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Transcript: Siamese cats from Thailand, their hair short body length body thin, with dark blue beautiful eyes and darker facial; Siamese cats is believed to be the world's oldest cat species, they are very fond of the company of people, like people contact, lie in your bed, chair, your legs, body; They are very smart and full of affection, and character, the children very tolerant, also can give the old man company, they often like to stay at home, don't like outside crazy run, is ideal pet companion. Siam meow is very big, like to keep talking. Turkey Brahman cat Snow shoes cat History has been called the deed of o anji blue cat, 17 century with ships were brought to Britain breeding, during the second world war nearly extinct. Russian blue cat slender body, fang Buddha head by a number of plane composition, forehead flat, the side look like a snake, so called "cobra head". The whole body with silver by the blue bales, green eyes. The slender limbs, face is narrow small, big ears extremely thin, with double short hair. The cat temperament inside collect and sweet, never made. Big and upright ears, feet small, round, walk like a tiptoe in go. Body is covered with blue and silver luster of short coat, deserve to go up slender slim size and lightsome gait, all show a cat in the nobility demeanor. Persian Russian blue cat Persian is ancient Iran's name. Persian cat is the most common and most typical varieties, Persian cat in fact is GuBoSi area (now Iran) longhair and Turkey and Armenia area Angora as the foundation, in Britain after 100 years of breeding and breeding, was born in 1860 of a breed. Persian cat has a lovable baby face, long and magnificent coat, elegant manners, and value is very high. A purebred Persian cat can amount to thousands of dollars, is the world's love cats are most like one of the cat. Siamese cats Turkey Brahman cat appearance and Angora very similar. Special stubborn, environment bear capacity is good, very lively. Although had been people think that aggressive, now after breeding experts efforts, this type of behavior has become very friendly, especially for other cats. Ego, naughty, individual character is strong, the affection is abundant, often to master show possessive. Is the very good partner, his voice slightly big. Can adapt to the apartment life. But there is a large garden water environment better. Growth retardation, 3 to 5 years to complete adult. At ordinary times weekly hair comb can, early summer depilatory season need a modest increase in number. Turkey Brahman cats have a dense, soft silky coat, but no inner villi. Winter the coat can fully and BT home Longhaired comparable; Summer coat off gradually. cat Burmese cat White area overlap with traditional Siamese cats on design, with this kind of speckle color varieties are more and more be cultivation. Front legs "mittens" must achieve ankle, and in the hind legs just extending to the hind legs are under the joint. Older some cat often darker, but the key is the key color and body color to form contrast. Burmese cat form plump, muscular, Slender limbs, fore leg than the hind leg short; Paw small, for the oval; Tail length moderate. The head is moderate wedge shape, high cheekbones, nose slightly short. Eyes orbit to commit suicide by hanging, orbit is circular, eye for yellow; Ear size moderate, tip a little oval; Is hair short and dense, smooth abound luster, such as satin, by value.


Transcript: Shared a Photo Most cases of cri-du-chat syndrome are not inherited. The deletion occurs most often as a random event during the formation of reproductive cells or in early fetal development. Affected people typically have no history of the disorder in their family Larynx, Throat Face, head Lungs, Respiratory Heart, Heart Kids with Cri du chat Cri-du-chat syndrome is caused by a deletion of the end of the short (p) arm of chromosome 5. This chromosomal change is written as 5p-. The size of the deletion varies among affected individuals; studies suggest that larger deletions tend to result in more severe intellectual disability and developmental delay than smaller deletions. The baby would usually have a high pitched cry like a cat and would have a distorted face. By Colin Catingsworth DOVAH-CAT FUS-RO-MEOW Photos like comment subscribe like comment share Treatment Symptoms Update Causes & Diagnostics THE END Care is supportive. No treatment is available for cri-du-chat syndrome. Genetic counseling is indicated. Female patients are fertile and can deliver viable affected offspring, with an estimated recurrence risk of 50%. Recurrence risk for a de novo case is 1% or less. Rare recurrences in chromosomally healthy parents are probably the result of gonadal mosaicism for the 5p deletion in one of the parents. If a parent is a balanced carrier of a structural rearrangement, the risk is substantially high. The risk should be assessed based on the type of structural rearrangement and its pattern of segregation. Babies have a high pitched cry like a cat. unusual round head. low set ears. small jaw. wide set eyes. they are born with a heart defect Chromosome-5 is missing Cry Of The Cat (Chi Du Chat) like comment share Location in Body How it is obtained Shared a Link


Transcript: scary movies :p Any other sport I could play if I get a good teacher :) place I would <3 2go 2 :) I was born in El Salvador in July 20, 1994. another place found in El salvador All this people are part of my life. They have been there in the good and bad times. Some don't talk to me because they dont see me no more. (sad) Sometimes people hurt me & this is why I love this quots because they say what I tell them. my family & friends :) best friend maria :) El salvador is the smales country in Central America. paris My 15 Cort of honor boys My grama & her boy friend :) My mom's and dad's side of the family were born there to. what I love to do. I need to have my place Clean. I am a neet person :) Cristal & victor My sister & brother quotes that describe me :) Escobar Blanca is one of my party friends :) My friend Jasmine, her sister & Norma Norma & Rodolfo :) Yesennia is my friend since 1st grade Hope you liked it The End :) new york Felix & Luiz Tow of my crazy friends :) o02.o23.o11 :) our date We like to have funn. We are always playing. coatepeque best friend nani :) My brother Jose He is 14yr's old. Amairani my best friend since 4th grade. I was born in El Salvador :) he has been there for as lons as i can remmember :) this are some of the places i want to visit one day in life :) She was there with me in the hard times. Side by side we stood together. Not even new friends can make us stop talking or hate each other. :) I love her as a little sister. Without her I don't know what I would do. Elisabeth & Alexandra High school friends she diid this when we were in a little argument. I would love to go visit Paris one day. I want to go to the Ifo Tower. :) My 15 cort of honor girls where i come from. Maria my best friend since 7nth grade. My aunt & my two cousins My best friend now my noyfriend :) I found love in the person that once was best friend for me. Which he steel is :) Jose my buddy since 2nd grade :) My 15 coriografer & his family Things I like to do :) Catherine Johana&grama Victor is like an older brother I wished I had. I love to play Volleyball <3 My mom & our best friend Elvira :) Family friends She has been with me in alot of dificult times too. She has gone tru alot of bad times just like I have. We just go tru the same tings in life. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. "tazumal" a place located in el salvador :) I love to dance & when it comes to partty I wont get tired of dancing :)

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