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Charlie Brown Halloween Powerpoint Template

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Charlie brown

Transcript: Charlie Brown Citations - clevland clinic medical ( 2023, Septemer 9) clevland clinical avoident personality disorder - kid encyclpedia (2023, October 16) Charlie brown facts for kids Introducing charachter Treatments Avoident personality disorder (Apd) Avoident personality disorder (apd) is when a person has a low self- esteem followed by a fear of rejection, along with alot of anxiety . This disorder has alot to do with the feeling very flawed. pschodynamic therapy -focuses on the emotional roots of disorder - takes a deeper look into relationships as well as the behavior patterns that you have created Cognitive behaviorl therapy - Therapy based on goals, Goal of this for of therapy is to get person to notice how your thoughts can effect your actions. - Can help learn adapt better thinking habbits No medacation but anxiety and depression meds can be given Charlie Brown the main character of the 'Peanuts' comics and films, faces an abundance of challenges that make him relatable to audiences , his constant battle with shyness to his power to solve things, Charlie Browni s a charachter that can connect to someone on a more personal level Constant feeling of doubt Believes he will mess something up Nobody likes me Lets himself down constantly Causes for behavior There is no postive anwser onto why this charachter acts the way he does because it is a charachter created by Charles M. Schulz the creator of the "Peanuts" Charlie Brown short movies and comic strips.

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