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Cell Division Powerpoint Template

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Cell Division

Transcript: 1.) Prophase- In this stage, chromosomes form and DNA becomes visible. Then the nucleus disappears. 2.) Metaphase- After the prophase, the chromosomes line up in the middle of the cell. 3.) Anaphase- The third step is when the chromotids split, resulting in two separate identical chromosomes. After that, the two chromosomes are pulled to opposites sides of the cell 4.) Telophase- In this final step, the nuclei forms and the nuclear membrane forms around each group of chromosomes. Cytokinesis The cell cycle is the normal sequence of development and division of a cell. 1. Interphase- The cell cycle begins with interphase, which is the longest part of the cell cycle 2. Cell Division Phase- After mitosis and cytokinesis there are two cells. The cell cycle then begins again for each cell. Mitosis and Meiosis By: Maya Anderson Mitosis Stage 1- the cell grows and carries out normal functions, then Stage 2- the DNA replicates Stage 3- the cell grows and prepares for mitosis Meiosis Cytokinesis is the division of the parents cell's cytoplasm. Cytokinesis occurs immediately after Mitosis. It happens in both plant and animal cells. In the animal cell, the membrane pinches and forms around each cell. In the plant cell, a cell plate forms where the cell wall will divide the two cells. In Meiosis 1, the chromosomes in a diploid (double) cell separate, producing four haploid (single) daughter cells. Meiosis 2 separates the chromatids producing two daughter cells each with 23 chromosomes. Interphase Cell Division Cell Cycle

Cell Division

Transcript: Cell Divison Basic information: - Cell division is when a parent cell divides into two or more daughter cells. - Cell division in eukaryotes is also known Mitosis. - In prokaryotes, it is called meiosis. - "Thus cell division cycle is an essential process by which a single-cell fertilized egg develops into a mature organism and the process by which hair, skin, blood cells, and some internal organs are formed." Prokaryotes -Prokaryotes exist in bacteria -Do not have a nucleus - Have one chromosome - Reproduce by binary fission Eukaryotes - Exist in plants and animals - Contain a nucleus and membrane bound organelles - Asexually reproduce cells by mitosis Binary Fission -Used by bacteria - Replicates DNA and cell components -Each cell is divided into two daughter cells Cell cycle: - G1 Phase - S Phase - G2 Phase - M Phase - Cytokinesis Interphase - Resting Stage - Chromosomes aren't visible - Cell metabolism is occuring G1 Phase - Cell increases in size - Cell prepares to copy its DNA Synthesis Phase - Copies all DNA instructions - Chromosomes duplicated G2 Phase - Cell continues to grow - Time between DNA synthesis and mitosis M Phase - Cell growth and protein production stop - Cell's energy is used to make two daughter cells - Called mitosis or karyokinesis Stages of Mitosis Prophase: -DNA becomes visible as chromosome - Nuclear membrane dissapears - Centrioles part to poles - Spindles form Anaphase: - Cell chromosomes are separated - Spindle fibers shorten so chromosomes pulled to the end of cell Metaphase: - Spindle fibers attach to each chromosome - Cell prepares to separate its chromosomes - Cells align in the middle of the cell Telophase: - Separation of chromosomes completed - Cell plate forms (plants) - Cleavage furrow forms (animals) - Nucleus and nucleolus reform

Cell Division

Transcript: There are three parts... Interphase The time between cell divisions Mitosis The process by which the nucleus divides, maintaining the chromosome number all awhile. Cytokinesis The division of cytoplasm during cell reproduction. Inter phase has three parts G1 phase-Where the cell grows and functions normally Synthesis phase-Where the cell duplicates its DNA G2 phase-Where the cell resumes its growth It then enters mitosis, which has four phases prophase The chromosomes appear and coil, then find their homologous pair. The nuclear membrane dissolves The centrioles produce spindle fibers. And the centrioles move toward the cell poles, it looks like this... metaphase The homologous chromosome pairs line up at the cells equator. The spindle fibers attach to the centromeres it looks like this.. anaphase The spindle fiber pull apart the chromatids towards the cell poles. The chromatids are now considered chromosomes it looks like this.... telophase The spindle fibers and asters dissapear The chromosomes uncoil nuclear membrane forms around each daughter nucleus it looks like this... it then enter cytokinesis in plant cells, it pinches off the cell membrane, and separates the two cells, dividing the cytoplasm between the two daughter cells. in plant cells, a cell plate forms in the middle of the cell, it grows until it divides the cell in half. at the end of mitosis and cytokinesis, the two daughter cells are the exact same size, and have about half the organelles. now study more. Cell Division

powerpoint template

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