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Cell Biology Powerpoint Template

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Biology powerpoint

Transcript: Regulating the Cell Cycle (10.3) series of events that takes place in a cell leading to its division and duplication How is the cell cycle regulated?? The cell cycle is regulated by a protein called "cyclin" because it regulates the cell cycle. regulate the timing of the cell cycle in eukaryotic cells. Cyclins were discovered during a similar experiment to this one. Step 1: A sample of cytoplasm is removed from a cell in mitosis. Step 2:The sample is injected into a second cell in G2 of interphase. Step 3: As result, the second cell enters mitosis. Internal Regulators Proteins that respond to events inside the cell are called Internal Regulators Internal regulators allow the cell cycle to proceed only when certain processes have already happened inside the cell. External Regulators Proteins that respond to events outside the cell are called external regulators. External regulators direct cells to speed up or slow down the cell cycle. Uncontrolled Cell Growth Q:How are cancer cells different from other cells?? A:Cancer cells do not respond to the signals that regulate the growth of most cells. Cancer cells divide uncontrollably and form masses of cells called tumors that can damage the surrounding tissues. Cancer cells may break loose from tumors and spread throughout the body, disrupting normal activities and causing serious medical problems or even death. Questions! 1.The cell cycle is believed to be controlled by proteins called a.spindles B. cyclins C. regulators D. centrosomes Answer: B- cyclins 2. Proteins that respond to events inside the cell are called A. internal regulators. B. external regulators. C. cyclins. D. growth factors. Answer- A internal regulators Once a multicellular organism reaches adult size, the cells in its body A. stop dividing. B. grow and divide at different rates, depending on the type. C. have the same life span between cell divisions. D. undergo cell division randomly. Answer: B- grow and divide at different rates, depending on the type. Answer: D- all its chromosomes have been replicated One effect of an internal regulator is that a cell will not begin mitosis until A. it becomes too large. B. the cell’s growth is stimulated. C. it is in physical contact with other cells. D. all its chromosomes have been replicated. One factor common to almost all cancer cells isA. a lack of cyclin.B. a defect in gene p53.C. exposure to tobacco smoke.D. exposure to radiation. Answer: B- a defect in gene p53 Cyclin Cyclins Internal Regulators

Biology Powerpoint

Transcript: Is It Realistic for Humans To Live On Another Planet? By: Azul Orozco Czarina Monge Requirements to Survive To begin, humans require oxegyn and water to survive anywhere. Humans also need to live in a suitable temperature of 0C and 40C. Also, humans require to live in a planet with a shield that protects from harmful sun rays and any other dangerous radiation. Not all planets or places can supply these requirements Requirements to Survive If you step out into space without a suit your blood would boil Your internal organs would expand Your skin, tissue, and face would undergo horrific temperature changes Living In Space Living in Space PROBLEMS No planet in our solar system is biologicaly capable of inhabiting human life It would take humans an entirety to adjust to a planets atmosphere, land, and movement Humans take a series of months to heal from blisters, exhaustian, and regain strength just from being in space, imagine another planet. Your Body Your Body In Space In space or on a planet without the right resources, isolation can affect your body. In space, due to isolation and little movement your hormone levels rise and your immune system is altered which can cause illness and/or diseases Being exposed to radiation instead of being protected from Earth's atmoshpere can lead to damage of your nervous system and cause behavioral changes and reduced motor function. If humans live on a planet that doesnt supply the right amount of gravity to keep us still, it can cause the person to loose bone mass which can lead to illnesses like renal stone How is this related to biology? How is this related to Biology? This is related to biology because it shows the effects of the human body under different circumstances than they are used to. We can see that our bodies can't just be in space or any other planet with regular clothes and our bodies exposed how we are on earth. What would it be like to live on another planet? Living on Other Planets Mercury Mercury Mercury is the closest planet to the sun so it would not be an ideal place for a human to live. The day sides of the planet reach temperatures of up to 800 degrees fahrenheit. A human could not survive in those temperatures. Mars Mars Humans have thought about life on mars for years but can it be done? Nasa even wants to send humans to Mars by the 2030's. The average temperature in Mars is -80 degrees fahrenheit. Mars occasionally gets powerful dust storms and could be harmful to us. Jupiter Jupiter Living on the surface of Jupiter itself would be difficult, but maybe not impossible. The gas giant has a small rocky core with a mass 10 times less than Earth's. It is also very far away from the sun which means it is very cold. Citations Citations

biology powerpoint

Transcript: Disease Information People in Togo are referred to as Togolese and they mainly compromise of people tribes orienting from Africa.Together with another 34 African tribs they mack up 99% of the country's population the rest 1% is made up of Euopeons,Syrians and Lebanies All about the countries culture Togo has an integrated cultural pattern witch is a result that Togo is a hole compromise of amalgamation of about 37 different ethnic tribes. Through some of Togolese population they have adopted Christianity and other eastern religion but their is still a vast number of people who follow animalism Country Information Disease Information Our proposal for Togo to stop Malaria is to come up with medications for the infants. Find a medication that doesn't just stop the parasite in its place, but gets rid of it for good. Disease Information Introducing the problem Malaria block#4 Jessica Garcia and Josie Valdez Togo In order to prevent getting malaria hear are some things you need to do DO NOT let mosquito bite you especially at night Were repellant and long sleeved clothing if outdoors Sleep under bed nets(very effective if treated with insecticide) taking anti-Malaria medication prophilaxis(prevents from spreading) Remove standing water Spray insecticides on house walls Disease Information What is currently being done is they are informing people to place bed nets in their house, bug repellant, wear long sleeve clothing, and to remove standing water. The changes that need to be made is the need to come up with a medication that will get rid of it. What I'll do to educate people about the disease is place posters around their schools and most visited place and also tell teachers to talk about and ask what they need to do to prevent it. What causes malaria is a bite from a female anopheles mosquito that caries the microscopic parasite of malaria.How its transmitted,how its transmitted is quite breath taking when a anopheles mosquito bites an infected person it takes a small amount of blood infected with malaria parasites.Then the parasite grows and matures in the mosquitoes gut for a week or more then travels to the mosquito slavery glands and so when the mosquito next drinks blood the malaria parasite is injected. Proposal Inorder to treat malaria you have to use certain medications such as Chloroquine Mefloquine(Lariam) Atovaquone-proguanil(Malaron) Sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine(Fansidar) Quinine Doxycycline Artemisin derivatives(not licensed for use in the USA but can often be found over seas Work Cited How the world response to this disease is quite tragic, friends and family members are dying. The measures I would go to, to help the people of Togo are making sure they are vaccinated, not infected, and are quarantine from the others. Country Information Disease Crises Plan of action Malaria is most commonly found in Asia,Latin America and sub Saharan Africa and it is said that half the world is at risk of catching this disease The problem with Togo is that theirs family members and friends getting sick and passing away from a disease called malaria. Its hard to get rid of because the parasite is so small and travels in the red blood cells The politics of Togo takes place in a farm work of a presidential republic,where the president of Togo is both the head of state and head of government.Executive power is exorcized by the government and legislative power is vested in both the government and parliament. The economy of Togo is very depended on the agricultural produces of the country some of the agricultural products are cocoa,coffee,yams,corn cotton,cassava,rice,beans,millet,and sorghum but out of all these cocoa,coffee,and cotton are exported in a larger way Disease crises Plan of action Country Information -Statistics Over half a million of people die from malaria each year but mostly children under five.Ther are 216 million(estimated)cases of malaria each year,although a majority of malaria cases are in sub-Saharan Africa it is considered a public health problem in more then 190 countries in the world 45 are in Africa approximately 3.3 billion people live in areas where malaria is a constant treat.

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