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Catwalk Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: Catwalk Melinda Greenberg Evolution of Catwalk "Fashion Parades" Fashion shows have largely been influenced by the French. In the 1860s, Parisian-based designer Charles Frederick Worth introduced the idea of presenting collections on live models at the Longchamp Raceway. Today, he has been credited as the “father of haute couture”. Fashion shows have evolved over the centuries from being somewhat humble to something very public and large scale. “Fashion parades” really started to become more popular in the early 20th century. Among one of the leading designers was British designer Lady Duff-Gordon who regularly showed collections at her Hanover Street salon. In 1956, the pioneering designer Gaby Aghion, who founded Chloé, invited press to the Café de Flore in St Germain to view her first collection. It was an informal presentation of her designs at the that brought the models into an everyday cafe setting, away from the controlled environment of the designer’s salon. In the 1960s, society was very fearful of spies and therefore, fashion shows remained closed affairs. Humble Beginnings Catwalk Fashion shows require a large runway connected to a stage and seating for the audience. Typically, the stage functions solely as a place to connect back stage to the runway. Catwalks can also be arranged in a “T” shape with extra space at the end of the runway for multiple models. Photographers are often seated at the end of the runway so that they can capture a long-lens shot, on the side and near the start of runway for a return shot. The best view of the stage is from the end of the runway before the camera and the best seats are in the first row. Typically, the most important guests are seated in the first rows. At the back of the catwalk is the set design, which serves as the backdrop of the performance. A fashion show is typically accompanied by a set of slides, projecting the logo and credits, as well as images, colors and designs that enhance the concept of the show. Catwalk Breaking the Norm Runways Program Paths in Cities

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