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Certificate Of Degree Powerpoint Template

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Degree and Certificate Requirments

Transcript: The Road Ahead Associate Degree & Certificate Programs Associate Degree & Certificate Programs Fresno City College has a variety of degree & certificate options. Examples: Air conditioning Art Auto Technology Food and Nutrition Photography Welding *For a full list please checkout To complete an Associate Degree (AA/AS) at Fresno City College, you must complete the Major Requirements and the FCC General Education (GE) Requirements. Associate Degree Requirements Associate Degree Requirements General Education Requirements General Education Requirements Major Requirements Major Requirements To complete a Certificate Program (CA) which includes Career and Technical Education (CTE) and specialized occupational skills at Fresno City College, you must complete the MAJOR requirements only - number of units required varies. Certificate of Achievement Requirements Certificate of Achievement Requirements Major requirements Major requirements Career & Technology Center Career & Technology Center For over 37 years, CTC has taught practical skills in an environment closely resembling the actual workplace. This learning environment, along with a "hands-on" educational style, allows students to develop skills that best prepare them for their chosen careers. Career & Technology Center programs Career & Technology Center programs 30-week program. Sheet metal repairs, fiberglass, frame straightening, grinding, sanding, polishing, painting, welding and cutting. Work on real customers’ vehicles in a “live” shop setting. Auto Collision Repair Auto Collision Repair 20-week program. Practical and theoretical training in general engine diagnosis, cylinder heads, valve train, engine block, lubrication and cooling systems. Work on real customers’ vehicles in a “live” shop setting Engine Repair Engine Repair 30-week program. Engine theory and testing, carburetors, vehicle computer operations, electrical, ignition, fuel injection, emission control, analyzers, heating and air conditioning, estimates/work orders, preparation for testing for ASE certification. Work on "live" projects. Engine Performance/Electrical/Heating and Air Conditioning Engine Performance/Electrical/Heating a... 12-week program. Forklift driving, computer literacy, basic math skills, strapping, blueprint reading, inventory, shipping and receiving. Warehouse Technician Warehouse Technician 30-week program. Oxyacetylene and stick welding, machining, lathe, drilling, hydraulics, pneumatics electrical, mechanical, use of power tools and equipment. Maintenance Mechanic Maintenance Mechanic Thank you! Thank you!

DCCCD Post Degree Certificate Program

Transcript: • Representatives on Taskforce BHC-Don Smith, CVC-Jarlene DeCay, ECC-Elizabeth Guerra & Gloria Leyva, EFC-Rachel Wolf, MVC-Patricia Webb, NLC-Lynne Smith-Brush, RLC-Rose Galloway, chair-Jean Conway • Taskforce met during spring and summer 2016 • Issues and components were discussed • Researched components Financial aid, block scheduling, model programs, fast-track options, marketing, internal communications, contract training, start-up strategies, degrees accepted, certificate programs to offer, simplified application, employer needs, internships, business plans • Recommended that DCCCD move forward with this proposal These post-degree certificates can address workforce needs as they also expand career options for degree graduates Data provided by JP Morgan Chase The DCCCD colleges offer graduates a professional credential and a fast track to job market opportunities middle skill jobs in the DFW region middle-skill job openings projected every year through 2018 Proposal from District-wide Taskforce DCCCD Post Degree Certificate Program Technical skills jobs available in the workforce today are knowledge-based and require sophisticated thinkers. Of the 55 million projected job openings through 2020, 30% will require a certificate or associate degree. How can the DCCCD help address this employment gap? 29% Percentage representing of all positions One new strategy is the offering of middle-skills certificates to people who have already completed an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree 42,000 These post degree certificates also appeal to graduates who are seeking personal interest and fulfillment through college training and work. People who are already working in a chosen career may want to pursue a hobby or personal interest. • Complement a postsecondary education • Intensive format with duration of 2-3 semesters • Offered in professional seminar-style setting or hybrid or online • Business partnerships that provide internships and intentional job placement • Are marketed in a focused manner to potential students and employers • Limited but specific requirements for admission • Curricula designed by current faculty and coordinated by departments and divisions • Flat tuition or differential tuition rates Background Components of a Post Degree Certificate program They provide specific job training and experience while enhancing job placement through partnerships between the colleges and businesses. 960,000 Details of areas researched available in hard copy booklet

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Transcript: person who concentrates primarily on a particular subject Henry Vergara P.03 Is a technical degree, That means you will work toward being fully trained in your field at the end of your two-year program. License Associate, Bachelor's First Professional Degree Associate's Degree, Certificate, License Associate of science (AS) completes a two year program completion of three to seven years Post Secondary Degrees For four-year majors that fall under Liberal Arts examples:psychology, history, English, etc 4 year colleges Associate of arts (AA) first professional, and specialist degree prepares someone for a particular profession by emphasizing skills and practical analysis over theory and research Associates Degrees Universities official document attesting a certain fact Certificate Junior College Masters Degree The Doctoral Degree Community Colleges graduate programs that let students specialize in an area of study. They take 1-2 years to complete. associate degree Specialist The Bachelor's Degree Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Four year majors that fall under the math or science subjects like; physics, chemistry, engineering, etc. Associates, Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral Degree's a permit from authority to own The most advanced type of degree program available. Admittance into a doctoral degree program may require individuals to hold a master's degree, although several programs accept candidates who only hold bachelor's degrees. Career school, technical school, or vactional/trade school

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