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Judges Presentation

Transcript: The National Judiciary Affidavit: a written or printed statement made under oath Affirmed: the court of appeals concludes that the lower court decision was correct and will stand as rendered by the lower court Amicus Curiae: Latin for "friend of the court." It is advice formally offered to the court by in a brief filed by a non-party entity Appeal: A request made after a trial by a party that had on one or more issues where a higher court reviewed the decision to determine if it was correct Article III Judge: a federal judge who is appointed for life Brief: A written statement submitted in a trial or appellate proceeding that explains one side's legal and factual arguments Judicial Jargon The chief justice is the highest justice of the 9 members of the supreme court. He or she is also the chief administrative officer for the federal courts, and considered the spokesperson for the judicial branch of the U.S. government. The Federal Court System The Chief Justices The Inferior Courts The Evolution of the Judicial System Judicial Activism-The idea that judges(most notably those in the Supreme Court)can and should interpret the Constitution towards what they think is a healthy and constructive society. They should go beyond their original role as law keepers and consider the Constitution in the conditions of current society. Notable SCOTUS cases in which judicial activism was implemented are: Wickard v. Filburn, which involved stretching the original writing of the Constitution United States v. SCRAP, which involved expanding the power of the court beyond it original limits The Slaughterhouse Cases, which involved contortion of the 14th Amendment and the nullification of rights secured by the amendment Thompson v. Oklahoma, which involved the application of the idea of a "living Constitution" Lemon v. Kurtzman, which involved the judges putting policy before legal requirements Writ of Certiorari and Appeals The Supreme Court Judicial Jargon Judicial Activism In the past, the court system has had a fluctuating number of members ranging from 7 to 10 at a time. They have also been taking fewer cases each year decreasing from approximately 100 to 80. In addition, the Supreme Court has been argued to be more political due to the idea that they were the last refuge for cases that weren't approved by the legislatures. Currently, there is a set number of eight officials in the court. But the current limit set by congress is up to nine justices. They look over a case in which they receive and come to a final decision on what seem to be the most constitutional side of a story. Due Process: the legal rights of someone who confronts an adverse action threatening liberty or property Federal Question Jurisdiction: Jurisdiction given to federal courts on cases involving the interpretation and application of the U.S. Constitution and acts of Congress Judicial Conference of the U.S: the policy- making entity fo the federal court system Moot: not subject to a court ruling because the controversy has not actually arisen, or has ended Opinion: a judge's written explanation of the decision of the court Testimony: evidence presente orally by witnesses during the trials or before grand juries Future If either side of a lower court ruling feels that the court decided incorrectly, it will appeal to a higher court in an attempt to get a different ruling. They can do this by asking the higher court for a writ of ceriorari, or having the lower court send up the case record for review in the higher court. If the higher court denies the writ, the lower ruling still stands. Supreme Courts of the USA Present The court system hopes to become more open minded to the idea of LBGT rights while continuing to be constitutional in the process. Past The Special Courts Burden of proof: the duty to prove disputed facts Case File: A complete collection of every document filed in court in a case Case Law: the law as established in previous court decisions; legal precedent Cause of Action: a legal claim Chief Judge: the judge with primary responsibility for the administration of the court Complaint: a written statement that begins with a civil lawsuit Dismissal with Prejudice: court action that prevents an identical lawsuit from being filed in the future Judicial Jargon

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Transcript: St. Luke's Robotics 2014 -Used engineering process -Reverse wheel function -Spring loaded arm brake -Used RobotC Programming Our Team Mission Statement PREPARE Kangal and Associates LLC Dr. Kenneth C. Lambert Billy Yates State Farm Agency Sara Marie Surber (with Billy Yates) Southern Earth Science Inc. James and Diana Laier N-Tron/Red Lion Kimberly-Clark McAleer's Office Furniture Capable of transporting over land, air, or sea IMPROVE Infomercial The St. Luke’s Robotics Team is a growing, unified, transportation company with a focus on reliable and environmentally friendly service. -Annual safety day -Designated set up/clean up time -Organized tool room -Subsidiary of St. Luke's Episcopal School, est. 1961 -Official business for seven years -Middle and high school participants ...15 girls, 12 boys ...25% minority involvement ...13 involved in sports, 12 involved in arts ...18 on robot team, 9 on BEST team -Went to summer camps to excite kids about robotics by building robots with them -Launched Robbie the Robot to spread the word of BEST -Visited new schools and gave tips on marketing, presentation, and programming CNC Router Twitter and Instagram @slesrobotics Flyer THANK YOU!!! SHARE Brochure Out of 27... ASK Chief of Police James Barber District Attorney Ashley Rich Social Media -Gear powered arm -Wheelie bar -Chicken picker-upper - Rubber tractioned wheels -Spring loaded wrist -Double hooked claw -Automatic locking brake Sponsors Outreach Senator Bill Hightower To design a vehicle capable of transporting and maneuvering structures of extreme length and weight to the assembly site without negatively affecting America’s transportation system or environment. #271 we Robot Features Focus we IT'S A TEAM THING PLAN T-Shirt Design Engineering Process St. Luke's Robotics Presentation 2014 Safety Game Strategy SolidWorks South's BEST FRIENDS OF BEST THE A-TEAM SPONSORS MENTORS Mayor Sandy Stimpson -Relocate prairie chickens -Obtain OSOW permit -Transport large blades -Assemble large nacelle -Team to strategize pros/cons of collaborating with other teams Demographics CARE IMAGINE we CREATE

Certificate Presentation

Transcript: Leadership skills and role models The Living Learning Community 4. Collaborate & Create Cybersecurity, personalized medicine, A.I. 3. Beyond the Classroom Certificate The GLI Student Group Poverty, human trafficking, access to education Growth in Leadership Migration, cultural identity, political gridlock Networking opportunities with leaders from various fields Studying how to generate and implement geothermal energy at the University of Iceland A seminar on different approaches to leadership GLI benefits for your future A small, interdisciplinary seminar A multidisciplinary perspective on global issues Community Giving back together Understanding global challenges at the local level, researching the human impact on the lands and waterways of Montana What will your experience be? Food security, clean water, energy use Where the community connects online Providing social events for and meaningful dialogue about the GLI 1. Explore Global Challenges The GLI Facebook Group The Capstone Experience Shared spaces and shared experiences GLI Service Days Chronic disease, mental health, children's health The challenges that you will confront at graduation are increasingly global and multifaceted in nature. The Global Century A service-learning project to feed children in Chacraseca, Nicaragua through sustainable agricultural practices GLI benefits as a college student... Opportunities to determine and practice your personal leadership style Exploring Global Challenges You will be the leaders and entrepreneurs who will shape the innovation and progress of the future. To do so, you will need: Global Leadership Thank you for coming! GLI Global Themes A full-day retreat with your peers Providing HIV/AIDS prevention education to communities in Cape Town through the Treatment Action Campaign A 12-credit Certificate in Global Leadership All statistics from the American Association of Universities and Colleges Beyond the Classroom 2. Growth in Leadership The Certificate in Global Leadership gives you the chance to work across disciplines to address global challenges and provides opportunities for out-of-classroom learning. Facilitated discussions on global challenges A foundational course on GLI's global themes Franke GLI will be hosting office hours tomorrow from 10am-3pm in Gilkey 007 and 008. Connect with the GLI Personal advising on your individual path Leah Payne A small discussion-based class as a freshman Technology and Society A faculty mentor assigned to each team 2. Funding toward an out-of-classroom experience The chance to address a real-world problem 3. The ability to collaborate across disciplines Significant leadership experiences Natural Resources and Sustainability Varied perspectives on global challenges Rachael Schmocker A tangible project on your resume 84% of employers expect students to complete a significant project The ability to collaborate across disciplines 90% of employers expect their employees to coordinate across departments Cody Dems A network of globally engaged peers and faculty members Raphael Hagen Hands-on experience Social Inequality and Human Rights An incredible resume-building opportunity 4. Hands-on, real-world experiences 81% of employers expect students to complete an internship or community-based field project to connect classroom learning with real-world experiences Studying how geothermal energy is harnessed and utilized in Iceland Raphael Hagen Options include: -An Internship -Service Learning -Education Abroad -Undergraduate Research The chance to learn from leaders in various fields Culture and Politics The experience will be tied to your chosen Global Challenge All GLI Fellows who meet the defined criteria will receive funding for this experience Small, interdisciplinary teams 1. A mentor guided opportunity to collaborate with peers Public and Global Health At least 3 upper-division credits of experiential learning

Judges Presentation

Transcript: Brought to You by Your Judges: Kay Syeda, Naisha Gottipati, & Abhyas Mandapati Court Trial Legal Glossary Legal Glossary Manslaughter: The killing of a person(s) without planning beforehand. It can be either involuntary or voluntary. An example of involuntary manslaughter would be tossing a banana peel on the deck of a cruise ship which causes somebody to slip on the peel, fall overboard, and die. Voluntary manslaughter occurs due to aggression or “heat of the moment”. For example, Gollum killing his cousin in a moment of greed for the One True Ring (Lord of the Rings). Vocab Murder Vocab Killing a person(s) with a motive in mind along with a plan; is done illegally. Ex: Thanos murdering half of the known universe for the motive of preserving resources. Proof : A piece of information or evidence that proves something to be a truth beyond doubt. - Ex: The verified badge on Twitter that proves that the user is who he/she claims to be. Objection : An attorney argues that the way of questioning a witness is improper and must be stopped by the Judge. The Judge can either stop the line of questioning or let it continue. - Ex: An attorney argues that a question is unrelated to the crime committed and asks the Judge to stop the other attorney Vocab Continued... Accused: A person who has been formally charged with a crime; is the defendant in court. - Ex: Mark Wahlberg was accused of attempted murder in 1987 after he severely beat up 2 men. Cross-Examination: Questioning of the witness by the opposing attorney. This is done to discredit the direct testimony of a witness. - Ex: The prosecution questions a witness from the defendant’s side who had under direct examination said he was Indonesian, but under cross-examination says that he is Russian. Some More Vocab... Cruel & Unusual Punishment: Extreme and not normal punishment like beating, electrocution, beheading, etc. Ex: Making someone watch nothing but Caillou for 24 hours. ;) Burden of Proof: Innocent until proven guilty. Prosecution has to convince judges that the person accused is guilty (beyond reasonable doubt). Ex: Prosecution responsible to prove without doubt that the defendant was the one who stole the last cookie. Reasonable Doubt: The doubt that a reasonable person would have after hearing all of the evidence. Ex: The jury (or the judges) having some doubt about a blind man being capable of murdering an entire town in a single night. More Vocab... Leading or Coaching a Witness: An improper form of direct examination in which the attorney examines the witness by giving them questions in a way that they suggest the correct answer. Ex: An attorney asking “The time in which the crime took place was about 6:30, right?” Acquit: To declare a person not guilty (not innocent, just not guilty). Ex: Snoop Dogg was charged with murder in 1993, but was acquitted/released in 1996. Even More Vocab... Conspiracy: A secret agreement between two or more people to carry out an unlawful or harmful act. Ex: All of the Spider-Men teaming up to steal all the pizzas in New York Expert Witness: A witness with with specialized knowledge on a subject on a topic that a normal person doesn’t have. Ex: Liam Neeson is called upon to testify and unlike normal witnesses has a set of special skills. Extra Vocab... Objections! Here Are the Types of Objections You'll Need to Know! More Objections Overrule & Sustain Objections Irrelevant Testimony Definition Example When witness is being asked a question that has nothing to do with the crime. The prosecution asking Gordon Ramsay what he ate for breakfast some day last year during a case in which he is being prosecuted for mass food poisoning. #irrelevant Badgering the Witness Definition Example When the attorney is deliberately harassing or annoying a witness. Daffy Duck harassing Porky Pig when he is on the witness stand. Lacks Expertise/Not Qualified Definition Example When the witness is not qualified to answer a question. Attorney cannot ask a soldier what the medical cause of death was of a victim. Leading the Witness (Coaching) Definition Example The attorney cannot ask leading questions that lead to certain answers. They can only listen to the facts unless it is the cross-examination. Attorney cannot ask witness, “Does this picture of a butterfly remind you of how you saw the dead victim with butterfly wings carved onto his back?” Calls For a Conclusion Definition Example Rather than allowing the witness to narrate their story, the opposing attorney attempts to ask questions that deal in opinions rather than facts in which the witness is forced to make conclusions. An attorney asks the witness that he’s examining the following question: “Why do you think the person who was accused stayed and Fortnite danced next to the dead victim’s body until the police came, instead of running away." Hearsay Definition Example If a witness testifies something they heard secondhand, it is objectionable. A witness saying that they heard from their Not

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