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RST: cemetery presentation

Transcript: The Puzzle Of Life By: Lesly Soto Professor Florez Rst 078 Intro Intro Location Website 3888 Workman Mill Rd, Whittier, CA 90601 History History 1 2 3 4 Founded in 1914 Was founded by Augustus Gregg Owned by Service Corporation International (formerly known as the Loewen Group Oldest grave: 1914 Recent grvae: October 14 2017 Cost Cost Funeral: $3,810 Body prep: $1,425 Facility use: $945 Caskets: $160- $32,000 Cremation:$ 2,335-$15,730 Burial: $2,610-$36,350 Headstones: $1,220+ Vehicle transportation: $160 - $395 Flowers: $255 + Types of people Types of people - Families buried together - Individual graves - Wide range of religions - All types of socio-economic status - Private estates - Private Mausoleums Environment/ Aesthetics Environment/ Aesthetics -ponds -gardens -fountains -chapels -waterfalls -statues -green grass Symbols Symbols Life symbols Life symbols 2 butterflies Snail A view of all of LA from the cemetary Death/ afterlife symbols Death/ afterlife symbols Family gathering among the grave Statue of Buddha and lotus flower Group of people dressed in black 2 things I liked: -represents various religions/ expresses comfort for any beliefs -such a huge place always full of people 2 ways I would improve it: -more events (bc it is so large and beautiful) -more staff set up outside I would definitely choose this for myself/ a loved one. Conclusion Conclusion Rose Hills Memorial Park & Mortuaries. (accessed October 2017) Visited on Sunday October 15, 2017. Met with Rivedeneira, Susan Bibliography Bibliography


Transcript: This project at first didn't really impact me. Seeing people graves is pretty depressing but only while your there. Writing about each grave was easy because I didnt know any of them except Tyler. I didnt know him personally but I knew very well of him. Writing my epitaph was pretty interesting because I have never thought about doing that and how I would want people to see it. This project was somewhat fun compared to others but it also showed how lucky and thankful everyone should be and that we shouldnt take our lives for granted. Seeing this tombstone was one of the most affective for me because he died less than a year ago. Michal Burger was 81 when he died so he most likely died of old age. Joanna Van Unen Randolph Pilgrim was only 18 when he died fighting for our country. I feel that people who die fighting for our country arent as appreciated by people as much as they should be. Considering he died in this war makes it even worse knowing that the Vietnam War was useless and over 50,000 casualties occured and he was probably considered just another dead soldier to everyone but his family and soldiers. After seeing this tombstone I felt even more thankful for not only the soliders who are fighting for our country today but also the ones who fought for us in the past. Janurary 12, 1951 - August 31, 1969 Michael Oder Hijita, ahora que y formas parte del reino de dios, se nuestro Angelito Gaurdian para que siempre permanescamos juntos, amandnos hasta la eternidad . Good Shepherd Catholic Loving parent & Grandparent Randolph N Pilgrim PVT US Marine Corps Vietnam War Veteran #redfortyler This epitaph means to me that the parents of this baby who only got to live for 5 days will always be remembered and they will always love her. This puts a more positive feeling on this baby's death because the parents will never forget her and always love her no matter where she is. Cemetery Veronica Martinez September 15th 1994 - September 24th 2012 Mutability Project By: Vanessa Rivera This death is very effective to me because I kind of knew who this guy was, I remember seeing him walking in between classes at my old school, Huntington Beach High School. He died from a heroine overdose at age 18. The year before he died I was attending Huntington Beach High School, but I decided that it was best to move schools due to the outrageous amount of bad influences and easy access to drugs. There was so much love and support not only at Huntington but at other schools too. And when i saw everyone posting pictures of him on the internet the day after he passed it put me in a depressed kind of mood. Seeing that a kid who is only a year older than me who died is pretty hard to take in especially if they went to the same school as you. #redfortyler This gravestone made me think of my father when I read it because I couldnt imagine losing my father. This tombstone didnt affect me as much as some of the other ones did because he was born over 100 years ago. I find the more recent deaths more disturbing. May 30,1996 - December 22, 1999 Live as if I still exist, watching over you as another one of your gaurdian angels, in the place where we will be together again. I would want this to be my last message because its letting everyone who knew me know that im not gone but yet the complete opposite, I will be always be with them and watching over them. I wouldnt want them to mourn about my death but yet think of it as if I am still with them just in a different place. My Epitaph.... Veronica Martinez was born the same year I was born, though she only got to live for 3 years. This was more affective not only because she was born the same year as me but only had the chance to live till she was three years old. This tombstone also had a picture of the young girls face on it which made it even more affective to look at because it made me have a better understanding of who she was. Michael Burger 1888 - 1964 June 24, 1973 - June 29, 1973 Who will always live through our love 1932 - 2013 Tyler Macleod Beloved Husband & Father

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Transcript: Amy Hempel Al Jolson (May 26, 1886 – October 23, 1950) was an American singer, comedian, and actor who was dubbed "The World's Greatest Entertainer” She is saying that the friend who died also “lit up the world”. “She grabs the bedside phone and loops the cord around her neck “Hey,” she says, “the end o’ line.” “When the ride was over and my jabbering pulse began to slow, she served five parts champagne to one part orange juice, and joked about living in Ocean View, Kansas.” “I can’t remember,” she says. “What does Kubler-Ross say comes after Denial?” “The only thing is,” she says, “is where’s Resurrection? God knows, I want to do it by the book. But she left out Resurrection.” Characters "Because the Good Doctor is a little in love with her, he says maybe a year. He pulls a chair up to her bed and suggests I might like to spend an hour on the beach." [345] Theme “When the baby died, the mother stood over the body, her wrinkled hands moving with animal grace, forming again and again the words: Baby, come hug, Baby, come hug, fluent now in the language of grief.” (Hempel, 350) I learned that first person perspective is very affective in a story about death, because it connects the reader to the story through the narrator and helps the reader to understand their emotions. "A man wrecked his car on 101 going south. He did not lose consciousness. But his arm was taken down to the wet bone - and when he looked at it - it scared him to death." [344] “'I was telling her we used to drink Canada Dry ginger ale and pretend we were in Canada’” (344) “ We watched a movie starring men we used to think we wanted to sleep with.” (348) Use the time of a total stranger in such a way that they will not feel the time was wasted. Beginnings should be memorable Conflict must occur to disturb the stasis It is just possible I will say I stayed the night. And who is there to say that can say I did not?" "That time she flew with me she ate macadamia nuts while the wings bounced. . . She trusts the laws of aerodynamics. My mind stampedes. I can almost accept that a battleship floats when everyone knows steel sinks." [347] Atwood Present a sense of the continuum disrupted and then re-established or reordered “A man wrecked his car on 101 going south. He did not lose consciousness. But his arm was taken down to the wet bone-and when he looked at it-it scared him to death. I mean he died. So I hadn’t dared to look any closer. But now I’m doing it-and hoping that I will live through it.” Beginnings show the power and vision of the author: “There’s more about the chimp, I said. But it will break your heart.” “No, thanks,” she says, and scratches at her mask.” Tone Beginnings show the power and vision of the author Helps understand the narrator's feelings "I want her to be afraid with me. But she said 'I don't know. I'm just not.'"[346] "There was a second bed in the room when I get back to it! For two beats I didn't get it. Then it hits me like an open coffin. She wants every minute, I thought. She wants my life." [347] Blaise “I sleep with a glass of water on the nightstand so I can see by its level if the coastal earth is trembling or if the shaking is still me.” (Hempel, 349) Carver: No Cheap Tricks “I missed her already” (Hempel, 348) Guilt & the Role of Friendship “The camera made me self-conscious and I stopped. It was trained on us from a ceiling mount-the kind of camera banks use to photograph robbers. It played us to the nurses down the hall in Intensive Care.” Point of View “So how come, I’ll bet they are wondering, it took me so long to get to such a glamorous place? But do they ask? Two months, and how long is the drive?” It is just possible I will say I stayed the night. And who is there that can say I did not? [350] “‘It scared him to death.’ I mean, he died.” (344) Hyperbole: “It will break your heart.” (344) Imagery: “I cling to the sound the way someone dangling above a ravine holds fast to the thrown rope.” (345) Tragic Flaw: “I was supposed to offer something. The Best Friend. I could not even offer to come back.” (349) “‘What is your worst fear?’... ‘That I will finish this course and still be afraid.’” (349) “It is just possible I will say I stayed the night. And who is there to say that I did not?” (350) "Because the Good Doctor is a little in love with her, he says maybe a year." (345) "I looked in... One held a mask over her nose and mouth, the other rubbed her back in slow circles." (349) Beginnings should be a mystery Fear of Death & Loss Construction “‘There is more about the chimp,’ I said. ‘But it will break your heart.’” (344) “I think of the chimp, the one with the talking hands...fluent now in the language of grief.” (350) “It is just possible I will say I stayed the night. And who is there to say that I did not?” (350) “I sleep with a glass of water on the nightstand so I can see by its level if the costal earth is trembling or if the shaking is still me.” (349) Evoke emotion "A man wrecked his car on the

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