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Science Fair Project Presentation

Transcript: Can An Egg Float? By: Kiara Ballard Questions What causes an egg to sink or float? Does it have to do with the amount of density? When eggs float, do they float higher depending on the amount of salt added, or do they float at the same rate no matter how much salt is added? Questions Introduction Introduction What is density, and how does it affect whether an egg will float or sink? Density involves mass and volume and determines whether an object will float or sink. If an egg is denser than the water, it will sink, but if the water is denser than the egg, it will float. Materials 4 Eggs Tape Measure (inches converted to mililiters Materials 2 Tbsp Measuring Cup Tap Water Scale 4 Spoons for Mixing Gloves 4 Glasses (same size/shape) Goggles 1 Cup Measuring Cup Hypothesis If you increase the amount of salt in tap water, then the egg will float higher. Hypothesis Procedures Procedures 1. Fill four glasses with 1 cup of tap water. 2. Add 2tbsp of salt to cup two and stir. 3. Add 4 tbsp of salt to cup three and stir. 4. Add 6 tbsp of salt to cup four and stir. 5. Add the egg to all the cups. 6. Observe the eggs that float and sink and document. Variables Controlled Variable: the amount of water, egg brand, and cup sizes. Independent: Increasing the amount of salt in the water. Dependent: how the egg floats. Data Table Data The egg floated in the cups with salt water. After observing and finding the mass, volume, and density, I created a data table to show that the egg in salt water was less dense, causing it to float. Note: I used water displacement to find the volume, subtracted the mass with the water added from the mass of the cup without the water, and divided the mass with the volume to get the density. Conclusion Conclusion I have learned that my hypothesis was correct because the egg floated in salt water. The more salt I added, the higher the egg floated. This tells me that salt water is more buoyant than tap water. When there is no salt present, the egg does not float, but when salt is added, the egg begins to rise. In other words, the higher the density of an object, the more it will sink into tap water. But it will float in salt water because it is denser than the egg. Picture of Project

Science Fair Project Presentation

Transcript: Procedure (Steps) Image by Tom Mooring Independent Variable - Brand of Toothpaste Dependent Variable - Whiteness of the tiles Constant - Water, toothbrush, type of tile Control - The tile that had no toothpaste used on it at all By: Tushar Jain Data Graph Conclusion Everyone in all ages can benefit from this information by using the proper brand to clean your teeth. With this experiment people will have cleaner teeth and teeth will last longer. This is used in everyday events when eating objects, the teeth can get stained from acidic things which lie in food and some observations were that the teeth can get stained very easily if not properly cleaned, so this project shows what to use to properly clean teeth. Data Table After analyzing the data, the brand which helps teeth the best was the generic brand and the one which helped the worst was not brushing at all. This shows that society should be brushing teeth everyday or the enamel in teeth will get cause cavities. This study also shows that most brands people can find made from local stores help the most. The variables were the brands and studies show that the brands which have Carbamide Peroxide and it includes bleach, then it will make the teeth worse which Arm and Hammer had a lot of but the generic brand did not have bleach so it made the tiles cleaner which is why the results for each brand was different. Procedure (Trials) Which whitening toothpaste makes your teeth the whitest? If the stained tile is rinsed once a day for 3 months, then the Crest whitening toothpaste will whiten the tile the fastest because it uses chemical and physical actions, such as abrasion. The purpose of this project was to show people the proper brand to clean your teeth. With this experiment people will have cleaner teeth and teeth will last longer. Applications Citations 1. The tiles were not equally stained the first time so I bought new tiles and stained it again. 2. Tiles were still not equally stained so I bought new tiles and I stained it again but this time, I used the lighter tiles and left it in the bowl longer. Fill the large bowl with coffee by mixing together boiling water and instant coffee. Put the five stone tiles into the bowl. Leave the tiles in the coffee for 24 hours to stain them. Then remove them from the bowl and let them dry for another 24 hours. Use masking tape and a permanent marker to label each of the toothbrushes and each of the tiles with the name of one of the toothpastes. Brush each of the first four tiles for two minutes. At the end of the two minute period, rinse the tile. Rinse the last tile with water without brushing it at all. Organize the tiles so that they go from darkest to lightest. Repeat this brushing process exactly 90 times on each tile. (This simulates once-a day brushing for 3 months.) Analyze the data. Problem/Purpose Variable, Controls, and Constants Hypothesis Materials A large bowl Instant coffee Boiling water Five white stone tiles Masking tape Permanent markers Generic, Crest, Oral-B, and Colgate toothpastes Four identical toothbrushes

Science Fair Project Presentation

Transcript: Does opening up a fruit make it rot faster? By: Sierra ramnarine Does opening a fruit cause it to rot faster? Problem statement/purpose: Problem statement/purpose: If one leaves an opened piece of fruit in a zip-lock bag, then it will rot faster because the mositure from the fruit will cause bacteria leading to decay. Hypothesis: Hypothesis: Independent variable: The type of fruit used Dependent variable: The decomposition time for each fruit variables: variables: In doing this experiment it allowed for me to determine how long fruit can last once I cut it open. Given this information I can now know how long my cut fruit will stay edible for me to eat. With the help from my mom Melinda we are now able to save money on fruit because we know how long it will be good for. Application/acknoledgement: Application/acknoledgement: Two Apples Two Oranges Four zip-lock bags One knife Camera Materials: Materials: procedure: 1. Gather all materials needed for project 2.Cut one of each fruit in half 3.Place cut pieces into a zip-lock bag 4.Place uncut fruit into a separate bag 5.Place zip-lock bags on kitchen counter where they should not be touched 6.Keep at room temperature 7.Take pictures of before, during and after stages of the experiment 8.Observe each of the fruit samples over a three-day period 9.Record any changes in appearance or odor of the damples on data collection sheet procedure: Data: Data: In conclusion if you leave a fruit cut open it will rot faster because it does not have the peel to block the bacteria. My hypothesis was correct because from the data I gathered it was determined that without protection from the bacteria the fruit will begin to decay and decompose. ​ Conclusion: Conclusion:

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Transcript: Volume by Displacement Materials: Measuring cup, water, rock Fill cup up with water and jot down where the water stays at. Drop the rock into the container and jot down how much the water level increases. To find the volume of the rock, subtract the volume of the water in to the volume of the rock and water. That is the volume of the rock! Power of Fluids HYDRAULIC POWER Pneumatic Power Pneumatic systems work similarly to Hydraulic systems except they it uses the force of compressed air instead of water. This can sometimes be more effective because air is not affected by temperature change. Examples of the use of this can be seen in a jackhammer and the ejection seats in an airplane. Your lungs are a natural pneumatic system. The diaphragm pushes against your lungs, increasing the pressure. This happens when you inhale. When you exhale, it releases the pressure on your lungs and the volume of your lungs increase. Many systems use a combined power of Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems, such as the automobile hoists. To raise the platform, air is used as pressure to push against the oil in the master chamber, which raises the platform. By Jessie Guo and Hailey Ng When Volume Increases... Mass is the amount of matter that makes up an object. A person would always be the same mass unless you gain weight, lose weight etc. Unlike weight, your mass would not change whether you are on the moon or not since the amount of stuff that make you up does not change. Hydraulic power is the a system to send substances to an area to power a device. It is often used in devices to easily allow the user to power the machine with little work. When Temperature Increases... Volume Weight, Mass and Volume When pressure increases... Video with a Temperature and Volume experiment: HYDRAULIC RAMS! As one of the pistons is pushed down, the other raises due to the force of the water pushing up on it. Hydraulic System Example: Brakes Relationships: Pressure, Volume, and Temperature Weight is the strength in which the natural force of gravity pulls down on an object. Since they measure of weight depends on the gravity, the weight varies if the gravity does. You would weigh a lot less on the moon. E.G. The weight of a flying aircraft would be lighter because it is further away from the gravitational pull that is closer to the Earth's surface. Sources Experiment MASS WEIGHT Start at 40 seconds. Volume is how much space an object takes up. It is measured by the formula: Length x Width x Height Of course, this would be a very difficult formula to use if your shape is irregular with many dips and curves to take into consideration. With our following experiment, we will be examining the volumes of 2 irregular shaped objects and finding their volume by "displacement". Materials: -Two plastic bottles -Two Balloons -Hot Water -Cold Water We are changing the temperature of the liquid and air to observe its effects on the balloon. Directions: Fill one bottle with hot water, the other with cold water. Attach the balloons to the neck of the bottles. Observe Volume May Decrease The The Temperature Increase May May Increase The Temperature The Pressure May Decrease May Increase The Pressure The Volume Increase May

Science Fair Project Presentation

Transcript: My next question is: What would happen if I boiled Baking soda? My Baking Soda Absorbtion Project By: Keegan Caufield Procedure Conclusion What happened was a bit of a surprise. The frozen and cold (Red and Yellow) cups didn’t absorb all of the way through. It took about a minute for the warm (Blue and Green) to absorb the water. The results didn’t differ much from my hypothesis. Baking Soda Clipboard Different colored dyes Freezer Fridge Heater Measuring Cups Paper Pencil Plastic Cups Stopwatch Sticky Note Water The frozen cup of baking soda Results (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Overall, my project was very successful. The results were very interesting and were very close to my hypothesis. Also, I had some surprises like the cold and frozen cups didn’t absorb the water and how fast it took for the other two cups to absorb the water. Baking soda or Sodium Bicarbonate is an alkali that readily mixes with other chemicals. If I take four cups of baking soda at different temperatures and fill each cup with water then... Procedure/New Question Chart Results and Conclusion These are my results and conclusion Procedure/New Question Red Yellow Green Blue New Question What will happen when I take four different cups of baking soda at different temperatures and pour water into each cup? (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr I didn’t pour the water at the exact same time The heater could have burned the cup I didn't stop the stopwatch at each cup fast enough. Bibliography The warmest one will absorb the water the fastest because... I will pour baking soda into four plastic cups half way I will put one in the fridge, one in the freezer, one on the counter, and one by a heater. I take out four measuring cups, and pour each one with 2 oz of water and drip different color dyes into each one. I will get my stopwatch and some sticky notes and place four sticky notes out, one in front of each cup. I take out the cups of baking soda and pour the water into each cup and time how long it takes for the baking soda to absorb the water. Coyle, L. Patrick. The World Encyclopedia of Food. New York: Facts on File, Inc., 1982. Print Sircus, Mark. "Sodium Bicarbonate-Rich Man's-Poor Man's Cancer Treatment" Sodium I.M.V.A. 31 Jan. 2012. Web. 1 Feb. 2012. Research Problems & Errors The molecules will be less condensed and more spread out. Baking soda is used to help treat and even diagnose Cancer in it's earliest stages. Photos 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 The four cups of baking soda (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Materials Details Data Question Materials List Hypothesis

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