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Transcript: Works Cited Dictionary Definition According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, charisma is "compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others" or a "special, magnetic charm or appeal." Delivery as well as content Verbals: metaphors, stories/anecdotes, moral conviction, sentiments of the collective, set high expectations, communicate confidence, contrasts, lists, rhetorical questions Nonverbals: body gestures, facial expressions, animated voice tones What do you think makes a person charismatic? How can you use this information to make your oratory skills more powerful? ANTONAKIS, JOHN, MARIKA FENLEY, and SUE LIECHTI. "Can Charisma Be Taught? Tests Of Two Interventions." Academy Of Management Learning & Education 10.3 (2011): 374-396. Business Source Premier. Web. 10 Nov. 2014. Bensman, Joseph and Michael Givant. "Charisma and Modernity: The Use and Abuse of a Concept." Social Research, Vol. 42, No. 4, Charisma, Legitimacy, Ideology and Other Weberian Themes (WINTER 1975), pp. 570-614 "Charisma." Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Web. 10 November 2014. Discussion Question Charisma How to Be More Charismatic Can Charisma Be Taught? (5:46-6:36) According to Max Weber, charisma is not merely the possession of grace, but rather the belief of the possession of grace on the part of the audience and the part of the speaker (Bensman). Leaders are said to have charisma when they communicate in "vivid and emotional ways that federate collective action around a vision" (Antonakis).


Transcript: Qualities of Charismatic Leaders: Mrs. Tidman -Mrs Tidman is one of the Vice Principles at our school, she approaches all situations with a positive attitude and knows how to make people feel good about themselves. She always has a smile on her face and is constantly motivating people and is quick on her feet to fix problems. What is Charisma? Charisma is compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others. -The question is argued often, some say you have to be born with it, some think otherwise. -Style and Personality may represent the belief that you are born with charisma -Other elements of charisma, such as behavior are developed throughout your life. -Developing the qualities of charisma may be challenging. Selena and Jessica -Very good at persuading people do do what they want -They improve peoples creativity and motivation -Well liked/supported by their peers -Tend to have higher confidence -Gets a variety of stuff to engage with their vision and ideals -Employee's enjoy working for them Works Cited -Nelson Mandela -Ellen DeGeneres -Oprah Winfrey -John F Kennedy -Gandhi -Martin Luther King Jr. -Winston Churchill -Bill Clinton -Barack Obama Ellen Degeneres Advantages of Charismatic Leadership Depending on how you use your charismatic leadership skills, it can either have a positive, or negative effect on society. Impacts on Society Charismatic Leader: The guidance provided to an organization by one or more individuals seen as heroic or inspiring and who have therefore been granted the organizational power to make dramatic changes and extract extraordinary performance levels from its staff. Are Charismatic Leaders Born or made? -Martin Luther King JR = Positive Effect -Adolf Hitler = Negative Effect Disadvantages of being a Charismatic Leaders Examples of Charismatic Leaders -They sometimes can be more confident in themselves rather than their team -Think too highly of themselves -May believe they can do no wrong -Charismatic Leaders sometimes rely on their charm and other people's view of them which can give them a negative look -They have to be devoted to what they are doing or else everything can fall apart Ellen DeGeneres is a famous talk show host on her hit show called "Ellen". Ellen is the perfect example of a charismatic leader because she has tons of charm. She is well known for her sense of humor, but lots of people don't know just how much of a leader she is. She is full of charisma and she inspire millions of people across the world and tries her best to make peoples lives better. Charismatic Leadership! THANK YOU!


Transcript: References How good are you at remembering people's names? What strategies help you to remember? Has anyone ever rubbed you the wrong way for no apparent reason? It just happens but as a leader, how can you change your attitude towards people you do not like? Yvette Benavidez EDL 5303 Human Relations in Educational Administration Presentation of a Maxwell Principle: charisma March 3, 2014 There are 6 ways to make people like you (cont'd) Studies show charisma is not innate The art of charisma can be learned Six ways to develop this skill Forget the W.O.O. factor: Winning Others Over You walk into a room full of people and they typically would say, "There you are!" OR You walk into a room full of people and you typically would say, "Here I am!" Charisma Can Be a Learned Skill Think about this... 1. Become genuinely interested in other people 2. Smile because it invites eye contact 3. Remember to use a person's name Maxwell, J.C. (2004) Winning with People Cabane, O.F. (2012) The Charisma Myth YouTube Video Stanford Technology Author - Olivia Cabane The Charisma Myth October 2012 Main message 4. Be a good listener 5. Speak in terms of the other person's interest 6. Make the other person feel important and do it sincerely Charisma can be activated to a varying degree and is different for each person we interact with... The Charisma Principle There are 6 ways to make people like you Expounding on the art of charisma... Having charisma is not about being popular, impressing others, or being besties with your staff. Having charisma is about letting people know you care. Having charisma is about changing your focus and becoming interested in others. Discussion Questions


Transcript: Charisma Charisma What do we now about it ? 01 Charisma is a certain quality of an individual personality by virtue of which he is set apart from ordinary men and treated as endowed with supernatural, superhuman, or at least specifically exceptional powers or qualities. These as such are not accessible to the ordinary person, but are regarded as of divine origin or as exemplary, and on the basis of them the individual concerned is treated as a leader. Leadership x-factor ? 02 People around the world seem to agree on which leaders possess that mysterious X-factor leadership quality: charisma. Jesus and Buddha had it, and so did Churchill, De Gaulle, FDR, Gandhi, JFK, Reagan and Clinton. Obama had it when he was running for president, but I am not sure whether he still has it or has somehow lost it. I am fairly sure that none of the Republican Candidates have that X-factor of leadership, charisma. What qualities leader should have ? 03 A Charismatic Leader should have Elocution Individuality Special rate of speech Boldness Confidence Equanimity 1. Seize Your Moment Research suggests that groups have a strong desire for charismatic leadership when they suffer some existential threat. In one study social psychologists Cohen, Solomon et al. asked participants to write down what they thought would happen to them when they were dying.2 In a control condition they jotted down what would happen when they were taking an important exam. They then rated the suitability of one of three candidates for a mock state governor election based on their speeches. Under the exam conditions they preferred a task-oriented leader ("I will implement state wide plans to provide the resources to get the job done"). Only in the dying condition did they prefer the charismatic leader who said things like: "My goal is to do things differently than my predecessors have done and I'm willing to take some chances to show my voters how things can be improved." 2. Leader have to behave different 04 Charisma is about change and novelty. It seems that charismatic leadership becomes important when groups are fed up with the existing political hierarchy of a group and are in desperate need of change. Think of the rising popularity of Jesus after widespread dissatisfaction with the corrupt Temple priests. If you want charisma it helps to be different. This could be literally true. A recent study by Senior, Martin and colleagues at Aston University Business School found that individuals with asymmetric bodies and faces scored higher on a transformational leadership scale (a measure of charisma).3 This parallels stories about charismatic individuals in animal groups. These are outsiders who come new into a group and suddenly attract a lot of attention—"attention-holding power." They use this attention to challenge the alpha of the group and overthrow him with the support of the subordinates who are fed up with being dominated. 3. Develop your Prestige Whatever it takes 05 Charisma is probably the oldest form of leadership that humans know because it is based entirely on the exceptional personal qualities of an individual. In hunter-gatherer societies (which is the model of the way our ancestors lived) people were only able to exercise influence once they had proven to be the best at something, say hunting or gathering, or because they possessed some unique knowledge, say herbal medicine. Thus, in order to get charisma, and attract followers, people were always looking for ways in which they could be most useful to the group, and once they found something, they worked hard on their skills. Thus they developed prestige. In the complex world we live in it is not always easy to find out how to get prestige. But if you got something special that many people find useful, such as the skills and talents to build a computer or come up with a new ideology or religion that provides answers to people's existential questions, you will get your share of charisma. Why do you need charisma? What will it give? 06 With the help of charisma you can use human trust for your own needs, both in good and bad. Charisma is one of the most important factors in the formation of a future political leader. Not having money, power, fame and merit, wielding only charisma you can move people to kill or die

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