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Cell Phone

Transcript: Cell Phones 37 years ago the cell phone was a rarity and increased from $3 million 25 years ago to $30 billion. A contributing factor is the cell phone becoming wireless 25 years ago. It all started with telegraphic messages with in 18 miles to anywhere around the world! Car Crash Caused By Texting Timeline of Cell Phone History Political: (+) updates people on the election updates on political and social events (-) distorts findings spreads stories and rumors Societal: (+) made communication easier (-) causing car crashes because they focused on the phone not the rode lack of privacy no isolation huge distraction; in movies and class Important People Pros & Cons by Maddi and Azaria Economical: (+) supplies lots of money for the companies marketing oppertunites (-) improvements fluctuate the economy. the cost of the monthly bill Enviormental: (+) recycling phones help the enviorment. (-) causes cancer & tumor in people chests and heads the average consumer will use there phone for less then a year, during that year it will use 4,221 megajoules 140,000,000 cell phones (4 per a second) will end up in a landfill Resources about one billion a year Historical Event 1. Micheal Faraday: began to research into weather or not space could conduct electricity. 2. Dr. Martin Cooper: was the inventor of the first portable handset. How much money cell phone companies make a year Innovations


Transcript: 10. 'm just a buffalo soldier in the heart of America 11. Stolen from Africa, brought to America 12. Said he was fighting on arrival, fighting for survival Said he was a buffalo soldier, win the war for America 13. Dreadie, woy yoy yoy, woy yoy-yoy yoy 14. Woy yoy yoy yoy, yoy yoy-yoy yoy 15. Woy yoy yoy, woy yoy-yoy yoy 16. Woy yoy yoy yoy, yoy yoy-yoy yoy 17. Buffalo soldier troddin' through the land, wo-ho-ooh Said he wanna ran and then you wanna hand 18. Troddin' through the land, yea-hea, yea-ea 19. Said he was a buffalo soldier, win the war for America 20. Buffalo soldier, dreadlock rasta 21. Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival 22. Driven from the mainland to the heart of the Caribbean 23. Singing, woy yoy yoy, woy yoy-yoy yoy 24. Woy yoy yoy yoy, yoy yoy-yoy yoy 25. Woy yoy yoy, woy yoy-yoy yoy 26. Woy yoy yoy yoy, yoy yoy-yoy yoy When they arrived in America they were fighting for survival African Americans were brought from Africa to server in a war metaphor Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival 22. Driven from the mainland to the heart of the Caribbean heart of america They sailed on a boat 27. Troddin' through San Juan in the arms of America Troddin' through Jamaica, a buffalo soldier Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival Buffalo soldier, dreadlock rasta 28. Woy yoy yoy, woy yoy-yoy yoy Woy yoy yoy yoy, yoy yoy-yoy yoy Woy yoy yoy, woy yoy-yoy yoy Woy yoy yoy yoy, yoy yoy-yoy yoy Bob Marley Buffalo Soldier 11. Stolen from Africa, brought to America heart of the caribbean Metaphor Repitition 21. Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival 1. Buffalo soldier, dreadlock rasta There was a buffalo soldier in the heart of 2. America Stolen from Africa, brought to America Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival 3. I mean it when I analyze the stench To me it makes a lot of sense 4. How the dreadlock rasta was the buffalo soldier 5. And he was taken from Africa, brought to America Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival 6. Said he was a buffalo soldier, dreadlock rasta Buffalo soldier in the heart of America 7. If you know your history 8. Then you would know where you're coming from 9. Then you wouldn't have to ask me Who the 'eck do I think I am By: Ruben Arutunian

Cell Phone

Transcript: - 3.5mm headphone jack - Hands-free speakerphone, voice recognition, voice mail, speech-to-text, text-to-speech, hearing aid compatible (HAC), airline mode. 3G/4G/4G LTE connectivity 5.3-inch HD Super AMOLED WXVGA (1280X800) touchscreen 8-MP camera + Full HD 1080p video capture GPS navigation Wireless-N Wi-Fi Stereo Bluetooth 3.0 Personal/corporate e-mail Battery, standby 10.4 days, talk time 10 hours Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread OS Description : - Comes with the amazing S Pen to give you new ways to capture, create and share AT&T , 4G 1.5 GHz dual-core processor speeds up everything--from playing games to watching shows to opening files from work. 5.3-inch HD Super AMOLED WXVGA multi-touch display (1280 X 800) pixels MicroUSB port Sensors: accelerometer, 6-axis gyroscope. AT&T Navigator audible turn-by-turn directions, real-time traffic updates and re-routing options. ... small 16 GB internal memory 1 GB of RAM expandable up to 32GB Rear-facing 8-megapixel auto-focus camera with LED flash, digital optical 4x zoom. Full HD 1080p video capture 2-megapixel . List Price: $749.99 Price From: $149.99 You Save: $600.00 (80%) Samsung Galaxy Note 4G Android Phone, Ceramic White (AT&T) Camera & memory Additional Wi-Fi-enabled devices to the phone's mobile broadband signal AT&T Family Map: Locate phone indoors or outdoors on the AT&T Network. Android Gingerbread Operating System - Operating system , features a clean, more refined interface with new icons, improved top notification bar, and more intuitive navigation. Camera features: auto focus, HD camcorder, HD playback, and TV-Out $325 minus $10 for each full month of service The high-definition screen has 1280 X 800 resolution to bring you breathtaking color and razor sharp detail Hardware More Features Allows quicker access, smoother media streaming, and faster web experiences

Cell Phone

Transcript: How has it positively impacted us today? Resources -had to measure everything that goes inside of the phones The Quote talking on the phone for 500 to 1000 min. can increase the chance if brain cancer by 300% (still under debate) can cause fatigue,sleep disturbance,difficulty concentrating,and infertility caused more car accidents Information and communication technology to communicate with people without being tied down with a wire You can... How has it negatively impacted us today? It was invented by Martin Cooper in Japan in 1793 to send text messages without calling anyone to use the internet quickly without having to utilize a computer to be able to take pictures/video without needing a camera for entertainment like being able to play games,watch videos etc. By Cynthia Orozco and Jessette Gonzalez Cell Phone Today's Purpose Engineering Negative Who was the original inventor ? Positive Science When was it invented ? it was Now Builds the circuit boards that go inside the cellphone Put all the wiring together inside of the cell phone Initial Purpose if you have internet you can look up any info. you need quickly - the electricity in the cell phone is implanted by the scientist - they also manage the frequencies of the cell phone Math Before Technology What's the Purpose ? they design the cell phone -size - weight - look also use electric engineering use them to stay in touch with people at all times use it for a GPS for entertainment if your bored It helped us by being able to communicate with others quickly in case of an emergency If you get stranded somewhere you can call someone for a ride you can keep in touch with friends and making plans is easier

Cell PowerPoint

Transcript: Structures formed by tubulin, the make up of microtubles Located near the nucleus Help to organize cell division and are only found in plant cells Organelles that convert the chemical energy in food into compounds that are more convenient for the cell to use Have two membranes "powerhouse" of the cell What are they? Prokaryotes VS Eukaryotes DNA Ribosomes Sack-like structure that stores materials such as water, salt, proteins, and carbohydrates Exists in both animal and plant cell but is bigger in plant cells due to their need of water and their inability to move for it There are some key organelles in both the plant and animal cell that help identify them. For example, centrioles are only found in animal cells while chloroplast and cell wall are unique to plant cells. Though no matter what, both contain cell membrane and carry DNA. Cell Wall Plant cells are more complicated than animal cells There is a major size difference between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells Eukaryotic cells are larger and more complex. They also contain nuclei which is where their genetic information is stored Though, prokaryotic cells are smaller and have structures within themselves that are far less diverse and complicated than that of the eukaryotic cells. They do not have a nucleus and rather have free-floating genetic information Golgi Apparatus Cell PowerPoint Thin, flexible barrier that surrounds the cell It regulates what enters and leaves cell while also providing protection ad support It is composed of a lipid bilayer, studded with proteins, and most importantly, it is constantly moving in a fluid manner Organelle that modifies,sorts, and packages proteins and other materials from the ER for, either, storage in the cell or secretion outside of the cell Kind of like UPS Cytoplasm Nucleolus Network of protein filaments that help the cell to maintain its shape while also being involved in movements It consists of microfilaments and microtubules, distinct protein filaments that aid in the holding up of the cell Cytoskeleton Unique powerhouse of plant cells Captures the energy from sunlight and converts it into chemical energy in a process called photosynthesis Contain their own genetic information Strong supporting layer around the membrane of plant cells, which allows certain substances to pass through It's main function is to provide protection and support for the cell in question Made from fibers of carbohydrate and protein and are mostly made of cellulose, the base ingredient in paper Response:Yes, plant cells are more complicated than animal cells do to the fact that it has more structures which withhold the cell and identify it. For example, the cell wall is a feature that can distinguish a plant cell from an animal cell as well as chloroplast, the intricate power source of plant cells. Cell Membrane Cytoplasm is basically cell goo/gel It is an area of the cell outside of the nucleus or, in the case of a prokaryotic cell, the stuff that the DNA and the other cell organelles float in It keeps the organelles from crushing or hurting themselves, for it acts like a cushion Vacuole The carrier of genetic information specific to each cell in question It is found inside the nucleus, the control center of the entire cell, but more specifically is the make up chromatin it stands for deoxyribonucleic acid Animal Cells Cytoskeleton Centrioles Nucleus Mitochondria By: Julian Perez P.3 Inside a Prokaryote Claim: Control center of the entire cell Contains basically all of the cell's DNA and instructions to make proteins and other significant molecules Covered with a double membrane called a nuclear envelope Distributes important information to the whole cell Chloroplast Site where lipid components of the cell membrane are assembled, along with proteins and other materials that will leave the cell Like Tesla, for it uses small parts to make big things Consists of both smooth (isn't covered with ribosomes) and rough (covered with ribosomes) Prokaryotes are cells that don't have a nucleus. The greek origins of the word suggest that the cell evolved before a nuclei could develop. Instead, their DNA is not contained in a nucleus and they are generally less complicated than eukaryotes. This does not mean that they are "disabled" for they can still grow, reproduce, and respond to their environment, activities commonly associated with living things. Bacteria are examples of prokaryotes. Cell Membrane Small organelles filled with enzyme The "janitors" of the cell They remove organelles that are past their prime Lysosomes also break down lipids and carbohydrates so they they can be used by the rest of the cell Lysosome Ribosomes make/assemble proteins and are found floating in the cytoplasm They are smalle pieces of RNA and protein and are attached to the endoplasmic reticulum Small and dense region within the nucleolus Where the assembly of ribosomes begins Plant Cells Centrioles Endoplasmic Reticulum Plant cells consist of many organelles

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Transcript: 1 - Besnoy, K. (2012). 'Culturally Diverse Gifted', http: // 2 - Davidson Institute. (2006). State mandates for gifted programs as of 2006. Retrieved May 19, 2013 from http: // 3- Davis, G. A., & Rimm, S. B. (2003). Education of the gifted and talented. Boston: Allyn & Bacon. 4 - Ford, D. Y, & Grantham, T C. (2003). Providing access for culturally diverse gifted students: From deficit to dynamic thinking. Theory Into Practice, 42, 217-225. 5 - Ford, D. Y., Grantham, T. C., & Whiting, G. W. (2008). Culturally and linguistically diverse students in gifted education: Recruitment and retention issues. Exceptional Children, 74(3), 289-306. 6 - VanTassel-Baska, J., Lange, R.E., & Crammond, B. (2010). International Giftedness. http: // 7 - WISE Qatar, (2012). 'Gifted Students', http: // Linguistic - Using English-based assessments can lead to erroneous conclusions. Cultural - Traditional customs and gender roles differ between groups. Economic - The effects of poverty lead to a focus on survival more than education. Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students in Gifted Education: Recruitment & Retention Issues Do we hold negative, stereotypical, or counterproductive views as defined by Ford and Grantham? WE ARE TEACHERS And We Help To Shape The Students’ Futures! FORGET about IQ- Alternative Assessments 5 Asian American students are NOT! Provide enrichment activities to students who are perceived "not ready" for gifted programs. 5 These students deserve a chance to shine and should be provided with support and opportunities to demonstrate their giftedness. "We suggest that deficit thinking and the use of traditional tests (especially IQ tests) and lack of teacher referral of CLD students for gifted education screening and placement are the primary contributing factors to underrepresentation." Bias 5 C) the burden rests with (or within) the student (e.g., he/she is cognitively inferior or "culturally deprived") Testing & Assessment Issues "The bright and the hungry ... are crucial to our success" Strengths Themes References Terminology 4 Make adjustments to your lessons with special attention to vocabulary acquisition. 1. Background/Bias stop students from being identified 2. Standardized test scores stop referrals 3. Lack of training in cultural diversity as well as gifted education 4. Lack of communication with cultural diverse parents whether intentional or unintentional 5. Policies & procedures that are both indefensible and have a negative impact on CLD students 6. Static definitions & theories of gifted that give little consideration to cultural differences Culturally diverse students are those that may come from different regions and races, social backgrounds, and may also be economically disadvantaged. English may even be their second language. Retention 2, 3 IQ or intelligence quotient is a general assessment of your ability to think and reason. Your IQ score is actually an indication of how you compare in this ability with the majority of people in your age group. A rating of 100, for example, means that, as compared to the majority of other people in your age group, you have a normal rate of intelligence. Most psychologists consider those falling in the range of 95-105 as having a normal or average IQ. Since it is difficult to pinpoint with absolute accuracy, your actual IQ may vary 5 points either way from your test score. In addition, there are many factors that may affect your scoring. If you are tired, ill or distracted, your score may be affected. Finally, there are many abilities which are not measured by IQ testing. For example, IQ does not measure musical talent, manual dexterity, or a variety of other abilities. However, IQ testing does give you an important indication of your ability to think, reason and solve problems. This is critical to your success in life. The IQ Test is comprised of 15 questions. Be sure to view your results at the end of this test. Do not begin until you are instructed to do so. You will have 3 minutes. Good luck! Reasons for Poor Test Performance of CLD students: Raven's Progressive Matrices 5 Become aware of teacher bias. Why do educators serve less Hispanic, Black, and Aboriginal students than White? (A) the burden rests within the test (e.g., test bias); 6 Limitations IQ Test Instructions This is the main reason educators should become more aware of their students who may be underserved and underrepresented. "As of 2002, Asian American students represented 4.42% of students in U.S. schools but 7.64% of those in gifted education" - No clear suggestions as to how to retain students in Gifted education. – Also does not compare states among one another. Ideally: Naglieri Non-Verbal Ability Test & Raven's Progressive Matrices Assess students from the perspective of individual learning styles. Currently: The first step is

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