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Transcript: Works Cited CDC Fighting Ebola Promotion United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC ABC News, Dr. Richard Besser, "Inside the Ebola Ward: On the Front Lines in Uganda"- CDC "Chemical Agents: Facts About Sheltering in Place"- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention "More 24/7 Info"- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention "Media Campaign Resource Center (MCRC"- The Huffington Post "CDC Anti-Smoking Ad Campaign Set To Launch"- Preparedness The CDC is already preparing for future health concerns. This helps people to know what to do in the case of an emergency. Not only regular people, but professionals are educated on what to do in these situations. Tons of preparation plans are listed on their website with specific instructions on what to do in certain situations. For example, it lists exactly what you need and what to do in the case of a chemical emergency. Health Promotion, Prevention, and Preparedness The job of the CDC is to inform the public of any health problems. Educating people of these issues helps to prevent anything from spreading.They also work constantly to stop/treat any infectious viruses or diseases. Pathos Logos What is CDC? The CDC helps to educate the public of any health issues. Their doctors, researchers, and workers contribute to improving public health all around the world. The CDC has endless resources for everyone to educate themselves through like a youtube channel, a blog, and a website that is constantly being updated to give you the information you need. There are many examples of times the CDC has appealed to the public through ethos, pathos, and logos. CDC Being Prepared Ethos "CDC works 24/7 to protect the American people from disease, including those that begin overseas." This video shows how CDC worked to stop this Ebola outbreak in Uganda. Prevention The CDC works to prevent any disease/ virus from spreading anywhere in the world, especially the United States. They often go to the cite of outbreak to control or treat the case. They mainly want to protect people, as in many cases, an outbreak spreads quickly. The CDC does this through research, testing, and giving awareness/protecting the public.


Transcript: The CDC works 24/7 to protect America from health, safety and security threats both foreign and in the U.S. They fight disease and support communities to do the same. They confront global disease threats through advanced computing and lab analysis, they track diseases, bring new knowledge to individual health care and fight disease before reaching our border and help nurture public health. The CDC is divided into five branches to enhance it's success. (1)Offices of the Director- They manage, direct and coordinate the activities of the organization. They also provide strategic leadership to set priorities, goals, objectives, and performance measurement plans for the office. (2)Business analysis management branch- Designs and coordinates management and business process studies for CDC organizational components and oversight of CDC’s internal controls and risk management program. (3)Federal advisory committee management branch- Provides strategic planning for federal advisory policy, management, and operations. (4)Information service branch- Oversees CDC- wide print management program and also serves as contracting officer technical representative for Atlanta campus food services. (5)Management assessment branch- Consults with CDC program officials seeking to establish, modify, or abolish organizational structures and functions; reviews and analyzes organizational change documents to prepare for approval by CDC and HHS officials The CDC: On July 1, 1946 the Communicable Disease Center (CDC) was founded by Dr. Joseph Mountin in Atlanta. Its main purpose was to eradicate Malaria. With $10 million and fewer than 400 employes the CDC was faced with challenged such as not enough supplies to fight Malaria. In 1947, CDC made a payment to Emory University of $10 for 15 acres of land on Clifton Road in Atlanta. This now serves as the current headquarters of the CDC. The CDC comes from the wartime agency Malaria Control in War Areas (MCWA), and was initially focused on fighting Malaria by killing mosquitoes. The CDC is a major operating component of the Department of Health and Human Serves. The role of CDC is to promote health, Prevent Disease. The CDC is our nation's premier health promotion, prevention, and preparedness agency and a global leader in public health. The CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention You owe your existence to us The current Director of the CDC is Tom Frieden. Tom Frieden was appointed in 2009. His tuberculosis project that he launched in India has saved over 3 million lives. Frieden attended Yale Universities and has won many awards and published over 200 articles. Current Leader History Important Programs

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