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Certificate Of Training Template For Powerpoint

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Transcript: Reaching toward Perfection in the art and science of Language Teaching 4633 N. Western Ave., Suite 207, Chicago, IL Phone: +1 215 773 382-1567 Accredited in the U.S. The MEG TESOL Vision Our ultimate goal in providing the TESOL Certification Course is not only to help you realize your dreams (to become a language teacher, to work in a foreign country, to learn a new culture or a language, or to help others pursue their academic goals), but also to educate you about the value, role, and capability of the TESOL profession in today’s world. We are different from other Teaching ESL services because our instructors are not only native speakers but they have mastered the science of Second Language Acquisition and mastered the principles, theories, philosophy of teaching ESL. Being native speakers they provide an authentic English language teaching environment. Our goal is to provide you with the best you deserve. Contact Midwest Education Group 4633 N. Western Ave., Suite 207 Chicago, Illinois 60625 Phone: (773) 382-1567 Fax: (773) 382-1567 Skype: contact.midwested Email: Enroll Now! TESOL, a combination of TEFL and TESL, stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. TEFL - Teaching English as a Foreign Language. This term is most often used when English is being taught in a country where it is not the native language (teaching English to Saudis in Saudi Arabia). TESL - Teaching English as a Second Language. This is where English is being taught to non-native speakers of English in a country where it is the native language (teaching English to new immigrants of U.K or U.S.A). MEG Mission 120 hour certificate. accredited in the U.S., recognized internationally. Online access to 50 modules of material PREZI online software account access Access to MEG's regional recruitment organization. MEG TESOL Accreditation Objectives: The TESOL Certificate Course will provide the most essential knowledge and skills necessary to teach the English language to speakers of other languages. This course will educate teachers to address the major issue in the language teaching field such as language acquisition process, & learning differentiation. How different teaching methodologies address different learning styles, goals, and needs of the individual learner. This course will train teachers to engage learning via interactive activities and technology, to stimulate emotional intelligence. Tap into learning motivation and to assess, evaluate, and measure language proficiency, school curriculum, textbook, and course syllabus, MIDWEST EDUCATION GROUP TESOL Certification What you'll receive with MEG TESOL Certification What is TESOL? The mission of Midwest Education Group is to educate and prepare individuals who leave the institution knowledgeable in the factors and issues which inform second language education, are capable of teaching English as a Second Language, and have the skills necessary to respect, work with, and live among diverse cultures and populations of learners, while promoting better communication and world peace. TESOL Overview Midwest Education Group has grown from a group of Educational Doctors in the field of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. We have built a strong team of professors, educational leaders, and classroom instructors from Chicago, Illinois and the Midwest region of the United States. Illinois Board of Higher Education Certified Program; National Accreditation for Colleges & Schools Accredited; Designed based on humanistic, experiential, and progressive teaching. 120-Academic Hour Training Teaching demonstrations, Lesson planning and analysis, Practice teaching and feedback. Develop skills in teaching listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and cross culture communication.

Jennifer Anderson TIS Presentation

Transcript: About Me Training & Skills Get this Prezi Template from: Education 2013 Boise State University MA Educational Technology Certificate in Online Teaching Certificate in School Technology Coordination Masters Training Online Teaching Blackboard Collaborate Moodle LMS Website Development Technology Planning Grant Writing Cheyenne Schools Foundation Grant- 5 iPads BA 2009 University of Wyoming BA Biological Science Education Zoom around and insert your ideas Thank you for your consideration! TIS Presentation "We need technology in every classroom and in every student and teacher's hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time, and it is the lens through which we experience much of our world". - David Warlick Passionate educator with great interest in science and technology. Current 7th Grade Life Science Teacher Johnson Junior High Previous CTE Educational Consultant Wyoming Department of Education Previous High School Biology Teacher Rawlins High School Technology Interests: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Gamification, and Maker Spaces. Jennifer Anderson 307-760-3309 @andersonlifesci Jennifer Anderson MA Other Training Smartboard Training AVID Training ARCTIC Team at Johnson District Lab Opportunities MOOCs- Massive Open Online Courses ISTE Canvas LMS OneNote: Student Portfolios, Content Sharing, Teacher Content Curation, Easy Feedback Collaboration with Office 365 Tools: Word, Sway, Powerpoint, OneNote iMovie, Windows Movie Maker Various Web Tools, Apps, & Citizen Science Web Sites Teacher use of Smart Notebook, Powerpoint with Office Mix Augmented Reality WHY ME? Collaborative, Team Player Enjoy helping and teaching adults technology Passionate about Ed Tech Avid follower of Ed Tech leaders ISTE Member Knowledgeable and resourceful Fast Learner, Intuitive Consistenly improving my knowledge base through MOOCs, social media, and traditional classes How do I use Technology with my students?

LEAD Certificate-Training Program

Transcript: of employers who complete NACE report say, they look for leadership in a candidates resume (this was the highest rated attribute) Teaching for diversity and social justice Herstories: Leading with the lessons of the lives of Black women activists Diverse Student Identity and Capacity Development. (2013). ASHE Higher Education Report, Exemplary Programs and Characteristics of Effective Practices. (2013). ASHE Higher Education Report Introduction to leadership: Concepts and practice Layers of Critical Engagement: Exploring the Intersections of Leadership, Critical Theory, and Learning Vision Strategic Plan: Formal Leadership Training. The Center does not offer formal leadership training. Staffers either learn by doing or participate in institutes that are led by local or regional community leaders. The Center will establish a leadership program for current and prospective staffers that integrates theoretical models, practical skill development, and community organizing strategies. Colleagues in other departments such as Student Activities Office and Swearer Center will also be consulted to both coordinate efforts and distinguish the Center’s training from other experiences. Social Identity Theory: - Influences how one sees self, interacts with others, decisions made, and how they live their lives -Privilege and Oppression -some identities are more highly valued than others in this society Vetting Process for Presenters Literature Administrators BCSC professional staff Jorge Vargas (Counseling Center) Ashley Greene (College Advising Corps) Shelley Adriance (Student Activities) Maura Pavalow (Former Interim Director of Women's Center) Kisa Takesue (School of Professional Studies) Andy Jacques (RISD-LEADS) Alison Jackson-Frazier (Leadership programs at URI) Vision Why Leadership? Facilitating spaces to: encourage identity exploration and expression build cross-cultural awareness Practical skill development Networking opportunity Self reflection Opportunity to develop a leader schema (mental blue print of who you will be as a leader) Privilege/Oppression Internalized Oppression Stereotype threat Critical race theory Social Change Model of Leadership Goal Setting (S.M.A.R.T goals) Mission statements Student Development Self-authorship Theoretical Foundation Additional Critical Components and theories covered Input Nominations Goal Setting Public Speaking Interpersonal Communication with people in positions of authority LEAD Certificate-Training Program 77.8% LEAD Certificate and Training Program Presenters were chosen by the criteria below Expertise in an area related to the curriculum Person of color who is leading in their own right Person with some involvement with the BCSC Student/ Staff Presence Structure When evaluating the influence an attribute on a resume has on hiring that person: On a 5 point scale (1=no influence and 5=extreme influence) Holding a leadership position, had a 3.9 rating According to strategic plan Mellon Mays Fellows and Joslin award winners, consistently cite leadership within the BCSC as contributing factor to their success Students/ Alumni Student Initiatives Interviewed 6 students Worked with 1 student staffer and two campus leaders 1 alumni

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