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Cereal Template Powerpoint

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Transcript: Cereal (Game 101) -Marketing 2A: BY Dirshe Salat a Cyborg will be acting as the main icon of the cereal Where products have complements, companies will charge a premium price since the consumer has no choice. Gas Stations RED-Energy/determination/power/fire ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2: host a fundraiser for a local charity, sponsored by (Game101) *Plan a media release before and after each event.* BENEFITS Sales Promotion -Nutritious S Events :Magazines can have a wide spread national or even international circulation because of their general content, like TIME Magazine. Others, often referred to as niche magazines have a smaller circulation due to narrow content, such as Welding Journal. Magazines receive about 60% of their revenue from advertising. Pharmacy -Affordable BLACK-Mysterious/Power-(Box color-top part) Demographics psychographics Advertising The Cereal (Game 101) will include multiple-flavored game like shape flakes in different sizes Convenient Stores- The Cereal (Game 101) will include multiple-flavored flakes in different game board pieces as shapes in sizes, as soon as the cereal comes in contact with the milk, the cereal color will change, the cereal has that nostalgic taste yet new exciting flavors, its not too crunch, and its not too soggy, its exciting psy- people that like fictional stories and like fantasy/ games " Game 101, Ready up Attention-Getting Consumer Sales Promotions Attention-getting consumer sales promotions are used to get the consumers interested in a product and create publicity for the manufacturer. Media: -Tastes good Ad Technique Game 101 " Game 101, Ready up. Thoughts Colors Box Design (Animal Representative) Branding* -------------------------- Slogan: the price charged for products and services is set artificially low in order to gain market share. Once this is achieved, the price is increased. Description Tasty Sensation 1: appear on game commercials, and game magazines i really enjoyed this project it was fun and educational at the same time, i also learned various kinds of advertising and branding etc. Increasing Industry Visibility Increasing industry visibility has a very literal meaning. The company in this way is trying to become more visible in the industry. This technique is used both with trade and consumers. -Appealing Regularly write and issue press releases to the media. Regularly write and post press releases to your website. Regularly write and post press releases directly onto the internet. WHITE-Light/Goodness-(bottom part) Demo- 5-15/ mostly males. Print family owned stores Basic Box Design -Fun Pricing Placement

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