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Catering Presentation Template

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Catering Faculty Presentation

Transcript: Your Future Come to college 3-4 days a week Specalise in a subject you enjoy Enjoy your learning with like minded people Learn about RELEVENT health & safety Learn in exciting and new ways Improve your communication skills Improve your ICT skills Learn new Practical skills Develop team working skills Have fun College is not just about your course It is about us finding the right course for YOU Your commitment we give you a life changing education you need to give us Commit to college and college will commit to "Delivering an education that can change your life" What is next? Take Initial Assessments An interview Offer of a place – conditional Acceptence of a place Warm up day GCSE’s!! Enrolment – August Welcome It is about your whole learning Journey you will Take responsibility for your learning What YOU will do Lots of practical work and some theory work. Our job is to get you where YOU want to be no matter what course you start on Take responsibility for your actions VRQ level 2 Diploma Professional cookery 4 GCSE’s at D & above inc Maths & English Job shop Welfare rights Help with housing/homelessness Counselling Help with Benefit issues Help with debt Student Finance Chaplaincy What YOU will do Lots of practical work and some theory work. The Courses and support you Starts Here Level 2 and begin your journey NVQ level 1 Introduction to hospitality 1 year Np! Level 2 professional chefs diploma Skills Week & work placements Competitions level 3 Btec Extened National Diploma Hospitality (2 years) All course have a COMPULSORY uniform requirment. You HAVE to have BOTH chef whites, safety shoes & Restaurant uniform. We will challenge you After your course you can What YOU will get An Level 1 Food preparation & cooking course A Btec BTEC Certificate in WorkSkills A opportunity to study a Level 2 programme to progress Attend all 1:1 appointments Purchase & wear your uniform What YOU will get A Level 2 Diploma in Food preparation & cooking A level 2 Certificate in Hospitality Level 1 Functional Skills A opportunity to study a level 3 program VRQ level 1 Diploma Introduction to Professional cookey 4 GCSE’s at E & above inc Maths & English financial support Enjoy & have fun NVQ level 1 Diploma Intoduction to professional cookery 4 GCSE’s grade E a Faculty presentation On time every time "Commitment" On your Course We will help you Get a job Do another course Even go to University Btec level 3 Extended National Diploma Hotel & Restautant supervsion 4 GCSE’s at C or above inc Maths & English become employable Enrichment through Trips & Covers 5 areas Travel Uniform / Safety boots Residential trips Emergency funds Child care Foundation Course push you Student Union Take good care of the college property Uniform & equipment We deliver a life changing Level 1 Additional courses Functional skills Warrington graduate scheme Instill a work place discipline Give you the skills you need to do a job Commitment is What our students said We do not care where you are coming from we care where you are going We support you with outstanding learner services progression We want you to progress in your education so if you start on a level 1 course we want you to do well then progress up to the level 2 and then to the level 3 NVQ level 2 Diploma Professional cookery 4 GCSE’s at D come to college What YOU will get An Level 1 Diploma in Food preparation & cooking An level 1 Certificate in Professional Food and Beverage Service A opportunity to study a Level 2 programme to progress How we get you ready for employment We will support you Meet ALL deadlines Level 3 education through the learner coach system What YOU will do Practical sessions with theory to back up what you are learning in the practical's What YOU will do A introduction to the world of work in the Hospitality industry at a supervisory/ junior management level by completing 18 units studied over 2 years Respect other students & the staff What YOU will get Btec Extened National Diploma Hospitality (Equivalent to 3 A levels) Level 2 Functional Skills A chance to go to University Attend every lesson VRQ level 1 Introduction to food prep 1 Year Co-operate not discriminate with fellow students

Catering Presentation

Transcript: The Great Hall The Inn Where Magic Comes to Life Presented By: Barbara Dányi | ZAK4WA 23/11/2019 Content Content Event Information 1. Basic Structural Information 2. Business Details 3. Finance 4. Marketing Plan 5. About The Inn Brief Introduction "Harry Potter" Themed Interactive Features Restaurant & Bar Joined to the Disney Franchise Theme nights every Friday Ideal for Families with children and young adults Location: Budapest, Hungary Building: Purchased Bar & Restaurant Individually owned business - purchased license from J.K. Rowling About "the Great Hall" Company Intro Human Resources Staff & Roles *Kitchen team - 4 people *Management - 2 people *Waiters - 4 people *Bar tenders - 2 people Kitchen Team Management Waiters Bar Tenders Target Group Our Guests * 4 main factions * Weddings & themed parties (birthday, graduation...etc.) Families with children Young Adults Fan group of the Harry Potter books/movies Tourists * Mix of Own Capital & Investor's Capital Finances Finance Where does the money come from? Financing Plan Distribution With Whom? Investors 1. J.K. Rowling 2. Disney 3. Third parties/ individual investors * Heavy Social Media Marketing * Catapulting on the "Harry Potter" theme * Using Influencers To Advertise * Regular Theme Nights & Parties Marketing Plan Marketing Plan Influencers & Digital Marketing Advertisement * Influencer gets discounts & special services * First one to try new products Social Media Social Media Platforms Layout Layout Restrooms (2) Locker Room Break Room Kitchen Dining area & Bar Terrace Gallery Aesthetic Slytherin House Party Upcoming Event From 9 p.m - 4 a.m. Bring your neckties or Purchase them by the entrance Password: Snape Programs Program 9 p.m. - 11 p.m. 11 p.m. - 2 a.m. 2 a.m. - 4 a.m. Time Sorting Ceremony gift shop hours The Weird Sisters' Live concert Snitch catching contest Dance competition Wizard's Duel Closing Ceremony Flyer Promotion Special menu Gift shop Live Music Games "Sorting Hat" First drink free 9 p.m. - 4 a.m. * Accountant * Lawyer * HR * PR Things to Do Business Information Food: - Gastro-Zóna: - Vil-For Mixed Wholesale: Beverage: - Prémium Italnagykereskedés: Suppliers Suppliers Police, Firefighters - Safety plans Utility Statements *Sampling of drinking water is required NAV - Excise license NÉBIH - Permission to work with meat and animal products (dairy, eggs...etc.) ÁNTSZ - Registering the establishment * Chemical Risk Assessment * OSH Policy Documentation (Yearly) NOTARY - Registration Number Operating License Document of rights to sell items belonging to this fandom Permissions, Qualifications HACCP system: Technological description Layout drawing; Plan for the handling of goods The transport of persons & containers; Freight transport plan; Instructions for cleaning, washing & cleaning; By-product & waste management & disposal plan Menu cards: Menu Gastro Palazzo: + Animated online Menu cards Machinery Machines I'll Need 1 2 3 4 5 Fridges & Freezers Multiple ovens & cooking surfaces Deep fryer & Dishwasher Microwave & Toaster Coffee Machine

Catering research presentation

Transcript: If a person is allergic to a particular food or food group them must avoid that food or food group COMPLETELY! This is because it can cause them illness: depending on the severity anything from a skin rash to anaphylactic shock But does nut free chocolate taste any different? Safe chocolate? Substitutes Menu I have chosen a nut allergy as my dietary need for this task Definition of an allergy: "A damaging immune response by the body to a substance to which it has become hypersensitive" Taste trial.: Normal chocolate vs Nut safe chocolate From my interview with a parent whose child suffers form a nut allergy I found out that chocolate and chocolatey desserts are often a problem. I therefore decided to research into chocolate and the reasons why it causes such a problem. Task 2: Dietary Need But what does that mean? Nut aren't a dietary essential so finding substitutes is not important. However if there are nuts in a recipe people will need to substitute them for other ingredients. I therefore researched into different nut substitutes which are; -For peanuts and tree nuts: Pine nuts (however sometimes these are not tolerated) or seeds e.g. sesame seeds or pumpkin seeds. -For nut-based oils: Vegetable, olive, or seed oils. The Dietary need I have chosen: I used this research to choose my dishes.The dishes I chose are... Pesto contains pine nuts, which although are sometimes tolerated I am catering for a person who cannot tolerate any type of nuts. I therefore decided to make a nut free pesto substituting the pine nuts for sunflower. Pine nuts create the texture in the pesto, so in order to achieve the correct texture I used a substitute rather than just leaving it out. Anaphylactic shock: an extreme allergic reaction which is potential life threatening Nut allergy sufferers cannot eat any dishes containing: tree nuts, peanuts (both cooked and raw) and nut-oils Some mild allergy suffers take this risk and consume these products hoping they do not contain nuts. However serious allergy suffers cannot take this risk. Chocolate Main course: Salmon Fillets with Spinach & Three Cheese Ravioli and Creamy Nut free Pesto Sauce. Served with Roasted Snap peas and Rich yeast dough rolls. Dessert: Individual chocolate tartlets with poached pears, cream and vanilla tueilles. Many chocolate wrappers have this phrase written on them. This means that when they were manufactured there was a chance contamination could have occurred. "May contain traces of nuts" What can't nut allergy sufferers eat? To see if i could use the nut free chocolate in one of my dishes i set up a taste trial to see if people liked the chocolate and their opinions of it. I asked 8 people to try 2 chocolates. One of which was Sainsbury's Belgian dark chocolate which I used as a comparison to the nut safe chocolate. The results showed that all of the 8 people found the nut safe chocolate tolerable but 5 of the 8 preferred the other chocolate. For allergy suffers who cannot take the risk there are some chocolates that are safe. Kinnerton produce chocolates that have a nut safety promise. They have achieved this by creating the nut safe products in a completely segregated area of the factory. Substitute trial:Nut free pesto. Some nut allergy suffers are only allergic to certain nuts e.g peanuts, however for this task I am catering for a person who cannot eat any type of nut Therefore the dishes I cook must be completely nut-free

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