century Persian elephant piece. Unproven chess piece with a wide time range. Piece is dated between the 2nd and 5th century around Northern India. 3nd Century BC 13 Century

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