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Charlie Brown Christmas Powerpoint Template

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A Charlie Brown Christmas

Transcript: Lucy poem. Why do you think this cartoon was aired on television for as long as it has? Why does Charlie Brown pick the tree he chooses? The main message The music makes me feel calm because of the tone of the music. A Charlie Brown Christmas By Miguel Uliasz, 1-16-15, 3rd Block Yes because they started helping Charlie brown decorate his tree. Would you recomend this cartoon to others? The theater, a pond, Charlie Brown's house, an outside fence, and a christmas tree shop. Do the kids seem to understand the true meaning for christmas? No because they all want money and cool presents at the begining of the movie. Because it was a very popular classic. L: loud U: upgoing C: childish Y: young Yes because it is a very entertaining classic. main characters Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Sally, Pig pen, Linus, and Shroeder. Do the other kids treat Charlie Brown fairly? Words that describe Charlie Brown I think the true meaning of christmas is that a person was born to bring peace to the world. The main problem is that Charlie Brown is depressed. The main problem I think Charlie Brown is lonely and depressed because a lot of people are mean to him and don't give him any support. No because they are always saying mean things to him. What do you think is the true meaning of christmas? Sequence of events 1.Charlie Brown feels depressed and lonely. 2.The peanut gang went skating at the pond to play crack-the-whip. 3.Lucy tried to fix Charle Brown's problem by asking him to be the director of the christmas play. 4.Sally asks Charlie Brown to write a letter to santa asking for tens and twenties. 5.Lucy tells Charlie Brown to buy a pink tree. 6.Charlie and Linus go to a christmas tree lot to buy a christmas tree. 7.Charlie Brown find a small,scrawny christmas tree. 8.Linus tells the true meaning of christmas. 9.Charlie Brown learns the true meaning of christmas. 10.Snoopy wins the christmas decorating contest. I think he chooses the tree he picks because it is the only wooden one. Do you think the kids learned a lesson by the end of the movie? The music Setting The main message is that christmas isn't about getting what you want.

Charlie Brown Christmas

Transcript: It first premiered December 9, 1965 Its always on american TV every year around Christmas.The scenes are pretty short. All together its 60 minutes long. There is a special showcase just for Charlie (the main character). And its 25 minutes long. Done by: Katrina Gentner Charlie Brown Christmas Created: Charles Schulz Sponsored by: Character Lucy Snoopy Charlie Brown Schroeder are the main characters Behind the scenes When it first started The coca-cola business jazz background music they get surrounded by bright lights and stark reminders if needed in practices (when preforming) The children provide the voices not the parents he is the producers of the Charlie Brown Christmas after high school he liked to do others jobs to help his family with money Charles was very good at drawing he wanted to start a Catholic comic magazine called timeless topic people liked his idea about the magazine He went to the services because his mom died of cancer he had the idea to put kids in the comic strip that he knew Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!! "Peanuts Characters in Hong Kong." Flickr. Yahoo!, n.d. Web. 19 Dec. 2013. "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Shopping." Flickr. Yahoo!, 30 Dec. 2007. Web. 19 Dec. 2013. "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree." Flickr. Yahoo!, 24 Dec. 2010. Web. 19 Dec. 2013. Unknow. "Charles M. Schulz at Camp Snoopy's 10th Anniversary, 1993.jpg." Http://'s_10th_anniversary,_1993.jpg. N.p., 26 Nov. 1993. Web. 19 Dec. 2013. "File:Coca-Cola Logo.svg." - Wikimedia Commons. N.p., n.d. Web. 19 Dec. 2013. About Charles Schulz Bibliography

Charlie Brown

Transcript: Axis I Who is Charlie Brown? Oftentimes bullied by his "friends," especially Lucy even the adults do not treat Charlie brown very well He worries no one likes him Global Assessment of Functioning Scale: 68 Charlie Brown is very independent for a young child shows symptoms of depression struggles with social situations (friends) Axis II Axis V Depression often gloomy has negative self image does not feel happy when doing things he should enjoy From Peanuts Created by Charles M. Shultz in 1947 Best friends with Snoopy the Dog Bad things happen to him a lot "Good grief" Sometimes called "Chuck," "Charles," or "Blockhead" Charlie Brown There is nothing physically wrong with Charlie brown occasionally embarrasses himself by falling/injury Avoidant Personality Disorder feels bad about himself when people disapprove of him afraid of getting something wrong has low self esteem Axis IV Axis III Sources/Images

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